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SMN Dec 2014
you see,
that’s the problem
with being the strong one
who always offers others
a hand
everyone thinks that you
don’t need a hand and
they think you have lots
of surplus energy and no

Gemma Nov 2018
Bien que je besoin de l'aide,
Je serai silencieuse ,
Parce que c'est tellement facile
Parce que je veux faire semblant que je n'existe plus
Parce que peut-etrê si j'essaye partir la pièce mentalement,
puis bientôt ils peuvent m'oublier aussi.
tryhard May 2016
it is nights like these
when i have trouble sleeping
that i hear nothing
but the sound of my own lungs
emptying and filling themselves
and feel my own heart beating
that i remember i am real
i feel it in my body
with every breath i release
i try not to get choked on inhaling
and once again
i remember that i am real
and i am deeply troubled
because i am here
i am real
but i am worried
for i do not know
if everything else is
free verse bc i'm one untalented motherf*cker
Isaac Jul 2018
I made a new friend,
Though old she may be.

Spotting her at the end,
I invited her for tea.

Sitting with me for a moment.
My worries became obsolete.

Her sting so potent.
It made everything sweet.
Written 21 July 2018

I have learned that your own death can become a valuable friend.

John Eldredge says it beautifully:

The most dangerous man on earth is the man who has reckoned with his own death. All men die; few men ever really live.
Daisy Marrow Jul 2013
I know how much time you spent on your hair so I will not touch it,
but think of how soft it would feel running across my skin.
I know you hate it when I walk around in nothing,
so I'll try and teach you the ways to love your own body.
And I am here to be your crash pad when you get laid off at work
and come home crying.
And before the day is done I'll carry you into the woods and we'll put our feet in the lake to forget our tragedies,
and remember we're still young at heart.
There is no need to grow up and worry about your looks.
Worry how other people,
we don't know,
think about our bodies
and if they are silently judging.
Let's not worry about money.
We'll just camp in a tent on the lakeside when we lose our house.
And we'll go with the river,
play around like children
and enjoy life and live worry-free.
Sky Nov 2014
Frown upon my withered heart!
and wipe away my tears.
Catch the nightmares, catch my dreams,
ensnare my childish fears.

Protect me, Catcher, put me down
and watch me sleep to-day.
the worries they encase me,
my dream’s the price I pay.

The morning comes unfiltered
the cycle is broken for now
Oh Catcher! my Catcher!
My faithful night snatcher!
Laid a kiss on my wavering brow.
I love my dreamcatcher
Blade Maiden Jul 2018
Sometimes I ask myself
when did my thoughts and hopes of blue and green
turn into violet worries, violent dispositions
When did this soul with its empty bookshelf
burn all its unwritten scripts of things yet to be seen
and my steady solace turn into a contradiction

I know what I want in life
when I see my favorite pieces of art
scattered accross the canvas of my solitary nights
my cold fingers once touched it and I can count it on all five
I want to believe that I'd be content with really only a shard
to know my dreams aren't just made of imaginary sights

My open heart drives me
in uncertain directions with clear aspiration, sometimes just insane
but always looking, always wanting, always one heart ahead
If my eyes could only look beyond uncertainty and I'd finally see
a way that goes far and will let me travel along a green country lane
If I could feel as if I'd know why it seems so difficult not to be dead.

In everything that had to be broken and shed
these distant promises on remote and empty shores
For only the contingency of all that could be good and whole
Truly not knowing where this road might have led
and still keep my hands open and reaching and breathe in deeply through all of my pores
let me just find one wholesome and abiding content in this burning library inside my soul
A very deep-rooted and emotional piece that just started to flow out of my head into my hands and finally on this page. I'm at a better place today, surely. But there's still so much that feels empty and uncertain and not.. quite right. And things sometimes seem so hopeless and sad in such strangely and terrifyingly normal ways. It's difficult to hold on to things that you want to live for. Here's to all the blind but necessary hope!
Aaron Combs Dec 2016
My beloved, tonight it is more than perfect, the zephyr winds sing
sweetly your name and the crystal stars shine like your earrings.
As the White Mountains glint gracefully, and the wind speaks
over our fingers, upon our balcony, let’s dance, my beloved.

Now over the thousand streams and star crystals in the air,
You can see our prayers fill up the milky rivers in the sky.
Below the lights of Christmas, before the blue rivers of stars,
let’s dance like the shadows and the circles of the moonlight.

Now dreams rise over like the wind and shine so easily
But time falls quickly, and worries fall away so slowly.
So let the rage of your fears dance around and under your legs.
For the world is falling asleep, calling for the colors of their dreams.

So let the tresses of your hair fall freely,
And the wind of your perfume
Soak up the flames of your heart.
Spinning like the starlight, tasting every feeling,
Let the steel blue sky and its stars fall all around you.

Dance wildly, my beloved, let's dance like the songbird who sings,
let’s dance forever, until we wash into the skyline of our dreams.
A Daily Poem
Danny Nov 2018
Sometimes I see a deep concern in you

Like you wonder if your ever gonna make it through

Events seem big, and at times they may weigh a lot

Often feels like too much but you know its not

So much in life is only temporary

What hurts us one day isn't always something we will carry

So Son if you can hold on through the darker times

Know they don't last. Your on the wake of what will be sublime

Sometimes its hard to see the love that's all around you

Reach out your hand and you will feel it grab and pull you through

See sometimes in life we need to have blind faith

Till desperation fades and shows we have a better fate

Always know I love you more than words could ever say

I see your struggle but just know I think your doing great

And you know we may not always see eye to eye

I'm not perfect but you know that I would never lie

So when that anger rises up inside you

Please believe me when I say that feeling isn't true

Its a response to how your seeing things at the time

Take a breath, step back you'll see that things are fine  

You know your Mom and I will always have your back

Through thick and thin were at your side when you feel attacked

So rest assured when there's something that's concerning you

You're not alone, were always there to help you make it through

No matter what gets thrown at you all throughout the day

Take rest in knowing you are ours and we are here to stay.
To my middle child in Jr High
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