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  Oct 2017 wraiths
sleeping on the sun
and dreaming about raindrops
wraiths Aug 2017
there's power in silence
i realized
as i saw the color drain from your face
and i stare and stare
with apathy
wraiths Aug 2017
they screamed, "man overboard!"
but when did i fall for you?
i didn't even hear a splash
but here i am, drowning
and you're scared to put your head underwater

you say you love me more
and i wonder if you can breathe below the waves
wraiths Aug 2017
hurt me
i need to write

i bleed poetry
wraiths Aug 2017
speckled sunlight gleams in a doe's eyes
and she blinks with long eyelashes

a supple fawn prances through pansies
while cherry blossom petals fall
from a rustling tree above

bumbling bees make their way
across the baby blue sky

birds sing as they flutter by

rodents huddle with walnuts
clutched between tiny hands

a hare lifts his head
and catches a scent on a breeze,
wrinkling his little pink nose
wraiths Aug 2017
baby you're gonna be just fine
you worry and stress
and i just wanna love on you till it all goes away

part of me likes the mess
just go with the flow
it'll be alright

i think of how they say
to do what you love
as you close the gap
between us
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