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Tommy Randell May 2017
Today I Zagged
When I should have Zigged
I settled for safe
When I should have bigged.

An old man's fancy
I'm glad it's still there
That I will always want to
Leap up from my chair.

But time to be grateful
For the way out when it's offered
Now the Spring is Sprung
And my knees have turned awkward.

I'll settle I think
For the Brandy & Port
And not dwell on what I didn't
But that I did what I ought.

Better not to take risks
A week from retirement
In Work, at Play
As the Flirt-er or the Flirt-ant.

Age has as it's envoi
A phrase or two worth while
Leave the Zig-Zag to the young
Make them smile, if you can,
Make them smile.

Tommy Randell 2017 05 16 00:34 BST
The great and glorious game
has many twists and turns
and Age should not blame Youth
for the lessons it must learn
CK Baker Mar 27
Let’s **** through the issues
hash things out
zig-zag our way
to the carryout!

Powder some pozy
spark the butane
a platter of cookies
with dear Mary Jane!
Waiting: Her ******* rest upon layered lacquer::: the tides of her hips arch high, press and point needle North, in a nascent newborn lust

she is infectious in her descent... she draws down, slowly South... unaware I see her there... I am frozen, wanting only to crawl toward the taste

the hammer of my heartbeat plays silent symphonics, she holds herself, moaning, to the sounds of a harbor rhythm:::

i make my way toward her

this man's approach is unique.
Calculating the quiver of anticipation::: the man is instinct, the man
grows hypnotized

The pendulum::: the zig zag::: our protagonist reads her inner thighs.
The vine of his attraction now extends to where those thighs meet. 

She is ready.
The sun had given way to tepid snowflakes 
And we know she owns the fall,
auburn occidental autumn
until it's crunchy brown
A baby being bathed in the kitchen sink
His soul is wasted
I feel like the nemesis
He becomes a part of the background
married to the foliage
Clinging to a semblance of security
And I can't sit here for forever (eternity,infinity)
Reflecting sharp green leaves
Palm trees illuminated by
drops of twisting Sun
Kaleidoscope lights spread across
insular rooms
Open the circle, close the circle, trade a blanket of tobacco
A December of remembering
living in a snowglobe
Chewing on gum until it looses flavor
Crimes of passion, if you trace the tail back it flickers zig-zag like from side to side
A rattle that burns the skin red
A cackling bonfire
You just visit on the weekend
Hira malik Sep 2018
Between the world and her heart
She cudnt find a place sustainable
Like a shaking earth and volcanic eruption
A thunder in her part was too horrible to be seen by the world!
And between her heart and art
Those zig zag lines she tried to convert into mozart
She found out at the last
The music was sung with tunes unheard
The volume was too low
And the curcuit was short!!!
Jaycub J Apr 30
Winged sculptures
crash in a glass
of fleeting muse.

Splintered cavities
bleed shadows
into patched auras.
A cloaked Christ
plaster cast
rides shotgun
on the spinning wheel.

conquered gravity
haunts crusaders
of crushed diamonds
crazy shining
in zig zag lines
of cocaines finest.

Bridge over bitter
waters roll
into broken buckets
down river
falls frozen,

Catapult snaps
in half setting sun
wild spring rains
sent to asylum.
Home on the range.
Daan Vandelay May 17
Tekenen is mannelijk
gemakkelijker dan rekenen
in de les heb ik niet opgelet
maar wel wat moois op mijn papier gezet
wat heb ik dan geleerd
*** je met potloodkrassen
je maag omkeert
en met je gom dat allemaal weer wit kan wassen

Er zijn geen fouten op het blad
niet de pijn die ik bij falen had
en voelde, pijn die nogal kras
door mijn voorhoofd heen krioelde

Ik wilde enkele maar bedekken
wat ik maakte, wat ik zag
wat mij kraakte, met een lach
Ik wilde enkel maar verbergen
liet oordelende ogen mijn lieve leven tergen

Nu ben ik terug, de handdoek naast de ring
gesmeten, van mij afgebeten en gezegd
nee, joh, mijn tekeningen zijn niet slecht
Jouw reactie is niet waar het mij om ging.
Daan Vandelay Apr 13
Via via ongehoorde kronkelwegen
zag hij *** de peilen stegen.
Water rees, ijs smolt,
leiders zetten akkefietjes on hold
om te bespreken
*** we zonder
bij een god te smeken
daar onder
uit komen en boven uit steken.
Best zwaar tegenwoordig
Daan Vandelay May 26
Denk jij ook soms aan de dood?
Voel jij ook het schaamrood
op de wangen bij het bespreken
van die wrange, wringende,
in de ogen springende
gevoelens die je liever zag

Dan ben je niet alleen, je kan die beesten
beter laten zweven, als wolken,
naar ze kijken, alstublieft niet laten
kolken tot ze velden laten draaien
en je levenslust meegraaien.
Geef het alstublieft niet op!
-Je gezicht spreekt taboekdelen
-Mr taboerine man
-Met een volle taboekentas
-taboegeroep in de zaal
-politie en taboef
-taboeren buiten!
-taboel zoeken
Nolan P Aug 13
I don't love anyone.
No name escapes my lips
Moves my thighs
Shifts my weight
Into a hopeful utterance.
Decades fall as fast as seconds
Zip and zag, toss and turnover
And the echo of everyones voices
Keeps a slight hum
But they are no orchestra
And life is no guaranteed musician.

— The End —