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Gabrielle MR Feb 24
I’m sorry, mama
I never thought that stripes would make you cry.
But I promise never to leave; never to go with the butterflies.
I’m just as scared as you are
No chrysalis will engulf this life. no safety here
Don’t tie my flesh weapons
It won’t make the constellations on my forearms fade
Don’t panic don’t panic but what more can I do
Words won’t stunt the growth of wings
And ice cannot solve the world’s problems
It won’t make the butterflies go away.
But aren’t they beautiful?
Gabrielle MR Feb 22
look at my blue eyes
the eyes that have seen too much
I think I’m thinking too much
maybe not
blue eyes misted over
tired, overwhelmed, mortified eyes
that will never again gleam with hazel and gold
they bear the scars of my sorrows and dismay
but these scarred, tired eyes love like none other.
I see your blue eyes
the same eyes that look back at me in the mirror
it’s ok. keep your beautiful blue eyes.
we can grieve together
Gabrielle MR Feb 22
romeo, juliet. forbidden love with a friend.
star crossed nothing. “don’t tell your mommy.”
open eyes, cigarettes. hold me close don’t touch me. hold me close...
breathe me in, breathe you out. intertwined, please please don’t breathe on me. ...please?
come my love, my secret little love. take a dagger or take my hand
feel my shame feel your chest. skin to skin or i’ll do it again
little boy, littler girl. “don’t move”.
romeo all alone. juliet’s gone to bed.
but I feel your hands, they’re still there
suicidal suicidal if you dare.
Gabrielle MR Feb 22
why is it so hard to die
never before have I loved the way that I love you
but I would never want to hurt you
and so my little one, I must say adieu
you did everything you could, my darling
you gave me all of your love and kept my days bright
never doubt my love for you
I love you but I must say adieu
i’ll admit that i’m not ready to die
still young and full of life
but you are younger my little one
which makes it all the more difficult
why is it so hard to die
it’s because you’re watching me
i’ll see you again, my Cecelia
but for now I must say adieu.
Gabrielle MR Feb 22
sweet love would you be so kind
as to heal my heart and blur my mind
just a temporary fix is what they said
father’s too late
mother is dead
heavenly bliss graze my tongue
hold my soul and make it young
xanny light these eyes with mania
it’s in your body
it’s in my brain
if a heart can hope and blind eyes can see
all else is crippled, smothered
feel the happy for a little while
so here’s a tab two for me one for you
Finally. i’ll join my mother in her sweet dream of blue.
Gabrielle MR Feb 22
people follow come and go
some blind sighted.
others silver with hope
those who go, they choose to wander.   everyone else is a goner.
Gabrielle MR Feb 22
Here here The monsters here
Leave me be ill face my fears and stay
With you safe and afraid
Till you could gain anything from what id said
Listen to the cherub under my bed
What oh
How can i refrain from eating my heart
Out an d then my brain
I cant take you Anymore get out of my head GET OUT OF MY HEAD
Dance in fire march through the flame a
Liminal image of something We’d’ slain
Run away my wild one,
But in the depths of hell my lord has come
The scars on my wrists are but scales to you

See horns and Fangs in oceans dee p
Where fathers falter daughters Sleep
Cloud my room, blessed one.
**** yourself, and **** me too
For i am the one to go before you
The one who spoke but could not hear
Hide your young and cover their Ears,.
Hidden figure, holy abyss.
See me off, blow one last kiss.
For better or worse, and omen of yours..
Mourning someone You never Lov ed
Behemoth, stallion, find me, out
Stay away            (but hold me) now
Fly me away to Earth or To hell
Take a beat…..

All is well.
Father fill this corpse with flame
Something you could not regain.
Horns or hands. Heir of lands.
Hold your baby, cradle her now

Save our souls, my fiery steed!
Angel or, other find where i stand.
Hunger for love, famine for words
Just remember:;,.’
No one lets a Monster be heard.
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