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Rane Oct 2019
The Earth is not fragile
Planets grow back after tornadoes
Volcanic eruptions
The sea is unpredictable and untamable
Lightning bursts and thunder roars
The Earth has the ability to ****

The Earth is not fragile
Instead we have destroyed Her
We have torn down
Millions upon millions of trees
Without replacing any
We have hunted animals to extinction
Without a single thought
We have poisoned Her, we have bombed Her
We have over-populated Her and polluted Her
The Earth is not fragile
We are killing Her
And She is tired of fighting

  Oct 2019 Rane
Griffin Hehmeyer
Once Upon a Time,
Where dragons roamed the land
With scales that shined like solid gold
and castles oh so grand

Once Upon a Time,
Where a peasant could be king
Take to the stars, and break his bars
and hear the people sing

Once Upon a Time,
Where magic filled the air
faires danced on feathered wings
and gave children a scare

Once Upon a Time,
Where true love reigned supreme
Where heaps of gold,
Were traded and sold
and woe was just a dream

Once Upon a Time,
Where we made life our friend
Once Upon a time so great
It seemed to never end

Once Upon a Time,
Sadly one that could not last
But what is done is done
and that is in the past

Once upon a Time,
One so very long ago
Where magic filled the air
and angels filled the snow

Plants as tall as castles,
Wizards, warlocks, spells.
Evil and enchanted apples
Talking frogs inside the wells.
There's pumpkin pie that came alive
and flying giant frogs
and giant beans that lived and thrived
and cheerful talking dogs

Oh Once upon a Time,
oh what I would not give
if even for a single moment
that time I could relive

Once Upon a Time,
One so very far away
A time we cant go back to
So let us love today
Rane Oct 2019
Some believe that their love for each other faded the longer they were apart. In fact, it was quite the opposite, being apart strengthened it. They began to cherish the moments they spent together before they separated. After numerous years of loving each other from miles away, they devised a plan. Every so often they will reunite, whether during the day or night, and during these reunions, they'll catch up with one another and reminisce. Unknowingly, they create one of the most popular phenomena on Earth, eclipses. Their children gather to watch, brought together by their eternal love for the other.

yes i know the title to this poem is the title to a panic! at the disco song but i think it fits the poem very well
Rane Oct 2019
She knew she shouldn’t read it, but she couldn’t help herself. She couldn’t handle coming home to a surprise or receiving a phone call during class. She waited until her sister had left the house. The younger girl didn’t want to be there with her older sister. It hurt the older girl, more than she realized, but she knew the younger one was going through a lot and tried to understand. It was hard.

She closed the bedroom door, sealing herself inside. She easily found the journal the younger one wrote in. She hadn’t bothered hiding it. It was just a regular looking journal, wide-ruled and only one subject. She picked it up and sat down on the bed. She opened it tenderly, scared of what she might find inside. Slowly, the girl read through the few pages that had been written on. She wasn’t surprised; she’d read similar entries from the girls' last journal. The older girl was utterly heartbroken. Tears welled in her eyes, threatening to spill over as she read the words that had been scratched onto the page before her.

“I feel like I’ve been alive too long, and I’m only 15 years almost 16 years old.”

“Why do I feel like drugs will help me? Drugs drugs drugs drugs.”

“I don’t want anyone to think it’s their fault. I’m sorry mom for being too much to handle. I’m sorry dad for causing you so much stress.”

The girl set the journal aside, brought her knees to her chest and hugged them. She sat there, attempting to hold her tears at bay. Breathing in then out, out then in. In then out, out then in. The atmosphere outside the room felt wrong. Everyone was having a good time. She could hear the laughter and the playful back-and-forth bickering. It was jarring, the atmospheric difference between the two rooms under the same roof. It was wrong. How was no one concerned about the younger girl? How could no one see her blatant pain? The pain that is etched on the girl’s face, in the girl’s actions and right there in writing. She didn’t know what she could do. The thought of the younger one doing something harmful to herself made her sick to her stomach. She couldn’t talk to the younger girl, she refused to look in her direction.

She figured she’d do what she does best in an attempt to feel a little less helpless. Lethargically, she pulled herself together and shuffled to the other side of the room to pick up her pencil and paper. She wrote and wrote and wrote. She tried to make the younger girl feel better. She was vulnerable. She flooded the page with encouragement. Once she was finished she ripped the page from the notebook, folded it many times over and scrawled the young girls' name on it. Tiptoeing to the other side of the room, the girl gently lifted the pillow on the younger girls’ bed, placed the note, and returned the pillow to its original spot. Everything looked as if it was normal. The girl stood there a minute listening still to the onslaught of amusement and joy that currently filled the bodies of everyone in the house, except her own.    

She pulled back the covers and crawled into her bed, very aware of the emptiness of the other bed beside her. The girl hoped against all odds that the emptiness wouldn’t become permanent.

this could potentially be triggering to some people and if it is i apologize.
  Oct 2019 Rane
Make love to me once more
For it’s impossible to ignore
My mouth on your cheek
The thrill makes me weak
I know for sure
Your love is my cure
Rane Oct 2019
Everything had changed
There are rectangles on the wall where photos used to hang
The rooms are empty, devoid of the life that once filled them to the brim
Laughter flits past me, memories of time gone by
The absence of light causes darkness to reign
Even the house cannot hold itself together under the weight of sorrow and despair


— The End —