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Nov 2020 · 36
-JCM- Nov 2020
Cleanse me of obsessions
Tear off my limbs
I’m falling off
From holding on

Apr 2020 · 108
-JCM- Apr 2020
I'm cold as ice
But soft as snow
In her warm glow
I melt away

Sep 2019 · 217
Top 40
-JCM- Sep 2019
I hold on
A little too strong
Like a ****** pop song
You're in my head for too long

May 2019 · 1.2k
-JCM- May 2019
First kiss
New bliss
I never knew thirst
Till we disengaged
Till we reconnect
My lips are the Mojave in summer

Apr 2019 · 289
-JCM- Apr 2019
If I say your name enough times
Will you finally expel from my mind
If I stay silent like a mime
Can my head keep quiet of you
If I go blind
Can I stop picturing you
When I close my eyes
My brain is jailed
It’s the biggest crime
I’m your prisoner

Apr 2019 · 168
-JCM- Apr 2019
I delete every message sent
Won’t let a built up thread
Fill me with dread
When left on read

-JCM- Apr 2019
Me llamas el exagerado
Se lo que siento
No es un juego
Mi muñeca

You say I exaggerate
I know what I feel
Its not a game
My doll
Apr 2019 · 689
-JCM- Apr 2019
My voice is soft and timid
My words are strong and bold
I dress in bright colors
Emit a glow
Never see how dark my mind goes
The sweeter I am
The more pain I'm in

Apr 2019 · 280
If only
-JCM- Apr 2019
I think I'm invisible
I look in the mirror
I'm still there
If only I could be you
Then I could forget I exist too

Apr 2019 · 247
Internal pain
-JCM- Apr 2019
Can I fall without breaking
Got scars that are hidden
Fighting a war that can’t be seen
To speak it is forbidden
Will I ever win
Stop the pain within

Mar 2019 · 199
La Razón
-JCM- Mar 2019
La rosa mas hermosa
Creciendo en el jardín de mi corazón
Con tu sonrisa
Disminuyes toda razón
Toda la razón de mi sufrimiento

The reason
The most beautiful rose
Growing in the garden of my heart
With your smile
You diminish all reason
All reason for my suffering
Mar 2019 · 152
-JCM- Mar 2019
Do that trick again
Locked into your stare
Make me disappear
Vanishing act
Who summoned who
Were we ever real

Mar 2019 · 86
-JCM- Mar 2019
I’m tired
Tired of feeling
Tired of lying
Endless I’m okays
Everything’s fine
Tired of it all
Erase me
Im tired

Mar 2019 · 454
-JCM- Mar 2019
Been crying for too long
A heart covered in soil
My fondness grows
I bloom for you

Mar 2019 · 209
The One
-JCM- Mar 2019
I wanna be the one
The one that breaks through
With walls so high
Bulldozed love
I’ll knock em down
Break through to you
Build you up
Make you feel new
Never feel blue
If you let me get through to you
The one

Mar 2019 · 97
¿I am who?
-JCM- Mar 2019
Everyone knows how I feel
Except me
I speak words but they aren't mine
Slipping through deaf ears
Waving at blind eyes
Whose real
I don't know

Feb 2019 · 138
-JCM- Feb 2019
Living in memories of moments
That never happened
A slave to the past
That can’t be changed
A prisoner to a future
That hasn’t been written
Can I feel the gift of presence
I’m losing
Giving it away

Feb 2019 · 130
-JCM- Feb 2019
You weigh heavy on my mind
Keeps my head anchored to my pillow
I'm able to sleep enough
The hope of a tomorrow with you
Is enough to keep me getting out of bed

Feb 2019 · 233
-JCM- Feb 2019
I'm a rolling cloud in the sky
The words I rain
Are to help you grow
My perfect storm
I'd weather it all with you

Jan 2019 · 441
-JCM- Jan 2019
Relieving peace
Triggers memories of discord
Dreamlike wave
Stirred on by pain
Feeling hollow
An agony that swallows
Waking up in a new day
Will the hurt always be this way
Can I live without feeling guilt
Of a premonition that spilled

Jan 2019 · 286
-JCM- Jan 2019
I'll give up again
Hoping against hope
I've reached the end of the rope
I'll hang around for a while
Thinking of a smile
Till I reconcile
I'll pull myself up
Till I give up again

Jan 2019 · 313
-JCM- Jan 2019
In dark rooms
My figure emits
Familiar shapes
Erie shadows
Sound of my voice
Carries a known tone
Haunting notes
A glance in the mirror
Freezes my stare
A reflection of me
An echo of you

When you lose a parent they never really die. We are an echo of them.
Jan 2019 · 318
-JCM- Jan 2019
June gloom
Summer night
Warm breeze
Dry kiss
Busted lip
Sweet pain
Lust pours
Cleanses like rain
Relieved suffering
Flows down the drain
You are my rain cloud
Drenched over me
I’m drowned in you

-JCM- Jan 2019
Your silhouette
Casts a shadow I feel comfort in
I've memorized every line
Know every curve
Every time I see you
Its like the first time
I never get enough

Jan 2019 · 221
Fear of missing out
-JCM- Jan 2019
Undiscovered bliss
Softly knocking on the door
So easy to miss
The handle isn't locked
You won't open
Won't let it in
For fear of missing out
On a dream that isn't real
Contriving illusions
Living in disillusions

-JCM- Jan 2019
I am the tunnel
You are the light
Don’t lead with spite
Guide me through tonight
We'll make it in time

Jan 2019 · 193
Dreaming in pastel
-JCM- Jan 2019
You bloomed through a dream last night
A pastel flower in a muted garden
I seek you often
But you hide
I'd rather die
Than know
Together we will never grow

Jan 2019 · 177
-JCM- Jan 2019
Falling for you
Was my fall from grace
Don’t want salvation
She devil
Smallest glimpse of skin
Tempting me to sin
On my knees
Give in to my pleas
I won’t repent
I’ll wear you like a halo around my head
Be my damnation

Jan 2019 · 236
Just because
-JCM- Jan 2019
You say it so easily
It scares me
Takes two to tango
I'm too shy to dance
If I say it
It will cease to be
Just because I don't say it
Doesn't mean I don't feel it

I love you too.
Jan 2019 · 453
Beads of wax
-JCM- Jan 2019
I felt like the brightest light
Burning everything within sight
Touch and go
My glow is my might
Now I'm fading
Dripping slow
I'm beads of warm wax
Turning cold and hard
I am a candle
Blown out too soon
Do wishes ever come true?

I woke up and went to the gym at 4 this morning, I enjoyed my morning coffee after that. I felt nice but I'm coming down from it now.
Dec 2018 · 503
-JCM- Dec 2018
Sea of oranges
I travel you in the dark
The light reveals too much
Drove through the groves
Somewhere darker than my mind
I’ve gone too far
I lose myself to you
Victoria Avenue

Victoria is a long road sourounded by orange groves that I love to drive though at night.
Dec 2018 · 1.3k
Lunch break
-JCM- Dec 2018
1 hour a day
5 days a week
It's all I had
It's all I needed
It's all it took
For me to fall in love
(with you)

Falling for a coworker? It happens. When they quit and left they took part of me with them and took the reason I looked forward coming into work.
Dec 2018 · 218
My father's sun
-JCM- Dec 2018
The older I grow
The more I learn
The more I know
The more I understand
Drowning for a feeling
Crushes me more
Than it did before

My father had a heart attack due to complications of alcoholism when I was 18. I had to perform CPR on him on our living room floor. I failed. This is why the thought of drinking never appeals to me. I hope you can understand why I say "no thanks" when offered a drink.
Dec 2018 · 161
-JCM- Dec 2018
You are a dream
I don’t sleep enough
Sandman don’t know my home

Dec 2018 · 458
-JCM- Dec 2018
I loved you
It didn’t even transpire
Tantalizing desire
Wrapped up
Warped in
Couldn’t tell
Couldn’t read
What was written all over me
Couldn’t dare
I was fastened into you
Like the ribbons in your hair

Dec 2018 · 144
-JCM- Dec 2018
Sometimes I wish everyone I miss were dead
It's peace of mind
When they are resting in peace
Instead they live on
Somewhere else
Not looking back
I am an expired lease
I hate them
I miss them

-JCM- Dec 2018
My affection is a song
You are the melody
Harmonize with me
Don’t play deaf
I see your feet tapping to the tune
You are the reason I croon

Dec 2018 · 164
-JCM- Dec 2018
Looking at the night sky
When shooting stars
Glare in my eyes
I don’t want to wish anymore
When an 11:11 appears on the clock
Let it be another meaningless moment
That passes me by

Nov 2018 · 123
-JCM- Nov 2018
Technicolor sphere
Take me far from here
You're my latest craze
Losing track of days
I'm floating
Between worlds
Touch and I will burst
My minds become a hearse
Lay all my thoughts to rest

Nov 2018 · 342
-JCM- Nov 2018
I wonder
If you wonder about me
It could never be
No point to this misery

Nov 2018 · 582
-JCM- Nov 2018
Salted air
Blowing through chestnut hair
Sitting near on the pier
Glowing honey eyes
Reflecting the sun
Goosebumps on pale thighs
Inside of me silent cries
The need to keep you warm
The coldness drew in
You froze me out
A shadow of me remains on balboa

Nov 2018 · 237
-JCM- Nov 2018
Her voice calling me honey
Stings harder than a million bees
Saying I'm sweet
There's no better treat
"You're so ******* cute"
Hits my heart like a ******* nuke
She only exists in a land too far
My hopes only lie on a shooting star

Oct 2018 · 785
*Admiring you in spanish*
-JCM- Oct 2018
Estrella brillante
Bailando en el espacio
De mi mente vacío
Ojitos lindos
Galaxias oscuros
Me llevan a otro mundo
De que solo puedo soñar
Al conocerte aprenderé
Que no tengo que morir
Para conocer cielo

Bright little star
Dancing into the space
Of my empty mind
Pretty eyes
Dark galaxies
Take me to another world
I could only dream of
To meet you
I’d learn
I don’t have to die
To know heaven
Oct 2018 · 752
Fall(ing 4 u)
-JCM- Oct 2018
Its always autumn in my head
Wrapped in sweaters and cardigans
Comforting threads
To when my heartaches again
Harvesting wishes in my brain
I fall so easily

Oct 2018 · 361
"No one will come from me"
-JCM- Oct 2018
If I ever have children, I hope they never have an affinity for Morrissey.
Aug 2018 · 3.9k
Tangled up
-JCM- Aug 2018
Red Lips
Soft and delicate
Like the petals of a rose
Kisses sweeter than honey
Let me bee in your garden
Help you grow
Explore your meadows
Getting lost
I want to be tangled
In your vines
Giving caution
To your thorns
But I have some too

Aug 2018 · 173
Fan fiction
-JCM- Aug 2018
Won't audition
I'm my own star
When the credits fade
At the end of the reel
I'm still real
I'm not your silver screen
Stop projecting

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