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Sophie Apr 18
There's a sound like a song
Within every soul bound to flesh
A symphony of notes that pour
Like molten gold from the mountain
Watching the wind that whistles
Through boughs of emerald splendor
Whilst spring veins run with life
Surging through rock and earth
Beneath roots of ancient standing
Her stormy sky may roll and toil
Let her hear your song, Let it be
Sophie Apr 1
There is something wrong there
Deep in the nest of your rib cage
Darkness reigns where your heart beats
I catch glimpses of the devil
Lashed to your tongue, wickedly quick
Your words are given, plentiful
Yet your mouth is devoid
Barren but for tendrils of lies and tricks
I cannot help but look at your horror
My eyes yearn to turn away
Transfixed I am, with knowledge
That there is something wrong there
Sophie Feb 8
He was there in my dreams again
His voice like a deep breath underwater
Craved and wanted but always fatal
I'm left swimming in my bad ideas
Submerged in the depths of escape
It's difficult to see from a watery grave
Sophie Jan 15
Tripping over sentiments in blue toned moments

Is dangerous enough without tempting fate

Plucking at the strings of memories, to listen

Dancing to the echoes with heartfelt recollection

Seeking salvation can become a sickness  

Be sure to catch your soul before it plunders

Listen to fickle friends to remind yourself

That you were absolutely failing

Whilst captioning it as blameless
Sophie Dec 2018
I am golden now like the hue of a summer sunset
The tides of hateful currents have ebbed away
Revealing steel bones of clarity and reflection
In place of longing, I cling to a something solid
The reality of a love that glitters and transcends
Motes of hope float from my fingertips
Whilst I sit and watch the world spin on, alone
Sophie Oct 2018
It's been long enough, chained to you by my heart
My bones are sore beneath the weight of these bonds
I tried to shake you free with the loudest of drum beats
Running with pounding heart and thrumming feet
With the hope of losing that which was never given
I will run until my love for you leaks away into the night
A glittering trail that will mark my path into escape
I will free my soul and pluck you from my chest
When my lungs claw with starvation I shall not stop
Not until my love for you leaks away into the night
Sophie Aug 2018
The world gives us gifts everyday
Sometimes hearts are blinded by loss
When the autumns tender touch calls
And an amber carpet falls underfoot
The skies answer with cries of splendour
Sweet sugared chimney stacks fill with smoke
Whilst light flickers through iron and stone
The cold doesn't bite so much in beautiful places
love on Meadfoot beach can feel euphoric
And goodbyes in Budapest mark the beginning
Of the end of an exquisite dream
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