Idly stationed in the bucolic hills,
sits a stone well; unknown when abandoned.
Though her people foregone, water yet fills
as much as you can want for. In tandem,
are high trees less old than she, occluding
the view from pathless and naive strangers.
As their wish in well is to keep obtuse,
those that siren would otherwise capture.
Her drink, one thinks they'll constantly receive,
in reality, they'll only be taken.
Youth will fade as the heart minutely bleeds.
Their hollow, dried corpse will be forsaken.
And though her hole but a tall dark crevice,
I see my reflection on the surface.
Amarys Dean Jul 9
There’s an “e” in your name.
2. It’s also composes a syllable of it.
3. Things will always empty, no matter what. Even bottles, for example. Especially ones that contained alcohol. You seemed to enjoy emptying those quite a lot.
4. Once, I emptied a pen of it’s ink while writing about you.
5. There is no “e” in my first name, but you pronounced it as if there was, replacing the first “a” with an “e”.
6. I always, and still do, get annoyed whenever people mispronounce my name, but never when you did it. I always knew that you were the one calling it. You were the one thing I was always sure of.
7. The other night, I tried to think of other things that started with “e” and “a”. I found “always” and “eventually”. Just as you substituted the “e” for the “a”, we substituted “always” for “eventually”.
8. Or maybe it could stand for “eventually an alcoholic”?
9. I just wish that you could have emptied your heart out to us just as easily as you could empty a bottle down your throat.
10. Ever since you told us that you drove home drunk I’ve been thinking about writing an eulogy.
11. Please don’t make me write one. Not while we’re so young.
12. Eventually, everything expires, like our patience, our vitality, and our days.
13. You haven’t spoken to anyone in months, and I don’t know how to reach you, or if you even want me to. When I saw your mother this past October, I wanted to ask her if she knew had badly you had been struggling, but I didn’t because I know that you would have hated me for it. There was a reason you had tried to keep your addiction a secret.
14. The letter “e” is the most used letter in the alphabet. How can you ask me to forget you when nearly every word I write has a trace of you in it?
15. I would never pick up a pen again if it meant that I could hear you mispronounce my name one more time.
I.   I often look at your beautiful face, but that isn't why I love you.

you are looking in the mirror forty years from now,
and you have long surrendered to time,
your beauty will betray you,
it will betray us,
this you already know,
the heavens and hells tug at your flesh
slowly carving wrinkles
at the pillars of your youth.

II. The Ocean Blue

For on the surface they swim, and on the surface you look
but few so ever dive where a madman would go
to the dark chilly solitary crevices,
of where true beauty lies,
that is where I found you,
in the deep darkness
that is where I saw you,
alone, so beautiful, pristine,
cold in the dark.
SE Reimer Oct 2013
oh, san juans, your riches beckon
your wealth, your beauty calls
your waveless, salty waters blue
my heart since childhood draws
your waters lap at darkened rock
'round islands, bays and inlets fill
with returning salmon teeming
your breaking waters thrill
your tide, oh ever river changing
charges muddy oyster flats
your thriving pods of orca leap
o'er spray in mid-air acrobats
from seabed swift, cold and deep 
the lushness of your green hills rise 
your sun falls fleet like shooting star
your sparkling waters mesmerize
sailing craft from ’neath horizon
angels spread their wings of color
skirt your shoals and ply your straits
find safety anchored in your harbors 
oh, san juans, your wonder waits
your treasure and your magic calls
your waveless, crystal waters blue
my heart since youth still draws
calls me to return each year
to dip my paddle deep
when life averts the journey there
in dreams you beckon while i sleep
Post Script.
Twice in my early childhood my family vacationed in the San Juan Islands.  I say vacationed, when it was really to visit some of the dear church folk that supported my parent’s missionary work; but to me it felt like a vacation to another world!  
I recall being smitten by its ruggedness and remoteness, the enchantment of each island we passed; a world where a wave-less, salty, blue ocean laps the dark rock of the many bays and inlets of green forested islands; and the novelty that a ferry was the only way we could make the trip.  I remember exploring the tide pools with my brothers.  I remember crabbing with our father and gathering oysters from the rocky shores of Orcas Island.  I remember shucking oysters and our father frying them, something that outside this experience we rarely saw him do.  I remember fishing for flounder and cooking them up on the grill back at camp. I recall a time when we landed a pregnant ocean perch instead.  Were we ever surprised to see her give birth to a few dozen live babies among the floor boards of our little dinghy! We scooped up as many as we could reach and released them back to the ocean along with their mother.  One catch for thirty; a catch to remember for an 12 year old and a good lesson on the cycle of life. 
As I grew old enough to understand where this enchanted world was I determined to return.  Once married I made it a mission to share the beauty of the San Juan Islands with Becky and our children.  Our first visit back to the islands as a family was back in the late 1980's; she and I and our three sons.  Today, my children remember it for many of the same things I recall thinking as a child- they remember its rugged beauty, the adventure we took as a family, and yes, the novelty of the ferry ride across a waveless, salty, blue ocean.  

We’ve returned many times since then, and each time we’ve explored a little deeper and farther, and still we have yet to find an end to its richness.  Nowadays it's mostly just my wife and I; our tandem kayak accompanies us on the ferry ride over and begs for the taste of blue water and the hunt for a glimpse of one of the resident pods of Orca. On one particular paddle, while enjoying what we call a sunset cruise (a kayak paddle in summer twilight) out on Haro Strait, searching for Orca we didn’t find that night, we instead were mesmerized by a rather spectacular sunset and as she set she became a star, giving us front row seats to a star show. You’ll see in black and white on my home page banner what was a stunning show.

I wonder sometimes, if we lived among the islands, would its enchantment fade?  I’d like to think not.  For us, like a pilgrimage back to yesteryear, the San Juan Islands of Washington’s Salish Sea, a place that never fades or grows old.
Dolores 3d
Here I stand, in front of the grave
Filled with little white stones.
And the white dress wears the young bride
Covered with the lid of darkness.

The boisterous wind blows,
Brings the smell of the flowers in bloom,
Soughs in the culms of grass and leaves
Which, forced to run, stay still in one place,
Fastened to the ground by their roots,
Tied to the stem by their petioles.

And my hairs, too, dance rapidly,
And their moves are various,
As the beautiful music of the wind
Grips them into a rampageous ball
Of free spins, thunder claps and reverse turns.
But they stand firm on my head,
As if glued to the surface,
Allowed to move only their bodies.
And they swim in the pool of perfumes
Brought by the wind
From the violet hyacinths and yellow daffodils.

And the wind invites the dark clouds.
They are on the horizon, with the storm
Hidden in their heavy bellies.
And as the storm joins the ball,
The dances become faster and brisker.

And with this ball on my head
And the storm in my heart,
I stand in front of the grave
Filled with the little white stones,
Still as the mountains and silent as the outer space,
Where the young bride rests.
And the noise I hear
Makes me want to drown in the silence
Of the little white stones.
I wish I could be the one lying in this grave,
While the young bride would enjoy the ball.

She wanted to live but died,
And the death was sudden,
Came as this boisterous wind
And stole her life.

I did not want to live,
I tried to take my life,
Yet I survived.
I would give my life,
So the young bride could live.

I am ready to die.
Ah.. shes here...I shuffle around the stalls... watching..out of the corners of my eyes.... she knows ....Intimacy...a hand on flank..careful..
.you'll break me....with your gentle hands..
..My hard mouth....your soft lips..
..unruly, unruled....old horse...a kiss.
.. Confused, ...stallion in name only.
... You whisper... My ears prick..
... forward..the hunt! ....your scent on..
..My bridle...I smell u still...
.. Calm...Comfort...Welcome...
.Gentled, not too gently....a strong hand.
. It grows trust …..truth...a Stallion! Once more.
Panting...pawing...'Be easy'..nervous eyes roll.
.a hand on the neck...a caress..'Gently ' whisper,
.... hot breath against ear
… I snuffle and toss my head
…. still a bit frightened…..her power!
..Will you ride.? ! ..firm thighs and buttocks..
..Toes point... Heels dig...all Give and Take….
. Instruction to...from...the muscled beast.
..straddled. Awkward… too long without….
..A Rider … the matching... Gait with hip...
Walk-on.. Trot, pounding...Heels clip.
..faster, just a bit..Then smoothly they fit her to him.
...a canter.....this long stretch....rocking like one creature
….each a part of the other...breathing evenly…
...caught ….. Breath comes quick...bodies warm.
. Leaning forward..
knees grip..pulling...toes breath..whisper in an ear… Now!
...hands grip mane... As they clench
… bit between the teeth...She.. him his head... Finding his rhythm
…. home in sight...a last burst……
Rider/Stallion sweat soaked … blood pounding..There... againthe scent of her...Sweet Hay rising.
..she whispers… yes oh yes… I knew…
you had it in you.. In me...oh gods….YES! ! .
. No! not the pasture yet for you.. She chuckles..
.bodies tangled in sheets ….. Her mane of dark hair..
Scent of her fills him …
glad to be..Alive? Yes..head…. Heat…
heart...bursting…Not now… But soon.
. A gift.. This youth.. Who see's value in an old war horse.
..ridden.. but no more to war and blood..
.gentled, both he and she… sleep…bridled passion.
..her...a scent of sweet hay… old spice..and gunpowder? ..mmm.
by Alexander K Hamilton
For my rescuer
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