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Apr 2020 · 46
Real Love
Wrogue K Apr 2020
She loved him,
He loved her.

-The End
title tentative
Wrogue K Feb 2020
my love
tell me, whats
on your mind

tell me
how you feel

Tell me
what is real
to you

tell me
your sweet dreams

tell me
your nightmares

in me
a box
for pandora

pour into me
I receive you in grace

and pour into you
with consistent pace

passing through love
like we pass through time

love of mine
all of mine,

an offerance
from above..

*With that she lays herself in his palms
and prays,
and waits
for him
to clasp them together
in firm receipt.
Needs title.
Maybe...Prayer of Matrimonium?
Maybe just Matrimonium..
Nov 2019 · 86
Wrogue K Nov 2019
Will you top acting so attacked
I'm trying to tell you something!
With all your defense against me
I'm on your side, here.
I'm on your side.
Jul 2019 · 99's messy
Wrogue K Jul 2019
...yes I'm a mess,
but I want to be.
Need a little time
to be unruly.
I wonder
who will stick around?
It's like,
the way all my mains drop dead to me
each season.
I can't be concerned.
I've earned the right to grow
so go on go.
phony people.

Yes I'm a mess.
But I need to be.
Need time to grieve
all that used to be
Jul 2019 · 488
What to do when...
Wrogue K Jul 2019
All this
& fear of exile
got my clingliness riled up
...i gotta find a way to manage my lonliness
Nov 2018 · 261
Fade away
Wrogue K Nov 2018
How do you,
tell the person you pushed away
that they didn't reach out enough
after you asked for some space

Is it really my fault?
Am I really to blame
for the passive aggression we misplaced

Slip. Slip. Slip through my fingers
Do I let you fade away?
Btw, it was you who ran away.
Nov 2018 · 153
A Lyric
Wrogue K Nov 2018
Look it,
how time flies.
Oh my, my
get lost with you.

Looking at you,
looking at me.
Oo wee,
how free
are we.

I don't ever want to be found.
A song I sing sometimes
Nov 2018 · 930
Twisted Fate
Wrogue K Nov 2018
Somewhere between
Upset and Sadness,
I lost my mind.

Somewhere between
Darkness and Madness,
I crossed a line.


Nov 2018 · 281
Nameless Sin
Wrogue K Nov 2018
It's Madness,
in this promised world of freedom.
Why are they so mad?
Why are they so mad?
It's crazy,
that they killed that baby
in the name of Land.
Why are they so mad?
Why are they so mad,
that the baby was born of kin
to that Bright Lady in the sky?
My sun, I worry for you.
My sun, with all this madness
what will become of you?
My son, I worry for you. My son, with all this madness what will become of you?
Nov 2018 · 838
Wrogue K Nov 2018
Sometimes I feel like a mirror.
Even though I
can see that it's me,
I don't feel
at all.
Am I
really staring at myself,
Or just reflecting someone else?
What's really real?
What I see
or what I feel.
I'm ashamed
to say, I'm confused.

— The End —