Amanda 8h
I am the sun; a blazing star,
A burning orb of desire,
Stunning and warm, but don't get too close,
My passion will scorch like fire.

Intensity is daunting,
Temperature hard to take,
Heated temper tantrums erupt
At daybreak daily each time I wake.

You help me rise through volcanic bursts,
Lifting me above distress,
Extinguishing my molten rage
With the logic of your cool caress.

I light up in your presence,
A glow radiates from my core,
Bask in heat from my affection,
You are the one I shine for.

I will love you with fervor
But scald you with blistering touch,
Use caution: I fear you will crumble
To ashes within my fiery clutch.
I feel like I am this chaotic volatile work of art that everyone is fascinated with and is beautiful to look at but no one can get close to me without getting hurt somehow.
Amanda 1d
I love you no matter what happens in life
One day I will become your wife
Burdens grow heavy but weigh less if we share
From now on all our struggles will be easier to bear.
A message I sent Taylor at the beginning of our relationship.
Amanda 1d
I love you at Dawn, the sun rises,
While the rest of the world sleeps,
Soft like the glow that envelopes
The humans laid in crumpled heaps.

At daybreak the love we share
Blankets the earth and wind like fog,
Winding itself through meadows and streams,
Settling on each field and bog.

I love you in the morning
When birds sing their early song
The sky a striking shade of blue,
The still air remaining strong.

Midday my love has not wavered,
It burns as bright as the sun,
Shining down, only for you,
Even after the warmth is done.

My love for you continues at noon
As temperatures soar high
Above the clouds I'm dreaming of,
A place my desire goes to lie.

By afternoon my love is tired,
Worry weighing down each bone,
Despite the struggles that come
It remains as sturdy as stone.

In twilight my love still sparkles
While the radiance of day fades away,
When all light is steady dying
Ours will find a way to stay.

By evening my love grows anxious,
Transitions like the woods go dark
It flees before it is overtaken
But the dim in the trees leaves a mark.

The love we share paints sundown with
our passion in gold, pink, and red,
The sunset vibrant and striking
Like the wild whispered words we said

I love you even at dusk
With its silent shadows that stalk,
Infatuation fluidly flows
Deeper than the ink in which they dock.

Our love is exhausted by nightfall,
Still it shines as clearly as the moon,
Keeping company to fireflies
And chirping crickets that croon.

Midnight strikes; my heart is at rest,
But it is forever strong I am certain,
When tomorrow comes I will fall
In love with you all over again.
My love is an endless cycle
Amanda 1d
Why can't I stop thinking about you?
Will your image ever leave my mind?
Do you miss the soft push of my lips on your skin?
How did our two lives become so entwined?

Where do we place the lingering blame?
Can we lock it in a box and put it out of sight?
Is there a chance for us to start again?
Are we doomed to fade with the daylight?

When will this guilt finally subside?
Has it built a home inside your gut too?
How do I control my urges?
Why can't I stop loving you?

Who am I without your touch?
If I do not have you what remains?
Am I fated to live tethered to my regrets?
Will your name forever flow through my veins?

What keeps me anchored to your flesh?
Could it be the spell cast with your smile?
Why am I drawn to your damaged demeanor?
Is it the passion you effortlessly rile?

How did our relation-ship sink in the inconsistent-sea?
Which iceberg capsized our boat?
Should I have stayed and drowned tide to your side?
Do you believe I was enough to keep you afloat?
I like this one better than part one. It also took me a lot longer to write. These questions are constantly gnawing at my heart.
Amanda 2d
Do you remember
The way I looked at you then?
Because I still do.
How do you make feelings for someone go away?
Amanda 3d
This is my life now
There is no going back
All of my problems
Are getting hard to stack

Mistakes are catching up
I have nowhere to run
Stuck against a wall
It's clear drugs have won

I give up, give in
Crying in the pouring rain
Kill me so i dont
Have to drown in this pain
Written 1/14/17

I am still on the path to recovery although my days have been up and down. It's tough right now but I have a lot of support to help inspire and motivate me when times are hard.
Amanda 3d
Sunshine is yellow
The sky is blue
I have fallen madly
In love with you
Another text to my boyfriend. I hope I make him as happy as he makes me. I try so hard.
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