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English Jam Apr 21
Mountains on mountains erupt from the earth's chambers of burdened lava and collapse back into their hellish landscape just as quickly

Waves assault the beach in frenzied randomness, striking their mark upon the sand and washing it away in the same breath

Birds flail about, learning to sail the clouds while dolphins soar their vast expanse of golden sea

People in suits war with each other for ****** glory, sign a ***** of paper agreeing to stop, then ignorantly carry on their violent pastiche

Far away, tucked behind his world of scattered phrases and pretentious works of art, the writer observes all this

I have stuff to do, but I ended up procrastinating and this was the result.
I'll use the excuse,
I just like the pretty lights.
But if you're looking for truth,
I escape the day through the night.
James LR Jun 28
First you lose your heart
And then you lose your head.
Then your body isn't yours
(meaning that you're dead).

First you say hello
And then you say goodbye.
Then you say goodbye once more
Hoping someone cries
English Jam Jul 18
My little friend is now gone
My tragic life must go on; despite that
His evil eyes and his cheeky smile still burn in my mind
He no longer exists but
For my memory of him
And I rejoiced
When I heard the news
Still I can recall how I sobbed
When he gave me his evil eye me for the first time
When he hurled glass and other projectiles at me when he was hungry
When he spent hours upon hours pondering the fabric of society
I hated him
I wished
For his death
I was depressed
It was like paint peeling off a wall
It was like finding a dead leprechaun at the end of a rainbow
I was expecting some sort of remorse when he left
Funny how heartbreak works

Now read this in reverse
Because sometimes all you need
Is a little change of perspective
To truly understand someone
Dedicated to the goldfish I had when I was little who accidentally died. This is for you sweet fish <3.
Nat Lipstadt Mar 29
I'm your man,
your very own first Northern Star,
the first of the 3 legged stool,
upon which enthroned poets,
the world, do rule

the honor bequeathed me  
to be a  first follower cannot be
disdained nor diminished,
in this case,
the greatest is to be the first,
a quenching of thirst
so long in the parching,
the throat left burning

so come to me,
message me a message,
find me a find, a poem so fine,
I vow,
our vowed embrace will n'ere be broken

give me this honorific,
let us together be terrific,
raise our glasses,
arms entwined toasting you
and all that breast of yours
bursting full of fulfilling future~contains

I am a father.
I am a grandfather.
I am a First Follower.
I am a First Responder
for all who need a leg up.

my legs are as old as time,
measure me not by the rings and  the
metered scales of gray hair aging,
but by the muscles of my affection,
the solemnity of my irrevocable promise

the blessing we earn when you post,
while we wait in quiet attendance -
for your good works

"Blessed are You Lord our ***, Ruler of the Universe
who has given us life, sustained us, until just now,
allowing the reader and the writer, to reach this day."
Doug Miura Sep 29
Do works
Everybody uses
Eternal life

You're not going
To live forever
Works can
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I could take centuries wringing about you,
Oh dear friend.
My newfound, unfamiliar friend.
If you told me -a year ago- that you’d be my best friend, I would’ve probably given you this fake smile you’ve forced me to wear all these months.
I would’ve probably flipped my braids, taking the other direction and vowing never to look back.
But here you are,
Oh dear friend.
You replaced my best friend. The second you realized that I knew that she left, you didn’t hesitate to introduce yourself.
You managed to take over my speech as well.
Sobbing became your definition of eloquence and I had to quickly learn that since you made it clear to me that you are here to stay.
You not only managed to build a home in my heart but you make certain to leave your mark; leaving me with bloodshot eyes on a daily.
2018- the year of pain, prayers & waterworks.

But there was no need to be ashamed of tears, for tears bore witness that a man had the greatest of courage, the courage to suffer.
Viktor E. Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning
I'm simply a man
who wants to believe
*** loves him,
and that as long as he
tried his best in life
then that means he's
assured a place in

Why does this
have to be so
Just Breathe - Pearl Jam
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