May May 2018
I was not prepared for something like this to

I thought we were never suppose to talk again

Because of the choice I made almost a year ago

But here you are slowly making it into my life again

I can’t decide if this is for better or for worst

I want to see the bright side of this I really do

Though when I start to really think about it all

My anxiety gets the best of me

They’re only doing this to crash everything I’ve built

My new friend group is better without all the drama

That’s something we’ve never had to worry about

I’m afraid that you’ll bring out the worst in me

Like you’ve  been doing the past years

That’s something you’ve always been good at

I’m sorry if I can’t trust you but I guess it hasn’t

occurred to you that I’m not ready for this
Here lately I’ve had friends from my past come back into my life and I don’t know how to take it.
Iska Jan 2018
"Whats wrong"
                       I can't tell, is the water on my face rain or tears?
                           I can't say it out loud! Please read it in my eyes....

"Can you just not be so **** sad for once?"
                          The wind claws at everything, a welcome pain.
               I'm trying! Can't you see the effort? Oh stars, it HURTS!

"You can talk to me..."
                             I look away, I cannot bare the pain in your eyes.
                           Oh darling I know, I want to but... I can't.

"Talk **** it."
                            Your eyes are hard now, your angry with me, please don't be mad.
                        Don't you see? My voice betrayed me!

"You know, you make it hard to love you sometimes."
                              The song playing is fitting "I'm searching for something that I can't reach."
                               Your words are cutting me. Stripping me to the core, please for the love of ***, don't say you can't love me anymore...
There are times when one simply cannot bare to speak
Yet in their silence is the screaming you can't bare to hear.
Jaycee Jun 2015
Why do I constantly wonder,
If I'm truly to her, what she says I am?
Why am I so concered with that..
That feeling inside of my gut?
What is it anyway?
That disturbing clench.
It causes me to worry.
You've made my vision blurry.
Please stay by my side..
I am worried about my heart
I worry about my heart.
Not the ticking,
The ticking,
The tick, tick, ticking
But the breaking,
The breaking,
The break, break, breaking
Like glass
It stays out there,
I hold it in my hand...
You? Do you? Do you want it?
I ask?
How about you? Do you? Do you want it?
I ask again.
I worry about my heart.
I am worried about my heart.
Brynn S Nov 2018
I tremble before you
At your alter
For lives unreached; all shall falter
Craving touch
Falling into clutch
Sweet lease
Shown to be brief
Brynn S Nov 2018
The written worlds of the mad ones
Those who have not learned to fly for all their wings have not sprouted
I chased those clear wholesome night and ended them with bleak sorrow
Grip my wrists and show me goodness for I fear I may never learn the souls
Tell me in whispers those memories of before, the ones that were not yet tainted by **** or grief
Tomorrow holds not promise but heartache, I fear I have fallen deep into caverns
Lost and unchecked they pushed me farther down, my eyes dost weep yet there is no sound
I’m worried, I cannot grasp this reality you’ve placed me in. Everything feels new and I might never see the end
Heal my heartache with physical pleasures, if left alone I will fall into gluttony
Let me not be alone I will become lost
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