Amanda 4d

I know I am holding on too tightly.
Afraid that if I lift my grasp,
You will slip through my fingers like sand.

Amanda Aug 12

Its so hard to put into words,
All the ways you make me feel.
At times its difficult for me,
to tell which parts of you are real.

What we have means so much to me
and it hurts to never really know,
if im getting all of you,
or just the pieces you choose to show.

Im trying to overcome this doubt,
and regain my trust in you,
but im afraid and I can't forget,
all the hell you put me through.

You swear youve changed this time around,
youre not who you were before,
But ive heard that line and I,
don't want to be hurt anymore.

If you love me like you say,
then show a little respect for me,
All im asking for is the one thing
youve never provided: honesty.

Amanda Jul 30

I stare at my reflection,
and hate everything I see,
ive turned into the person,
I swore I would never be.

I feel like a hypocrite,
in the worst kind of way,
and my life keeps getting worse,
every miserable long day.

I want so badly to change,
but it is the hardest thing to do,
I can't go back to how I was,
pain has changed who i once knew.

Im scared ill never escape,
the path I started walking on,
and even if I could get out,
Everything I love is gone.

Amanda Jul 26

I lift my head and try to fly,
A bird with broken wings,
Held down and haunted by
The song my sorrow sings.

Useless melodies inside,
Keeping me from healing,
Ruffled feathers, open eyed,
The past I am concealing.

What is a bird that cannot fly?
I want to end it once and for all,
I put my trust into the sky,
And begin the final fall.

Amanda Jul 16

Sometimes I hate you,
I think I do anyway,
But I still love you.

Amanda Jul 7

I never told you,
All those things i wanted to,
My words became lost.

#short #haiku #love #words #lost #you
Amanda Jul 2

I hate that you're fine while im all messed up,
Im crying, and I bet you are fast asleep,
Im hanging on to every word you said,
And i would let go but im in too deep.

It hurts to know that you feel great,
On top of the world without me around,
Its killing me to talk to you,
But your voice is such a beautiful sound.

Its hard to believe that youre happy,
I guess that you dont miss me at all,
Im tired of arguing with you,
And waiting all day for a text or call.

You told me that I have too much time,
and nothing to think about besides you,
Well im sorry for having emotions,
But my heart is still broken in two.

Im not trying to be a bitch,
Im just sick of you not caring,
It would be nice if once in awhile,
You would ask how I'M faring.

You don't understand what I'm going through,
Im doing everything i can. I'm stuck.
But none of that matters to you,
Why can't you give just one single fuck?

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