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Eryck Mar 2018
Like a tank he barges in
talking loud shaking hands
hard almost mad.
  Yeh thats my dad.
   Your opinions be ******
while his are grand
his advice taken
not To be forsaken
or he'll  be mad.
  That's my dad.
His lessons you'll learn
or you'll  get burned
by the outside world
or some sneaky girl
don't question or you'll end up sad.
That's my dad.
   No laziness or wallowing
his rules are for following
no goofing around
sun up to sun down,
eee  gad!
Yeh that's my dad.
But in the end it's true,
he's the only father that I knew
now he's dead
our family head
He's the only father I ever had.
Yeh that's my dad.
Purcy Flaherty Mar 2018
I’m the hot dog man!
I put my sausage on your roll !
I put my sausage in your roll !
I can go all night long;
Singing this crazy song,
Put my sausage on your roll,
I’ll put my sausage in your roll,
I’ll be your hot dog man,
You can be the hot dog stand,
I’ll put my onions on your roll,
Put my mustard in your hole.
I’ll be your jelly!
I put my jelly on your roll !
I put my jelly in your roll !
I can go all night long;
Singing this crazy song,
Put my jelly on your roll,
I’ll put my jelly in your roll,
I’ll be your jelly,
You can be my sweet confection Jenny,
I’ll put my sugar on your roll,
Put my cream in your hole.

I’m the hot dog man !
I’ll be your jelly !
I’m the hot dog man !
I’ll be your jelly !
Jenny !
Mucky food !
Chris Slade Dec 2018
I’ve O’D’d on Glucosamine Sulphate, so much I’m mentally scarred.
It’s escalated now I’m 70… I’ve mainlined on my Senior Railcard…
I bow down to the Norse God Voltarol… He eases all my pains…
and there’s Deep Heat, Germaloids, even Anusol for the other stresses and strains.

The wondrous Winter Fuel Allowance! That’s what lights our lamp these dark days - ahh, those twilight hours!
But after the logs, it’s not Leccy or Gas we crave? No! We buy ***** with ours…
the Whisky, Gin, *****, Wine, a drop of Brandy too. It all helps us numb the cold
whilst memories of happier times gone by - brighten up this ****** growing old.

Supplements, sterols, statins, aspirin, beta blockers… All the heart meds - life’s a battle.
In the 60s it was *** and Drugs and Rock ’n’ Roll… Now there’s less *** and a lot more rattle!
****** fails to make it now - “no more”, after the last time - she said!
These days the only thing it does is stop me rolling out of bed!

The bus pass lets me roam the world… from John O’Groats to Land’s End.
But these days I travel locally Southwick, Lancing, Steyning; oh yeh and a cousin in far Gravesend.
Further afield; abroad perhaps? Well no…Back then it was Newhaven for the Continent.
But now I’m over 70, well, it’ll just be Worthing for the INCONTINENT!

And… did I say? Not that I was ever in the habit of measuring it you understand - or straightening out the kinks
I’m pretty sure that these days - and ’no’ it’s NOT just the cold… but, your once adequate **** - it shrinks!

I'm sorry...Your *******! It ain't so long!
First poem I read in public as a poetry ******... It went well enough for me to decide that I would do it again.
aSLAM M Jun 2018
Yeh pyaas kaisee hai. Jau bhujti hi nahi.  
Mushkil tau aur bhi hu jaati hai.
Jab paani sai bharaa wala sheesha haaat mai hai.
Magaar ussai hautai tak bhi nahi laga saktai hai.
Ineffable Jul 23
Dil chahta hai ki tumse he Baath kare,
Par mann bhi kare jo mann chahta hai.
Yeh duuri hai bahut zyada,
Par mera Dil hai aur Ziddi.
Tumhara saath nahi chodne ka zid
My heart wants to talk to you,
But my mind stops me from doing so, as it has a mind of its own.
This distance is long enough,
But my heart is also adamant
Adamant to never leave your side
Anindita May 30
Jabse dekha hai tumhe
Dil bekarar hai
Sayad yeh waqt hai kehne ka
Hah mujhe tumse pyaar hai
Don't know whether you will understand or not. If you can the please tell me how is it?
aSLAM M Nov 2018
Na Maluum  Hai Meri Manzil
Bas Rastaa Par Chaal Raha Hu.
Kabhi Rukh Jaata Hu.  
Kabhi Thaak Jaata Hu.
Manzil Aanai Mai Daair Hai.  
Sauchta Hu Ki Baas Chaalta Rahu.  
Manzil Mili Ya Na Mili Aaab
Kya pata Yeh Chalna hi Tha Meri Manzil
Ken Pepiton Sep 2018
Slotting into geological time

"As a man thinks, so is he", ferillergood ye may
as well add as subtract.

Am i right or am I wrong?
Dexter, yeh, that'n
or Sinister.
Being left or right,

That's jest sided-ness, a sort,
a me-trick-able stackable thing,
with an in
side and an out
side and a top outside and a bottom outside
and a front inside and a front backside
and a back frontside with its own inside.
Like you.

Value pends 'pon sorts of things
into similarities of singularities,
if I got that message un occluded or
unveiled of sacred meanings.

There seemed to be no code
"if a man (voice) says a thing that is true, but
I did not say it: does that make it untrue?"

I answered, "Lord, you are truth."

Wow. Look what I said. truth you are lord.

Punctuated equilibrium humm white noise of wonder
can it be?
'Think so.
BTW **** sapiens sapiens = man who thinks who knows he thinks.
Bryce Jan 11
Finally, that we may be all at once all at once, when the coil is unwound and exhausted and begins to cool
And the corneal fillaments glaze into placid glass marble lakes, reflecting the small spurn of the world they held

That our soul should be upwelled
To the lapping stones of Valhalla, to be arisen by great arms and carried to our tableplace
To jest eternally of the great disgrace...

And woe of our whales, lost long afar
And the men who hunted them incessant
Pleasently warmed and vibrating with the humming mumble of the upper yards,

Worn travellers return to tired halls.

And sing,

"Hei do Yey-- be come what may,
High winter hünde beheld at bay
And Yeh they feed in rare reprieve
On souls of such we will not say.

Hei do lum-- what will be done,
What valor hark thy martyrdom
Upon thine breaths and storied crests
Upon thy tomb, thy charter won

Hei do ill, ye sum thy will
To heed thy lands upon the hill
Down back from whence thy kingdom lent
The battle-horn, heard she so shrill"

And I confessed,

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