Amanda 4h
Watched you with a hopeful gaze
I can't believe what I saw
You are too cowardly to resist my choice
Lack of effort leaves me lost in awe

Want to run just far enough
To exit your sight so you would follow
Fear of you not missing me stops my soles
Standing still, stare so hollow

What do you see when you look closely at me?
Can you feel love and admiration retire?
This desire gives the wide world meaning
Sets my obsession on fire

I am sorry, I have to go
Given you far too much slack
This time if you finally chase after
I swear my love, I am not coming back
I swear this time I mean it
Amanda 8h
Face to face with fate
Fingers find flowing fire
Feelings fall far
Alliteration FTW!
Amanda 2d
Unexpectedly, my ship started to sink,
Sea pushing from all sides,
I didn't care until it was too late,
Was always moving with the tides.

Wish I was a good swimmer,
Not herded around by the moon,
A mess, drowning in my muddy flaws,
Fear I'll be at the bottom of the ocean soon.

My family threw a lifevest,
No longer have strength to hold on,
Will I completely lose myself at sea?
Where has happiness gone?
It ends abruptly but i like it still
Amanda 2d
Let's have a party
A pity party that is
Drink up our sham-pain
Inspired by the song title Champagne for my  Real Friends, Real Pain for my Sham Friends by Fall Out Boy
Amanda 2d
I believe struggles make us stronger
Can only bring patience and sturdier will
When I look at past suffering
It touches with lessons still

I am a product of persistent pain
In the wake of destruction is grace
Depth is defined by determination
It is detailed in the lines on your hands and face

Time goes on, even when broken
At our worst we must retain hope
See a way to grow from our setbacks
Look to a better future as you climb life's slope.
Written 5-28-18
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