theblndskr Apr 2015

"Look up, meteors!"

Closed eyes, one wished
Heads lifted,twinkles falling
Slowly in the mid-night sky, there…
All fading..

One’s mind which predicted,
Scene so vivid, noticed untimely.
Never it is, that eyes would see
sparkles of light above the seas

Who yelled? gratitude given
Without such, truth is hidden
"Now look!" and twice you did.
(Never a freewill, or is?), “Look!”

One wished, someone yelled
It’s never one that did…
In light years they were burning
But here, it is smoothing

All is none, if no one said
Wishing well would never spell
Go back in time, now reflect
if stars do fall, when and where?

Dieter Muniz Oct 2011

I fell down
when you said,
"drop dead"
and didn't make a sound.

And there was time
were time dissapeared
and there was none
but holy disgrace

how much can it be
to become a beauty bee
we try to retrieve
we seek our need

So they yelled.
and what was there?
Let it be,
scream a renaissance
retrieve baroque
or simply Byzantine
along with
an illusion
we find something
then Zeus started to vomit
and left was dear Promt

Rather a darkness of trust
to have the world
rapt in dust
were we seek for the light
once in a year,
while the revolutionair
is not the visionair
since our promises of
big men, ruling
we became slaves
of our domesticity
and rabbits, said
were is our hole ,
we survive.

So they Yelled, is just a poem of a notion and sense of darker kind.
Emily Dunigan Mar 2016

i want you to remember me by
the marks on your window pane
from every time you didn't want me to leave
and knocked on the glass to say
goodbye one last time.

i want you to remember me from
all the times i yelled at you
through your window
because i just wanted to say hello
in a different way.

i want you to remember the night
i made you open the window
because i liked the smell after the rain
and when we feel asleep
it started to pour and the couch got soaked.

please don't remember the days
you wouldn't look out your window
in fear i was walking by and
you would see me with him.
please know your window
will always be my favorite.

Deana Luna Apr 2014

loves me but it hurts
fucking fuck FUCKER sits on my couch//on my feet—
toes gently tucked under his jeaned thigh.s.—
tells me he loves me.

love is not a mistake but mistakes are made up of love.
tiny hearted patchworks attempting domination//
makes a home out of my arms.
tears falling down me him my his face.s.
stretches me open like bubble gum /little princess/brat/toy.
fantasies in our heads. little secrets. sweet taste from his lips.

opens up my mouth. stretches it wide. pushes his fingers through. as if the inside of my gums held the secrets he has been trying to reach in my head. pushes them far back. almost gag. mine mine be mine be mine mine mine be mine. i hear it. he keeps quiet but i hear it. silent pleas.

wild. sweet daddy darling. wild. i am wild. i belong to no one.
fuck me/take me/own me for a little while. fulfill those needs. sate yourself and me.
i am no product to be placed on a shelf.

whispers it in my ear in between faces staring.
hearing it makes it more real. analysis. how many fingers was that? how did your tongue do that? can you do it again? can i try?

why.?. do you love me. why.?.

this will be better for you i will not call text contact you
why are you crying
no i don’t want this stay
you don’t love me just the idea
of me
no stay please i need you you make me happier than i have been in so long
this is bullshit
i know
this is bullshit
i know

baselessfears Dec 2013

there is a burn hole where you bear-hugged me
and the cherry from my cigarette fell onto my favorite shirt.

i was angry then.

i wear it now.

Nico Allentine Aug 2015

You love the look, the electricity, desire my lightning
But you hate the thunder
I'll admit it can be frightening
When my mind burst asunder
Heart chakra tightening
You are the sun and i am the storm
But we need each other and you keep me warm
I told you I'd have you, running for the hills
The pain i would cause, along with the thrills
I'm an ass hole, completely undeserving
Unstable eccentric unpredictable swerving
Astounded that you will even have me in your presence
Like water for my soul, drown me in your essence
Your magic instills such a skillful resistance
To all of my depression and its relentless persistence
Quiet my heart, heavy and abrasive pounds
I just want to listen to music with you revel in the strange sounds
You help me walk in a world i forgot i could
Challenge what i do and remind me what i should
My sun in the sky my shaman, who re-introduced myself to me
My light tower in the distance when I'm lost at sea
Ill be yours if you'll be mine
Souls enmesh, utterly divine
Im needy attached possessive and insane
But i swear the love i can give is worth the pain

Heather E Perry Sep 2014

Sometimes people close the door on you,
Just to see if you will come back and knock.

Abby Nov 2013

Call me
and tell me


                                                                                                                      there are some nights

if I crawled into
                                                                                            not                      c
                                                                                          come                  i
                                                                                            out                 t
                                                             and the floor                         n
                                                                                    is                 g
                                                                                        less      a

Kee Jun 2

I've lived my life long,
No longer shall I fight.
I've cried hard,
Now my tears will dry.
I've yelled for help,
But ended up saving myself.
There's nothing left for me,
I must die.
I was born to make a change,
that change was within myself.
Destined to become different,
But saw nothing was normal about me.
I've been different since birth.

SofScoli Dec 2016

I should have ran when they yelled fire
I got too close and was burned by your flames
I blindly followed you into battle, no matter the cost
I never listened to what others told me to do, only you
I should have gone along with everyone else
I guess that's my problem in the first place
you burned me and now I can't breathe
I hate you for what you've done to me
I can't imagine a life without you
but you're no good for me
you're just poison in my veins
a toxic venom in my brain
all you bring is trouble
all you bring is negativity
but I'm ready to be my own person again
I don't need you telling me what to do
I don't need you telling me where to go
I don't need to be your shoulder to cry on
I don't need you anymore
I was burned by your flames and now I understand
I should have ran when they yelled fire

this is something I wrote about a year ago. ita about an old friend who I had a bit of a falling out with. I came out to her and it eventually destroyed our friendship. we were inseparable for three years. then it all changed.
Sylkie Smoothie May 2014

And my biggest problem is i dont respect your ways
I dont like who I've become in your eyes
Your own creation an abomination.
I'm rid of that sickened mentality
the one where your pasification is the holy grail.
I dont live there in that place anymore
and i dont think you know the way to come with me.
I tread the clouds while you tread thier messes.
I cant rescue you any more.
I need to save whats left of me before I disappear
You never had it in your hands to make me happy
I'm a joker you're a  self proclaimed king.
I've been hung in the firing line too often by your sights.
Time to be me,
and if you cant love me its ok
I've never respected your version of love anyway.

Daylight 4U2C Apr 2014

The first kid was a rat. Oh he was so crude and mean. He said:
"Make her eat that!" and pointed to dirt-drenched, ice cream.
The second kid was a sucker for shows. He laughed and such a stupid pose.
But girls have power too ya know.
Girls tend to be smart, and...oh no...
She scooped the food, tears down her eyes, bidding her last goodbyes. Up it went, leaving no traces....

Up to the sky! "Wham!" Into their faces. She laughed and ran on full speed. Jumped a bush and climbed a tree.

"She's like a squirrel!" The first boy yelled.
"Well get up there and push her down!"

The second boy was looking high.
The girl giggled and mocked "So boys do cry."
The second boy ran off, and chickened out.
The first boy said," I can get you no doubt!"
He hopped and hopped and grasped the first branch, then he swung and swung, but couldn't touch the next.
While he struggled so hard the girl, quietly climbed down.
He'd never figure, she was on the other side, on the ground.
She slowly tipped away and went on, back home.
The boys best learn their lessons, and leave this girl alone

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