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I know I'm a fool to
romanticize your every move
But what to do when
I don't want anything more or less then you ?
In the time of need
you were gone
to find that faded love
in someone else's arms

Leaving me in this
darkness with
these scary thoughts
and some toxic memories

You used to sat
my soul on fire
but now all I have left
is the ashes

its suffocating
to be in one sided love
with someone
It's suffocating
to know that this person
is never gonna be yours again

 But maybe
 I don't deserve
to be loved again
and that fine ♡
You ripped
my heart out
You left me
broken into pieces
When I needed you the most

I was stupid enough
to still fall for you
every night
even though I knew
I shouldn't


i guess
that's what
love is

You cant stay away
or stop caring for the person
you love

no matter what
they've done to you
You love them
and want them to
Love you  even if it's fake
(Or maybe it's just me)

No matter
how hard I try
to stay away
I always end up
crying about them
And it hurts ...
sehnaz khan Jan 12
No one would do anything for you selflessly
sehnaz khan Jan 12
Once I used to be her therapy now I've become the reason behind her sadness
sehnaz khan Jan 12
Moving on
Feels like I'm in a war between my heart and mind
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