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Wrogue K Nov 4
Will you top acting so attacked
I'm trying to tell you something!
With all your defense against me
I'm on your side, here.
I'm on your side.
  Jul 2 Wrogue K
you convinced me
to fall for you
and then you
watched me
hit the ground
Wrogue K Jul 1
...yes I'm a mess,
but I want to be.
Need a little time
to be unruly.
I wonder
who will stick around?
It's like,
the way all my mains drop dead to me
each season.
I can't be concerned.
I've earned the right to grow
so go on go.
phony people.

Yes I'm a mess.
But I need to be.
Need time to grieve
all that used to be
Wrogue K Jul 1
All this
& fear of exile
got my clingliness riled up
...i gotta find a way to manage my lonliness
Wrogue K Nov 2018
How do you,
tell the person you pushed away
that they didn't reach out enough
after you asked for some space

Is it really my fault?
Am I really to blame
for the passive aggression we misplaced

Slip. Slip. Slip through my fingers
Do I let you fade away?
Btw, it was you who ran away.
Wrogue K Nov 2018
Look it,
how time flies.
Oh my, my
get lost with you.

Looking at you,
looking at me.
Oo wee,
how free
are we.

I don't ever want to be found.
A song I sing sometimes
Wrogue K Nov 2018
Somewhere between
Upset and Sadness,
I lost my mind.

Somewhere between
Darkness and Madness,
I crossed a line.


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