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a Jun 2016
looking into your eyes for the first time reminded me of when i was 9 and i nearly drowned in a deep end of an ocean, it felt like my mind going to a place i didn’t know existed. there’s a compartment in my head saved for disasters and it held all my darkest emotions and panic, that compartment was sealed with a door and the fear of drowning and losing all my oxygen swung that door open while all those emotions made a show of making me feel like i was going through a slow death.
looking into your eyes for the first time felt like that slow death.
i was gasping for air, for anything familiar to save me from losing myself, my entire being, but the oxygen was running out and all i could see was blue.
looking into your eyes for the first time felt like that exact shade of blue.
then it all started to go dark, and that’s the moment you give in and just sink into the waters. i felt free, of everything, my body was weightless and my heart beat slowed. i gave in to not being. i gave in to letting the waves take me where i needed to go, a place that was free of all the resistance.
looking into your eyes for the first time took me to that place.
looking into your eyes for the first time deprived me of oxygen but your eyes are all i needed to breathe
i was pulled out of the ocean and into the sand, coming back up to see the sun wasn’t what your eyes felt like
because i’ve been drowning in you ever since
a Apr 2016
i’ve always seen you as blue, as the oceans that i crave
you’re something out of coral reefs and beings that live under a thousand weights of the world
the way you yearn for the surface whenever sunlight seeps through the waters of your essence and right into your soul
you find the world heavy and in one colour, all of it aqua and transparent
you don’t see that you, yourself, are the tides that hug the shore in affection that makes anyone that looks at you out of breath
the oceanic feel of you creates a desire in me, a desire for the way the sun bleeds colors into the world that blend right in with you
i can’t differentiate between you and the shades the skies create
you hold the crushing force of the tides in the atlantic and the tranquility of crystal clear waters
you come from a deep blue paradise, a heaven that was created personally to fulfil every perfect image i've ever wished for
i found sapphires in your eyes, leaving me out of breath
the limitless pacific is the only way i see you, your beauty so out of reach and so out of sight
sailing in the waves of your mind, the thoughts that create the seas in you, that’s what i’ve been longing for
you’re the fantasies i have of beautiful endings, your soul as blue as the oceans of your heart.
a Mar 2016
you know that feeling when going home after a long perfect day? and all you can feel is that contentment and reassurance that you’re going to be okay?
you’re that feeling
you’re a sunrise that has taken a physical form and you have the galaxies hidden in your lungs
every time you speak the stardust inside you envelops those around you and they’re permanently changed by your smile
how can you not see the effect your beauty has on lost souls?
they go blind just looking at you, that’s how bright you are
you are my actual worldly joy
when all is lost you are what i find
you’re what keeps that waves of trauma at bay
you keep me afloat when i beg you to let me drown
you’re my natural saviour
a Mar 2016
feeling euphoric, especially from the effects of drugs or alcohol.

people mistake euphoria for a feeling caused by chemicals that alter the thoughts in your brain
a high is the feeling you get from standing in a beautiful place breathing the air of freedom you’ve been craving for decades
a high is the feeling you get when your chest is almost going to burst from all the good feelings that are drowning your heart when you’ve only been used to pain
a high is the feeling you get after a long night of dancing under the night sky in the crisp fall air and tearing up because you reached that point where you finally felt like the world was putting your pieces back together
a high is you sitting on a patio overlooking the city lights in a breathtaking place and writing away your feelings on paper because you feel too good so good insanely you can’t keep it in
a high is the way you feel when the universe gives you those rare moments of feeling whole, of feeling like you’re going to be okay
the moments you’re so afraid of are what put your mind into that euphoric state that takes you to places you’ve never known before
highs are forms of love, love for life, love for moments that make your empty chest feel like its full of life again.
a Feb 2016
here’s how it works, my empty chest and empty heart start listening to the whispers of my mind, the darkness in there reaches them and garbs on tightly till the pain starts, i’m lying in bed and i feel like my ribcage is filled with colours i can’t explain, colours i don’t want, colours that aren’t mine and i want them to spill out of my chest but all that comes out is the blue hues in form of sadness & tears. the blue only finds its way out through my eyes, not letting me close them for a second of rest. i think you’re what made the blue in me, because my violet is no where to be found and i’m consumed by the feeling of you. how do i get you to leave me? please, i want some rest from the constant pain that my mind loves to cause me. baby, you’re the constant pain in my head, don’t you get that? leave me, leave my body, take your blue being and make something out of yourself somewhere other than my chest. i’m trying to write you out but i don’t think it’s working. you’re finding your way out of my eyes again & now all i think of when i look at them is the words you spoke to me about them. my eyes died the moment yours met mine, i haven’t been able to revive them since. blue baby tell me, how do i rest again? tell me, would you leave with me?
my soul is begging me for rest
maybe i need to grant it it’s wishes
the blue made its way through my bloodstream, where are the colours that once made me?
what am i consisting of now, other than you?
leave me.
let me leave myself if that’s what it takes.
a Jan 2016
that’s what she is.
she’s the gathering of clouds that make the whole world shiver.
she’s the way people look for their loved ones when the skies turn grey. she’s the cuddling under warm blankets in front of windows that overlook the world outside starting new.
rain is fresh starts and comfort and dancing in a weather that makes your bones grow cold just for the thrill of it.
rain is her.
she’s the beauty of the sky washing over the world and erasing the sorrows of the past days.
she’s the grey in the atmosphere and her thoughts are the rainstorms that cleanse away the darkest parts of us.
she’s the sun breaking through the clouds after an avalanche of melancholy.
she’s all the beautiful feelings that downpour and engulf you until you’re left breathless and begging for more.
a Dec 2015
saturday morning with 2 things on my mind, the calmness of the world at this time and your spirit
if i could compare you to a feeling i’d say you’re the way my thoughts shut down and my heart beat slows and the way my life becomes clear in those few calm moments right when the sun is rising, drinking a cup of coffee that i made myself and sitting in a quiet room with light streaming into my core, you’re the feelings of contentment and satisfaction and utmost comfort
and baby, you’re the warmth of the sunlight and the relief of a new day

for R.
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