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Rise and Fall
The skin and bones of a child’s chest
Strong lungs righteously, steal from the air
Breathing life into a hollow shell
Once an object
Deliverance, a girl
Delivered onto the masses
Why oh why do I perch so high
If only to fall without wings
is it so I can call
being up so tall
I can beg and plead
to the heavens I can see
Don’t let me drown in the clouds so swollen   Don’t let me fall from the perch so tall
Brooklyn Beverly Oct 2018
I feel hallow
I am a shell of a human
I have no ambition, motivation, or goals
I lack an essence that a person needs to get by       Why will no one blow life into me
I was a child once, born of a crazy world
This world made me
I am not without the world
But unlike the world there is nothing inside me
And unlike the world I fail to be seen
I am alone in this world
If I cannot be then I will retreat to where I came
I will fall to ash and become what I never could
Brooklyn Beverly Oct 2018
Sadness feels like a hug from a friend
It is familiar
It envelopes me and makes me uninhibited
I can just be because being won’t get any worse      It’s like I have nowhere to go
I don’t have to be afraid of falling
because I’ve already fell and now I’m on the ground
Safe and sound
Happiness feels like being on a ledge and looking down with a ladder right next to you
Higher or lower
There is no guarantee except that of risk
Brooklyn Beverly Sep 2018
I cannot make what is of what should.
I have no control.
I am not a breath of life but a kiss of death.
I fall between the cracks into the void.
I have abandoned the notion that I can get better.
I am just bad.
I cannot make what is of what should.
Brooklyn Beverly Sep 2018
Leave your demons behind they grunt with oppression.
If pride was a cloak then you'd wear it well.
Those who see you for who you are don't have eyes,
their souls are primed with smitten sins.
Dancing with the wolves gives you the danger you deserve but you play with the pups.
Lust love lust love
what does it matter you'll get your way oh master of words,
show me those pretty eyes, Mr. Soul play your music.
This is for you God of rock.
Push pull push pull
the threads are unwinding,
whittling your story,
sewing your fate.
Lips of spice drowning in tongue.
Where's your cheek?
Swallow that pill please because you take that medicine well.
Society huh?
what a dream, keep your ideals because this is hell...
Welcome, leave your soul at the Doors.
An acknowledgment to Jim Morrison of the Doors and his works done on earth in physical form.
Brooklyn Beverly Sep 2018
One day you'll see me.
I'll be the girl that illuminates your world Everything will be in perspective
A gleaming stream filtered with deception
A disillusion filled with remorse
Because when you finally see me I'll have left a long time ago
What you see, It's just a projected memory of me slipping through your grasps
I'll flow through the fingers that once confined me
You lost my worth but don't worry it's in better hands
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