w y n n e Jun 10
far too many people are looking for the right person, instead of trying to be the right person

w y n n e Dec 2017
my father asked me how am i every single day and i always tell him that i'm okay but i really am not, her daughter is broken and lying to him everyday, sometimes she wants to run to her father like a child and just cry to his shoulder but she's incapable of telling how she really feel inside

w y n n e Nov 2017
we're all just killing time until time kills us.
w y n n e Oct 2017
it's a very competitive world out there
the competitive spirit is fine within limits
but it shouldn't drown the sheer joy of the game being played
it's natural to want to win
but for me, it's not natural to want others to fail
w y n n e Sep 2017
when it comes to people i love, i'm so emotionally unstable i always

have this tendency to fuck up our relationship because i feel too much

and it causes baseless anger outbursts and intimidating coldness. it's

like i'm waiting for everyone to fuck up. i mean, aren't most

people? don't worry. everyone's gets better at pretending that they

got so good sometimes you'd think that they have their shit

together. i usually just leave. but i couldn't. now that i'm accessing

a wider, deeper aspect of his world, i know i have a feeling of

being tapped.

w y n n e Sep 2017
we both know that your favorite person today has the potential to be your least favorite person someday. yes? yes.
w y n n e Sep 2017
i came to a point in life where every time i breathe i wish it will be my last breathe
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