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Nov 2018 · 173
A Post Transcendental
Qazawat Zirak Nov 2018
Epoch of Hiraeth
Iridescent of Epiphany
Sonorous of Solitude

For I am a Lone Wolf
Life is Ephemeral
Lessons were Ethereal
An Essential Reflection
Oct 2018 · 145
And there she is !
Qazawat Zirak Oct 2018
An Aeon of Prayers
An Augury of Visions
Glowing, There she is
A Majestic Divine Archangel

An Epitome of Home
An Intention of Belonging
Adjoining, There she is
A Perfect Nostalgic Breath

An Unseen Hidden Passion
An Unheard Silent Voice
Burning, There she is
A Criss-crossed Lips

An Azure of Skies
An Order of Heavens
Proving, There she is
A Celestial Devoted Affection

Eyes Closed, Hearts Exchanged
Souls in Love, There We are
A Perfect Solitary Bliss
An Aegis of Immortalis
Oct 2018 · 233
The Little Bird
Qazawat Zirak Oct 2018
The Tiny Bird flies in the Blue Sky
The Ocean mirrors the Blue of the Sky
The Deep Azure is Heaven's Ocean
In the Blue of the Sky, Heaven's Tears lie
In the Tears of Heaven, the little Bird flies
-> Black Rock Shooter
Oct 2018 · 229
Qazawat Zirak Oct 2018
Hey, You ! The Unspoken Wolf
Let Me...
Erupt Your Booming Silence
Expunge Your Fiery Pain...

Only, the Wise Can See
I heard...
Have Silence, or Complain
Have Exact Same Address...

It's in Your Truthful Nature
I Know...
To Conceal Dismaying Agony
To Accept Undone Faults...

When You Look Through Truly
I See...
Everything is Right There
Every Answer Becomes Clear...

When You Work By Realizations
I Regret...
That You Get Underestimated
That Asserts 'for Granted'...

I Pray that One Day
Some one...
Rectifies Your Searing Pain
Reforms You in Totality...

Let me Tell You This !
I Conclude...
Heart can Survive Breaks
Mind, is But Brittle...

Being an Unspoken Wolf Myself
I Express...
My Feelings to God
The Almighty, The Praiseworthy !
For all the people out there bearing pain in silence ! You have Lion's Heart !
Oct 2018 · 265
Qazawat Zirak Oct 2018
Once came a Big Explosion
That marked the Clock of Evolution
Which put forth Message of Expansion
Forcing Inner Universe in Revitalization
Then came another Explosion...

— The End —