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The Dragon Prince
Australia    Uh, my name is Kalum. I don't come on here often anymore. I like writing and reading heaps. Hooroo until later
A Cup Of Sunbeams
Hello :) Thank you a lot for checking out my page, but really, you should check out my friends page! Her name is Skaidrum, and ...
A Dash of Red
Iowa    Don't regard my works as poems, because they're far from it. These things that I write are simply my thoughts. Consider this my inner monologue. ...
待って くれ ... 俺 お ... なんお ために 戦いて たんだ ?
The Basalisk's Chambers    "And sometimes, love is just the aftermath of a tragedy." ----Skaidrum.
Chasing the Moon    Lycan is my pseudonym. He's someone I aspire to be. "Fate had its last cry two minutes till midnight."

— The End —