RKM Apr 2012

they don't know like he does how her bottom teeth overlap at the front like boat sails / or that three moles on her thighs are the perfect example of an isosceles triangle / they don't know that when they sleep their feet fit together like bunch of bananas / or that when she traced circles in his hair it made a direct imprint on his soul / that's why they say she's not worth it / that's why he knows they are wrong.

Prabhu Iyer Feb 2015

Dont talk to me about sense-vense -
do you, or do you not?
tell me this much;

Don't go zig-zag, jibber-jabber,
zither; look I don't care of

this caste-vaste, mummy-daddy
and the society;

We could might never deny this,
pow-wows cannot measure this,

do you, or do you not?
That is, is all there is.

The Indian girl is talking sense into her beau.

Echo-words such as 'sense-vense' are common in colloquial Indian English

Mixing in English echo-words (jibber-jabber etc) the dreaded double copula (Is-IS) and the double modal (might could), for dramatic effect.

Abellakai Mar 2014

Your name sits on the tip of my tongue,
Along with bitter aberrations
Of love and loathing.  
Your name  commingles in my veins,
And tips my stomach
Like a tugboat in a hurricane.
In the years I have grown,
I have been shown the difference
Between the good and the bad.
I exhausted the arms on the clock
Arranging daisies of adoration
In the souls of those who were rotten.
Even the one I thought was impeccable
Has placed me on a shelf of old seashells
And bottled ships.

Jack Davies Feb 2016
                                                                 ­                                         I dream
                                                           ­                         of falling
                                                                  in love,      
                                                I've been.      
  Yet when                          
                  I finally                                                          ­        
  find                                                          ­                  
some                                          ­                                                
body,                                                           ­                                                     

I,        ­                                                                 ­                           

                 push.                                                            ­


                                                         ­                                  Away
an all too universal sentiment
(If reading on an iPhone, it needs to be landscape or the shape messes up!)
Tommy Randell May 15

Today I Zagged
When I should have Zigged
I settled for safe
When I should have bigged.

An old man's fancy
I'm glad it's still there
That I will always want to
Leap up from my chair.

But time to be grateful
For the way out when it's offered
Now the Spring is Sprung
And my knees have turned awkward.

I'll settle I think
For the Brandy & Port
And not dwell on what I didn't
But that I did what I ought.

Better not to take risks
A week from retirement
In Work, at Play
As the Flirt-er or the Flirt-ant.

Age has as it's envoi
A phrase or two worth while
Leave the Zig-Zag to the young
Make them smile, if you can,
Make them smile.

Tommy Randell 2017 05 16 00:34 BST

The great and glorious game
has many twists and turns
and Age should not blame Youth
for the lessons it must learn
Ottar Sep 2013

Seasonal construction
Path of destruction and rebuild,
Traffic crazy, in the car ahead,
Face yelling at a speaker phone,
Zig-zag path like the road owner,
3:05 late so a five o'clock date,
And a seagull sits right on the line,
Patient Mockery so sublime,
The seagull "walks the line"
Waiting can be a hating game,
That would be a vacation shame,
So now the seagull is not alone on the line.


So did   do right?  No personal pronouns?
LA Hall Nov 2013

Looking at the bay,
fog blankets the lake,
ships zig-zag, leaving trails.

Rachneet Mar 2015

On this night of unconquerable depth --
I erect cross-legged
Limbs zig-zag lightning
Headphones stream anthems
Mutations orchestrating the lip
Ears muffled by cacophony
Flounders my voice, quietly

I close my eyes
Silently I listen
A voice that's vanished
That will sound forever
The voice that will always slingshot
The poetic words
Of the nightingale
Into the world
For a second I start to dream
I forget
What I saw
When my eyes were still open

Ik sluit mijn ogen
Zwijgend luister ik
Een stem die is weggestorven
Die voor eeuwig zal klinken        
De stem die voor altijd
De poëtische woorden                  
Van de zanger                                  
De lucht inslingerd
Even droom ik weg
Vergeet ik
Wat ik zag
Toen mijn ogen nog open waren

"THOUGH logic-choppers rule the town,
And every man and maid and boy
Has marked a distant object down,
An aimless joy is a pure joy,'
Or so did Tom O'Roughley say
That saw the surges running by.
"And wisdom is a butterfly
And not a gloomy bird of prey.
"If little planned is little sinned
But little need the grave distress.
What's dying but a second wind?
How but in zig-zag wantonness
Could trumpeter Michael be so brave?'
Or something of that sort he said,
"And if my dearest friend were dead
I'd dance a measure on his grave.'

Brycical Jun 2013

Frantically, a snowflake falls--
terrified of the massive dark cloud
a former home.

zig-zag loop-de-loop
twist reverse--falling--

Once a vibrant turquoise
filled with melodious birds
whose songs were carried by a brisk breeze--
The dark cloud now envelops
the sky
with a quiet, frigid, painful air
looking for that one frightened snowflake
in a sky of millions leaping for the ground,
forgetting it created that scared snowflake,
just like all the others running away...

Claire R Jul 2013

Zig, zig, zig, Death in cadence,
Striking a tomb with his heel,
Death at midnight plays a dance-tune,
Zig, zig, zag, on his violin.
The winter wind blows, and the night is dark;
Moans are heard in the linden trees.
White skeletons pass through the gloom,
Running and leaping in their shrouds.
Zig, zig, zig, each one is frisking,
You can hear the cracking of the bones of the dancers.
A lustful couple sits on the moss
So as to taste long lost delights.
Zig zig, zig, Death continues
The unending scraping on his instrument.
A veil has fallen! The dancer is naked.
Her partner grasps her amorously.
The lady, it's said, is a marchioness or baroness
And her green gallant, a poor cartwright.
Horror! Look how she gives herself to him,
Like the rustic was a baron.
Zig, zig, zig. What a saraband!
They all hold hands and dance in circles.
Zig, zig, zag. You can see in the crowd
The king dancing among the peasants.
But hist! All of a sudden, they leave the dance,
They push forward, they fly; the cock has crowed.
Oh what a beautiful night for the poor world!
Long live death and equality!

The text comes from the poem "Égalité, Fraternité...", part of Jean Lahor's (a pseudonym of Henri Cazalis) l'Illusion.
John B Jun 2012

all aluminum alloy ammo  

bane bat brakes badly basters back bones

come call cthulhu Cristo cuz

dead dominatrix dominate de download  

even elven eternal endowments

fail frivolously flaming for fair fraudulence

grant good goggles give grandiose gratuity

how hella homeboys have how he has

If I ignore I implicate its implore

jack jacks jacks

kay killla kooks krack

LAPD locks la lackeys

maybe mom made mad monoxide

no, no natural nix NOx neutralizes

oh over overt opp only overlay orphic

please protest politely panic pretenses perpetuity

quiet quivers quiet queens

remember rage reaps reciprocity

so sour sits supplanters sat

to tell them to tare trail tit tat?

universal unhappiness underlays under us

victory validates victors vanity

why warble when winners wont waste worry wanting

x-axis x-rays Xerophagy Xanax Xanthorroea

you yodel yonder yet yahweh's yells Yarrish

zero zag zealots zoos

.......if they got me they'll get you to
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