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Katrina Hale Dec 2019
She is a body created of the elements
bathed in rosewater and lilies
wrapped between satin and lace sheets
a benefaction forged from the sky and earth

in her chest resides a symphony of screams
fallen from the lips of gods who tried to escape her
Melodies that ascend and descend tangentially
as they brace for their descent into madness and hell

She offered each a song
and still they reached for knowledge like woodworm
because she is a moon that shines with her own light

be careful who you give your power to
Katrina Hale Dec 2019
My mind is a kaleidoscope
where memories and moments are shattered into a thousand glass shards
I try to pick up the pieces hoping they’ll fit back into place
yet they never seem to click or fit back the same way
Instead I get distorted images

This inconsistency of time is the only quiet my mind knows
A kind dark grace that teeters somewhere between survival and self-control
I was moving but didn’t notice
I think that’s how I found you
I didn’t know where I was going
I didn’t know whom to ask

How dare you move into this cold dark space
I didn’t want my darkness to spill across your sky
Your crossing new and dangerous lines
I don’t want you to see this part of me
but if rain is what you want
all you have to do is climb inside
Katrina Hale Dec 2019
As I stand barefoot on this cliff
I know that I am sick
I am already diminished
by my attachments
because I told myself
there are things you need to carry around with you to survive

They think they left nothing of value
but I buried a pearl
Katrina Hale Dec 2019
If I ever truly lived
I lived within him
If I ever truly loved
it was only beneath him
I am afraid of being changed
because I don’t know that girl

what will be left of me?
Katrina Hale Jul 2019
I close my eyes
remembering images now gone
I get lost in the quiet
torturing myself
over once upon a time

Perhaps it’s best
to not think about it
Katrina Hale Jul 2019
I’ve lived in the absence of color for so long that
I’ve become despondent
The leaves no longer cling to their viridian hues,
all I see is burnt umber under a sky that’s
extinguished its sun

You see the world in all its iridescence
and I’m left here filled with envy
I can’t even distinguish a difference
between lilac and blue

I became Indigo not because I can see it
but because I can feel it

These words that I paint onto these pages
are inspired by you
I hope that one day you can feel the world
the same as I do.
Katrina Hale Jul 2019
We waltzed upon our shadows
two hearts swaying within the wind
There was something hidden beneath
his moonlit visage tempting me

As it moved quietly stirring a stillness inside
I realized I was terrified
I never once believed in love
until I looked into his eyes
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