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Nov 2016 · 288
Wyvern Queen Nov 2016
Go ahead and call me fake
Tell me how much you think I hurt you
But don't for a second think you aren't a petty liar
Don't you dare think you didn't ruin your own relationship
And for the love of God, leave me the hell alone
Because you know **** well you can't fix what you broke
Idk why but I got mad and needed to vent
May 2016 · 3.1k
Wyvern Queen May 2016
You're so pretty
They're lying
I know

I'm so self confident
No you aren't
I'm almost pompous
I thought you hated yourself

My confidence lies in my appearance
But not usually in my actions
You hate everything you do

A persona
        A lie
                                                   A poser, *if you will

Oh, but none of that matters when you say you love yourself
The thoughts are passing
Just a bit of anxiety

I wish you could see how it feels
It's not the normal self hate
Not when you pretend

So surprise, my friends
You're queen is living a lie
And once you've read this
*She'll pretend it never happened
I'm sorry you had to learn this way
Mar 2016 · 284
Wyvern Queen Mar 2016
It's nice to know I can no longer look to you for comfort
It's a pretty great ******* heads up
Mar 2016 · 713
Wyvern Queen Mar 2016
It's funny you called out "guilt tripping" when that's precisely what you did...
Feb 2016 · 3.0k
Wyvern Queen Feb 2016
A painted image
False happiness as people tell me I'm amazing
And a pre-written set of lines to keep me going

I wish I had their humility
That I didn't rethink myself daily
That my mind didn't relapse into hate

I don't look in the mirror because I'm afraid of what I'll see
I don't stare closely at my body or I'll point out my flaws
And I force my mind to call me beautiful until I believe it again

"I wish I had your confidence"
Do you wish you had such hard relapses of hate
And to doubt your own thoughts until you wish you were so much different
This queen didn't emerge without a crumbling castle and a dominating kingdom
Jan 2016 · 407
Wyvern Queen Jan 2016
It's darker than usual behind these eyelids tonight
There's a burning sensation behind every blink
And a heartache of loss with every beat

You used to tell me happy new year
Greet me with enthusiasm not even I had
And say goodbye to a year of great memories

But this time you didn't

There was no text with hidden glee
I won't get a greeting with a smile
Or a goodbye to the worst year of our life

Instead you said goodbye to me

You said goodbye to everything

And in your words you left or shattered hearts,
And a bowl of unintentionally broken promises
But at least you aren't in pain anymore
Dec 2015 · 617
Nurse Joy
Wyvern Queen Dec 2015
Your final battle was cut short by fate's last attack
The combination of cancer and infections dealing you your final blow before you could be mended by your sweet Nurse Joy

You better protect your precious Pikachu with your wandering soul
Not even your pokeball can protect it from a fatal fall
As there's no more trainer to rush it to your favorite Pokecenter once more

Worry not about your precious Pokémon, the best rival I could ask for is watching them over
Keeping thunder bolt in perfect form as you watch from your reserved seat up high

Worry not about your friends, or the Pokémon you raised from their eggs
This broken Nurse Joy shall keep them aligned
For she'll send them back to you when they're ready
They'll be safe in her hands
Dec 2015 · 1.6k
Wyvern Queen Dec 2015
I could feel the powder on your skin
The absence of your soul
And the lack of life in your existence

You looked like a doll of wax
Posed and examined by strangers who barely cared
Placed in your casket by unforgiving hands

I shan't forget the juice stain across the front of your hat
The spot of blood on the back
Or even the clip you attached all those years ago

I'll return to you someday in the future
And when we touch, I won't allow your skin to seem fake for even a second
They'll never know that I felt your lifeless skin
Dec 2015 · 565
Wyvern Queen Dec 2015
Every interaction was filled with irritation,
A simple reminder that you never loved me the same

So why did I bother to hold on to you
Why did you bother to sneak a glance my way

Why didn't you just say you never loved me back
It'd be much easier if you just told me so
Dec 2015 · 312
For Their Sake
Wyvern Queen Dec 2015
I'm reminded of the pain everyday
The sounds of their sobbing running through my mind
The image of their tears flashing across my eyes

They seem to have bounced back well
Hiding the tears with a smile
Masking the pain with jokes and laughter
The hell of loss leaving no visible damage

I wonder if they remember the last conversation
The last sleepover
The last joke they shared
The last memory they took

I hope they don't have a lost promise
Or several last wishes broken by fate
A bond they could only wish was stronger
Or a conversation they wish lasted longer

I hope they get better with each passing day
Getting over the stab to the heart that came with just five words
Forgetting the hell they witnessed in that room
Forgetting the red, puffy eyes of all their friends

I believe they can get stronger
Forget the pain as time goes on
Remember the fun they had together
And never regret all the things they'd never done
You don't have to hide the pain anymore
Dec 2015 · 276
Leave Me Be
Wyvern Queen Dec 2015
Never once have I regretted our meeting
Or the words I said when you weren't listening
Every second with you has been a blessing

So why now, of all times, do I wish we never met
That you never got paired up with me
That you never said a single word
That you never stepped foot in that god forsaken classroom

You were always the reason for my happiness
The reason I made all of my great friends
And the reason having a crush made me feel good

Why did you have to be so friendly
You didn't need to come back once we drifted apart
You should've just ******* left and never came back

January fifth shouldn't make me feel numb
October fourteenth shouldn't have any meaning
Valentine's day shouldn't make me think of rejection

I'd **** people to bring you back
I'd put others through great loss so I could be happy
Just to talk to you one more time

Why did you have to enter my life
You just jumped right in and never dove out
I didn't ask to think of you every **** day

I never asked for you to break my ******* heart
I should've ignored you
Dec 2015 · 637
Wyvern Queen Dec 2015
The ghosts of tears fall on the casket of her heart
Pushed into the afterlife without a single warning
Disappearing into the night without a single goodbye

She's left to wonder why her heart continues to chase
Running itself to death over a single human being
Hungering for something that can never again be found
I was stupid to hold on for so long
Dec 2015 · 308
Wyvern Queen Dec 2015
They view her painted smile like she's the Mona Lisa
Admiring the perfection that was so slowly poured into it,
So she hides the real emotion for the tears that fall in the dead of night
And the ink leaking into her skin with every doodle

She wonders why she turned out so wrong
The perfect family shouldn't ruin your life
A perfect life shouldn't make you defective
Do you really want this life
Dec 2015 · 320
Status: Delivered
Wyvern Queen Dec 2015
You sit boredly in your seat, scrolling your phone and taking notes when the texts start rolling in

Your name
Three dots

Worry sets in, your friend is downtown, she's probably safe with others
So why the sad texts

"I just threw up"
More worry
"I'm sobbing"
Slight panic

It must be something about her family
It has to be
He has to be fine

"You're scaring me"
You send, tears brimming in your eyes
He has to be okay
Everything is okay

"We need to hang out after school, promise"
But you can't promise
Not until you know what's happened
Not until you know he's okay

"He's gone"

Your body goes numb as a shock wave shoots through you
The tears start falling
You raise your hand to leave, the other covering your mouth

"I'm sorry"

You call out the teacher's name, everyone looks as you ask to go to the office
Everyone looks as you leave the room crying

You meet a teacher half way
The voice coming out of the walkie talkie is saying your name
The voice says they're looking for more of your friends next

You walk into the office and see them all there
None of them know what's about to happen
None of them know how much they're about to break down

You're led in to a room in the back as you ignore the violent buzzing of your phone
And as you see his family
The reality of this hell begins to set in

They tell you all he's gone
And everything inside everyone snaps
Everyone's sobbing
Everyone's shaking
His closest friend sits next to you
You two are crying the hardest

You begin to check your phone
And you're practically just a vessel as you respond
Tears streaming down your face
Emptiness in your heart

You can't stop sobbing
The memories all flash before your eyes
And you remember how happy he was when you last spoke

You remember the last few conversations you had with him while others begin writing their last messages

You remember the last thing you said to him was in a snapchat days ago
And the final thing you told him as he lay in the hospital, lung infection slowly destroying his body

You sob again at what it read, your last parting words

"Hey kiddo...get not sick..."

Opened: Friday, October 8
I'll see you again soon, don't forget me before then...

— The End —