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ali Jun 16
what is seen
is temporary

and what is unseen
is eternal

but impermanence doesn’t bother me
if what i’m seeing is you
some things aren’t meant to last,
and that’s okay.
ali Jun 16
We were neither a forest in flames,
nor a hurricane.
We were never meant to fight battles,
nor sail ships.

We were simply petals that bloomed
in an abandoned garden
among wilted leaves
and broken branches.

What we were, was
a longing for novelty,
a lazy attempt at loving,
a shameful excuse to feel.
ali Jun 16
why can’t oxygen
ever be enough to feel
safe in my own skin

i just want to feel alive
unbothered by my own thoughts
i feel like my brain is constantly running a hundred miles per hour. it’s draining and exhausting, and i could really use a break from myself right about now.
ali May 24
would you be so kind
as to burn my heart into
a pit of ashes?
perhaps pain would feel better
than the emptiness i breathe
ali May 23
would you be so kind
as to break my heart into
a million pieces?

perhaps the pain would be worth
you loving me beforehand
ali May 23
i suppose i can offer you
a glimpse of my being
a sliver of my soul
a taste of my inside

in exchange for
a moment of trust
a second of safety
a feeling of love

just a little will do
ali May 23
I could write
an endless list
of all the things
you've ruined for me

I pray that one day
my lungs renew
and garner the peace and capacity
it'll take to breathe in

all these little joys once again

without inhaling
the scents of you that remain
in every poem
every film
every song

and exhale
the stale air
that has settled
at the pit of my stomach
I feel robbed of all the things I used to love because I shared them with you. Poetry, black coffee, vulnerability, an hour and 34 minutes worth of songs, a plethora of places — little joys I can no longer enjoy. I await the day you finally fail to linger in them.
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