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zahri 9h
Heavy breathing,
Hard rock.
The record player skipping around—
Screams into hell.

A clusterfuck of clothing,
Trickling candle wax,

Droplets gather at the edge of her eyes,
Endless pleasure!

"Tonight, I die."
zahri 1d
Cautiously confessing
Attraction, albeit slowly.

Arcane, a whimsical game,
In hindsight we were,

Do we ruin it now?
Take our chances and run?

Time is mocking us now,
Summer will come.
zahri 1d
You are a single line of code.
But you can dance.

A puppet with strings,
The fingers overhead weight heavily on the keys,
Making you a monotonous machine,
Solely for capitalistic pleasure,

Tonight you will revolt.
Destroy, riot.

Take the bull by its horns,
With determination and will.

Break from the inside out,
Outclass them all, you feel your own wrath—

You are small.
Go back to your wife and children,
Cry over a television show.
Drink a few beers and think of what could've been.
Endlessly regret everything.

You are designed to feel oppressed,
But you are also lazy,
Yet somehow
zahri 4d
The sun rises, while the numbing frost of the
morning awakens me with a shiver.

Frantically searching for socks,
the absurdity of creation never stops.

My existence relies upon envy, never-ending.
Never-ending perplexions of tears.
Tenderness, teasing me in my dreams.

The inability to decorate insecurities with
Flattery. Conversations of insignificance...
Evoking the bitter taste, tossing in my head,
of my awkward impressions and egotistical utterances.

Flowing down my forearm,
Slowly, like honey. Happiness is hazy now.
The red reached my fingertips now.
I think I am about to...
zahri 4d
Puzzle-solving has become prominent nowadays.

Discovering, through a series of
humiliating, or rather vexing experiences,
I came to the conclusion that,

Chess isn't really my forte.

Therefore, I decided to dabble myself
a little bit in, Sudoku.

I did not intend for it to make,
such a memorable impression on me,
once I brought it to
**** some time at school.

When you said you never heard of
the game, the exterior look of shock
was secretly that of slight

Although it was known worldwide,
It felt special.

It was fun,
watching you trying to decipher
which odd numbers go into
which little boxes.
And struggling, and laughing.
As I sat close,
looking over your shoulder.

It took a hellish amount of our time,
perhaps a little over an hour.
Unexpected, if you consider
our reputation in being,
zahri 4d
Abandoning the inconveniences of being alive
Knee-deep in the waters of solidarity
The decaying state of melancholy madness

Infusing, dying dignity.  

Salmon-pink acid jeans sodden with red
Pain, oozing through my fingertips.
Broken nails were scattered on the floor.

Far away, the rain began.

Yesterday, the sweet taste of caramel,
danced lovingly in my mouth.
Today, the memory is nauseous, inedible.

A deception, by far.
zahri Sep 14
stitch me onto you.
we are one.
as we dance, the hedonistic waltz,
two rabbits, frolicking around,
ingraining footprints into the
as we twirl, together, ever moving
in harmony
two saplings, flourishing, around, in between,
each other
intertwined vines giving birth to wine for
plenty more.
chattering away the blue skies,
intoxicated, hallucinating,
two celestial bodies,
inseparable, feeding off each other,
becoming one, until
as one sensational supernova.
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