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ConnectHook Sep 2015
[Infernal Dialectic of Ongoing Struggle]

Spoke Mao Zedong to Kim Jong Ill:
We languish here in deep red hell—
Let us confer and analyze
What factors revolutionize
The contradictions still.

Replied Lil’ Kim: The running dogs
Beguiled by class and capital
Have overdrawn and overspent.
They bank on debt, and make lament
And flounder in their fogs…

Kim chee does stink, but tastes so good
Do have some more, oh comrade Mao.
Fermented cabbage goes so well
With Hennessey and blondes (in hell)
Juche’s in da hood!

The Fearless Leader (now a shade)
Responded thus: Just give them time.
Our doctrines spread, their God is dead
Their sons shall sing ‘The East is Red’
Our party’s got it made.

Ill Kim displayed a wicked grin:
Our rocket-launches make them fear
They scold and cluck, and then they duck
While Hillary tries to pass the buck
I think we still could win…

The Chairman thought and sipped some fire
in communistic reverie, and feeling very clever, he
Replied to Ill: This place we’ll fill
with dead reactionaries still—
fifth columns to inspire.

Now let the thousand flowers bloom
And let one thousand thoughts contend.
Remember **? Remember ‘Nam?
We triumphed over Uncle Sam—
He’s limping toward his doom.

A wizened ghost now drifted in
Because his name had been proclaimed
A wispy beard (as yet unseared)
Revealed the mastermind once feared:
Old Uncle ** Chi Minh !

** **—old friend! Draw near! Draw near,
Spoke Mao: In solidarity
We hail your work upon the earth
You showed them what a war is worth
You’re always welcome here.

Ill Kim and I were wondering
How best to make the forward leap—
conspiring ******* their cow
and smoke their duck and drain their sow
while they are buying bling.

** Chi, old warrior, why the frown?
Upon your wisdom now we wait.
The forces red you bravely led
You staked your claim until they bled
And brought their nation down.

Old uncle **, the sage revered,
did smolder with his cigarette.
Viet Cong thought is hard to grasp
It slithers like a jungle asp…
** paused and stroked his beard:

You speak without the people’s light!
I criticize in strongest terms
Your revolutionary thought.
We need to ask our friend Pol ***
How best to steer this fight.

Such gradual change, a halfway measure
stalls the Bourgeoisie’s demise.
Our true Khmer Rouge was not a stooge
of Kapital. His fame was huge
for plundering their treasure.

True, he had to purge his nation
such is revolution, gents…
The traitor classes see the masses,
through reactionary  glasses.
Death or re-education!

We ought to sow his rural seed
for pure agrarian reform.
The bodies in the rice can rot
to fertilize the harvest plot—
the people’s mouths to feed.

When Pol *** heard his tactics lauded
he flew in to join the jabber:
Take a tip from Kampuchea!
Listen well and I will teach ya!

Kim and Mao applauded.

City folk are useless eaters
glasses-wearing foes and cheaters!
let them slave – and always save
their corpses for the fertile grave
Until they love their leaders.

From the barrel power grows—
(I don’t mean kim chee barrel, boys).
Now learn my way.We’ll have our say
Their weakened states will wither away.

The Red dictator rose.

Prepared to ramble on for hours
(the way Fidel so loves to do)
Pol ***’s harangue now fired the gang
like rockets falling on Da Nang
emitting sparks in showers.

Hell is known for lack of stasis—
Sudden throes of quaking fire;
fitful flares from from Satan’s lairs
and constant similar affairs
the population faces…

Thus Saint Pol ***, still naming names
along with Mao and Kim-Jong Il
while ** Chi screamed, and then blasphemed
were swept en masse, and unredeemed
into the surging flames.

Yet still they plotted in the blaze
with dialectic deviousness.
Philosophizing, strategizing
stinking sulphur brimstone rising;
ghosts in the yellow haze . . .

        ☭ END ☭

Tommy Johnson Apr 2014
Winnie the Pooh is trying to think
As are Plato and Socrates
While The Little Rascals get rambunctious
And The Marx Brothers cause calamities
Jim Jones stirs the Kool-Aid
And Georgie Porgie makes his move
Bo Peep and Miss Muffett start to blush
Red Ridding hood just swoons
The Muffin Man does a deal
With Johnny Apple seed
These beings and people our real
In our Surreal Reality

******* lets the paint splatter
And Moses parts the sea
Belushi buys an eight-ball
Bruce is on trial for obscenity
Rorschach is on the case
Right behind Sherlock Holmes
John the baptist goes for a swim
Along with Brian Jones
Jack and Jill meet Hansel and Gretel
They're hungry, they're thirsty
These figments of imagination do exist
In our Surreal Reality

Rasputin was so evil
As bad as Captain Hook
Now was it ** Chi Minh or Nixon
Who said "I am not a crook?"
Mao Zedong looked at Stalin
With a shared murderous grin
Booth stormed the Ford theater
And shot President Lincoln
Kennedy and King we're both casualties
Of the process of the deciphering
Of our Surreal  Reality

Zeus said to Aphrodite
"Wow, you look real good tonight"
And Handel says "Hallelujah!"
As the Wright Brothers take flight
Baby Face Nelson
Teams up with Dillinger
Moe, Larry and Curly
Mengele, Mussolini and Adolf ******
Three bears, three little pigs
Along with three blind mice
Sit together, while Maurice Sendack
Cooks them chicken soup with rice
Charlie Bucket had a buy out
Wonka gave up his factory
Fiction or nonfiction it's all a apart
Of our Surreal Reality

Chicken Little tried his best
To warm The Little Red Hen
Of the sly trickster
They call Rumpelstiltskin
Rimbaud applauds Leonidas
And his 300's final stand
Da vinci  paved the way
For both Newton and Edison
Folklore and war heroes
And those with intellectual mentality
Are all just pieces
Of our Surreal Reality

Wee Willie Winkie's scream
Wakes up Rip Van Winkle
But not Sleeping Beauty who's been asleep for thirty years
But has no acquired a single wrinkle
Caligula has lost his mind
And Nero's lost his fiddle
What does Beethoven's hearing aid
Have to do the March Hare's riddle?
Abbie Hoffman fights for civil rights
Thomas Jefferson for democracy
Products of the conceptual
In our Surreal Reality

Berryman writes an ode
To Washington's wooden teeth
Manson speaks of Helter Skelter
Neruda damns the fruit company
Charles Schultz frames the story
And Seuss gives it rhyme
Some where far, far away
Taking place once upon a time
And the villagers all had omelettes
Thanks to clumsy Humpty Dumpty
It's all food for thought
In our Surreal Reality

Santa brings us presents
And Cupid bring us love
But we can never get back
The members of the 27 Club
Warhol makes his movies
And Buddha meditates
Joseph Smith reads the golden plates
Mohammed and Jesus save
Theses figures bring people hope
In life's dualities
Trusting faith
And our Surreal Reality

Han Solo is in carbon freeze
Don Juan's preoccupied
Sinbad sets his sails
Simple Simon didn't get his pie
Caesar looked at Brutus
Brutus looked at Saddam Hussein
Hussein looked at L. Ron Hubbard
Who prayed to Eloheim  
Dionysus can out drink us all
We cringe at Achilles fatality  
As Ra soars through the skies
Of our Surreal Reality

Aristotle says to Shakespeare
"Well Billy you old bard"
Frodo trades the ring of power
To Fidel Castro for a Babe Ruth Baseball card
Biggie and Tupac write their lyrics on paper
Ted Bundy is put in jail
They're making another skyscraper
For King Kong to scale
Hemingway is too far gone
Kant's take on morality
Einstein says it's all relative
In our Surreal Reality

Churchill said victory
John Lennon said peace
Judas gave back the silver
Then hung himself in a tree
Tojo and Kim Jong-il
Wanna be as cool as Brando and Dean
George Carlin warned us all
Now Hermes leaves the scene
So do the butcher, the baker and the candle stick maker
Followed by Old King Cole and his Fiddlers Three
As they make their way to find
A sense or Surreal Reality

Odysseus pines for Ithaca
Paul Bunyan chops the trees
The Jersey Devil has not been found
Noah herds the animals by twos not threes
Anubis wraps the mummies
And Augustus leads Rome
Bugs Bunny laughs with Pryor
All at the expense of Job
So what can we all make of this
Is this all actuality?
Symbolism or nonsense?
Realistic Surrealism or Surreal Realty?
Bless China and Mao Zedong

I have partly decorated my Christmas tree bless the Chinese for the blinking fairy light,
blue and yellow strings I think symbolise angels’ hair
not that I have seen any angels with blue-rinsed hair.
I haven't put up any baubles this year it is a bother to put them on the twigs.
My shoes are bought in the same shop they are ok, but don't last long,
I feel guilty now my socks and undergarment are made in China
that is how you destroy a country's economy buying from abroad; it's cheaper
for us on the low income, it is a vicious circle, more people get laid off they have
little money and had to but underwear and socks shop at a Chinse shop.

The wage for workers in the USA is now so cheap Pakistani factories are moving to
Detroit and Michigan, but for it to succeed the Americans have to build better
roads and new bridges. I digress the tree is fit for purpose comes in 3 sections and can
easily be kept in the shed until next year.
So bless the Chinse for making our Christmas possible this year too
Marshal Gebbie Oct 2014
Mao Zedong’s revolution deposed the ancient, 5000 year old rule of Dynastic China.
In doing so he espoused the continuous violent struggle by contradictory forces within society to produce a perpetual disequilibrium of revolt against intellectualism and Confucian principle and practice.

With the global collapse of Communistic systems, the wily genius of the diminutive, Deng Xiaoping, breathed new life into the faltering rule
With a cunning rebranding of “Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”, he maintained the stability of Chinese Communist kleptocracy until relatively recent times.
But the middle class awakening of Tiananmen Square and the recent Hong Kong massed protest, has brought into focus the demands of an increasingly educated, increasingly affluent, Chinese society’s expectation and demand for increased democratic rights and freedom and a more just system of the Rule of Law.

The day of the old, strong arm, autocratic rule is over.

China is emerging, quite naturally, into a world of increased information freedom, where the seeking of each individual’s betterment and independence promises a brighter future of personal dignity, increased self-esteem and an emerging sense of high anticipation.

President Xi Jinping’s Chinese Communist Party is now presented with the challenge to moderate in order to survive. To endeavour to embrace and meld the old concepts of Confucian harmony to the vaulting expectations of China’s new world beckoning.

Denmark, Western Australia.
5 October 2014
one of the most disastrous programs in the history of history
called the great leap forward, which included the Four
Pests Campaign. The goal of the campaign
was to eliminate rats, flies, mosquitoes
and sparrows.

WIKI: The Four Pests Campaign was one of the first actions taken in the Great Leap Forward in China from 1958 to 1962. The four pests to be eliminated were rats, flies, mosquitoes, and sparrows. The extermination of sparrows is also known as Smash Sparrows Campaign which resulted in severe ecological imbalance, being one of the causes of the Great Chinese Famine. In 1960, Mao Zedong ended the campaign against sparrows and redirected the fourth focus to bed bugs.
july hearne Sep 2020
the flowers
broken from the stem
have been vibrantly colored and trampled
on the sidewalk for weeks
withstanding days of passersby,

a despotic government in town
and citizens so filled with their jodi arias kind of love

knowing nothing of
their coming gulags
or how they can only fail

because the dumb mob is the city
the streets of the city
the boarded up windows of the city,
the defunded police department of the city,
the shattered glass of the city and the ****
in the streets of the city

it is only important to who might as well be no one,
but not to the men who will never be men
but not to the women who will never be women
and definitely not to the men who will never be women
a generation hated from all direction
failed before they even began, they will never begin
there will never be anything in it for them

they totalitarian so much totalitarian
not exactly wild or stallion
just sickly miniature horses
tough as owned prison ***** bronies

no hope
for the plastic garbage in the ocean
plastic garbage intended to pollute the ocean

never a time to get over things and move on
in an intellectually inferior time zone,
never a time to teach or learn about mao zedong.
for Carmen Best

*sung by Roberta Flack
Peter DeSpirito Feb 2020
Let’s talk about cops shooting innocent black teenagers, woman and men...let’s talk about racial profiling....disorderly conduct..and ancestor slavery again... About 600,000 slaves were transported to America, or 5% of the 12 million slaves taken from Africa. About 310,000 of these persons were imported into the Thirteen Colonies before 1776: 40% directly and the rest from the Caribbean, but let’s not talk about religious liquidation...4,450 Jewish men woman and children are killed in Krakow ghetto from March 13 to March 16 1943....20 million murdered by Nazis in total.....families surrendered so that they can stay alive and strive but are burned and gassed alive so there’s that drive....let’s not talk about the invasion of Italy...on September 3, 1943 2,009 killed...7,050 wounded...3,501 missing...let’s not talk about the invasion of America...and the removal act of 1830....16,500 native Americans lost their lands and about the Spanish Inquisition.... In 1478, the Catholic Monarchs began the famous Inquisition to purify Catholicism in all their territories. The Inquisition was established to act as a tribunal to identify heretics and bring them to justice....1,250 were executed...that’s 1% of 125,000 that were tried by church tribunals under the King and Queen of Spain...instead let’s repeat that I can’t breathe line...I’m not comedians Make fun of white people....white people look around before they make fun of black people...Chinese, Russian, French so on and so forth....being rude by the way that you talk and stopping police from doing their not making anyone on this planet think that it’s wrong to treat you like an matter what color you you act and project yourself should warrant the treatment you get...let’s not forget: Joseph Stalin has 62 million Soviets and Germans under his **** count....Mao Zedong 75 million Chinese please let’s talk about all of us that strives...that climbs corporate ladders...we all bleed the same color...So All lives Matters....
-Peter T. DeSpirito
What I’m saying is stopping the racism...and feeling held back because of the past...move forward...
Arek Sep 2019
Stalin could be your boy next door
he loved and laughed and cried
but always planned for more and more
like planning genocide

similarly Mao ZeDong
could be your next door neighbour
unless of course he thought you're wrong
sentencing you to hard labour

my boss who could be my best mate
now wants to see me later
seems not too long i have left to wait
to see the world's next worst dictator
july hearne May 2021
hang your flag upside down in distress
wait for worse things to happen
bad things have already happened

look around you,
the red guards are kneeling hard
ching chong, wade across the water all the way to mao zedong
too unrepairable to understand
a stronger hand made strong
by an Almighty hand

and so in the confines of their cluelessness
tomorrow's chew toys are only useful idiots in black masks for now
conditionally loved by the even weaker minded, currently still cheering them on
as their small or fat black masked bodies laughably block the crosswalk of broadway and denny

some are robots running on outdated programming,
built to self destruct,
their particular model will run for president and answer to names like
judas pence or mitt romney

some cry wolf
but we've heard it so many times already
it doesn't mean anything anymore
the unfit mother might not even cash in
on the blown apart remains of her knifey daughter

most others are a sad, feeble kind of gladiator:
the andabatea, often found coding or developing at amazon, with limited or no visibility; always blindfolded and overpaid, always hearded, always hated by the end user,
the bestiarii never prepared to fight the imported beast,
the noxxi never meant to have a chance with their dull swords, always too worthless for opportunity
so many noxxi with their dull and laughable swords
blocking the crosswalk of broadway and denny

that class of gladiator.
"yes that was me with the doves
setting them free near the factory
where they build your computer love"

Neil Young : "Revolution Blues"
Kagey Sage Apr 20
How can I follow up?
Sipping tea, realizing my dark age in the ides
of march was just a melancholic cover up for
intensive art and getting **** done
"Adulting," I hate that word
We can learn so much from having a child-like nature
But they got you coping with drudgery by
coddling you in comic book imagery
Is your boss your dad that gives you play time or
a **** that's increasingly stealing more your time and money?

Stand up if you have the energy
The old don't protest cause
they got nice pensions from FDR and Mao Zedong
We're still the ever lazy young
with distinctive wealth gaps
not seen in a couple generations
It's a grim calculation by cold algorithms
as if that absolves the humans that
put the spirit of the questions into them

How much can we make them work so
they don't have time to protest but can still survive?

We've already stopped the pensions but
how can we stop social security?

It's been well invested
can we really just say the money's run out?

Yes, I suppose they really do believe anything
if you couch it right

Good work everyone.
Words' Worth Jul 2019
Arriving with the time waiting
For revival
The time is for China to take its socialist shame
Turn the times to the populace was the same
Truncheon tanks, and the whole shebang, the guy who died
Mao Zedong, Tiananmen Square, Creedence clearly an atom bomb
Away from a bunch of lies, dealing with slaves and something inside them died
Tangled up in memory, tangled up in the blood
Tangled up in a truant sundry, I'm unaware of the inchoate
But, the bloodshed reminds me, of the battleground that hasn't heard from the crying dead
We nurtured the poor, to feed the roads with our public money
Reconnaissance of every remnant individual, timbre, and everything, in an ephemeral second
We blew up in silent thought, without knowing of attacking and arresting atrocities all in the name of a thousand cuts
Cradling civilization, there will be blood, the sun's up on the wrong end of the pursuit of happiness
Numbed by the pain, the sun's up on the wrong of the pursuit of happiness
Tampering the evidence, conclusively ending my progress
Tanks rolled over the ****** corpse, mangling it beyond solidarity
None of us could recognize him
Things were difficult before easy.
The man was a genius when he was dreaming.

— The End —