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First kiss
New bliss
I never knew thirst
Till we disengaged
Till we reconnect
My lips are the Mojave in summer

Seat F-2
Braver than I
You took my hand
It’s been years
You’ve disappeared
When can I let go
You still have a hold on me

If I say your name enough times
Will you finally expel from my mind
If I stay silent like a mime
Can my head keep quiet of you
If I go blind
Can I stop picturing you
When I close my eyes
My brain is jailed
It’s the biggest crime
I’m your prisoner

All I know
Is how to chase
Running round miles
Pursuing smiles
Pretty faces
So many places
It will never be
Taking everything out of me

I delete every message sent
Won’t let a built up thread
Fill me with dread
When left on read

Me llamas el exagerado
Se lo que siento
No es un juego
Mi muñeca

You say I exaggerate
I know what I feel
Its not a game
My doll
My voice is soft and timid
My words are strong and bold
I dress in bright colors
Emit a glow
Never see how dark my mind goes
The sweeter I am
The more pain I'm in

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