emma joy Apr 2013

I have decided to create a mixtape for you
I have seen this many times in hopeless romances,
and I do feel that it truly is the action that will best show you my love
The cassette is in my car on repeat
but none of the songs fit right

Steele Nov 2014

She doesn't own a mirror.

Confirmation of her beauty comes from those around her at all times.
Fawning fools adore,
jealous sisters abhor,
but all notice the shine of her hair, the tilt of her lips.

She does not dance.

Her steps lead, and dancers follow with no reasons nor rhymes. They cry:
"Lead me not into temptation",
but in her ministrations,
they ache and beg for her glance, their hearts in her grips.

She does not care for suitors.

Her heart was long ago dulled by the fencing blades of admirers. And yet I
if honest, must admit
that it is a careless abandon, devoid of wit
that begs me join her jousters in mock combat for the privilege of her kiss.

What a porcelain fool, she, to inspire such a heartfelt, bloodtaxed roust.
What sorrier the fool, me, to join in such a sure dealt, unasked joust.

I find it funny (in my black humor) that so many chase one who only wishes to be left in peace, myself included. Beauty is often a curse.
Raphael Uzor Apr 2014

As Moon comes
To Earth every night
To court her affection
In the presence
Of a million Stars
Yet oblivious of their stare
Only focused on his love
Scaling her in circles
Never tiring, ever following
In orbital woos...

So will I circle you my love,
Till you say yes...

© Raphael Uzor

Poetic T Mar 2014

Betty Woo needed a poo but had no
toilet to go on, sheopened her crack to
let the logs splash,
then a croc did swallow thinking it was food,
then bit her arse for shitting in its water.

Idonotexist Feb 2014

That one missed note in symphony
flies away unheard, ignored
and if recognized cursed, abused
Just for speaking the mind out.

Winds bring far stronger messages
than the electronic media
stroking the hearts and
body writhes in pain

The phoenix is in a catatonic sleep.
Only ashes rise  to higher plane.
Lights of hope are switched on
and Off the word hope loses
its meaning  inside the
emotional turbulence
of the ones ignored, tainted, maimed
cower away behind the impregnable
walls built by the world and the doors
built by them is sealed again.

Hiding away the pains
which linger on and on everyday
walking away into themselves
never shall they accept or approach
the sweet hand of love again
being betrayed in vain
walking away beyond the horizons
leaving everything behind
some finding solace in death
and others wandering lonely
and alone unloved, disconnected
broken paralyzed  floating as fragile bubbles
only to be broken into thousand droplets of water
evaporating into the  world of outcasts.

Gul e Dawoodi Dec 2014

I am a girl who stays at home all day long.
I go to college but still act like school kids.
I like to make weird noises and weird faces in front of the mirror.(and my room locked)
I am very shy.
I never have any idea about anything that happens around me, always lost in my lame thoughts.
I like to  text my friends but they don't reply instantly and that makes me mad.
I am so dumb and feel like I am never going to be perfect enough for someone.
My friends think that I am a nerd. I don't know why they do that.
That's all :)  :p

Note: it's a challenge.  If you like it then write about yourself a little bit. And      
don't forget to use these hashtags. :)

Woo me by your intelligence.
Drag me deep into a conversation
that seemed to last for a minute
but really took all day.

Woo me by your touch.
Take my freezing hands in yours
until your warmth makes me feel again.
Wipe my tears away and support me
when I'm drowning in my misery.

Woo me by your romance.
Take me out dancing and gaze into my eyes.
Treat everyday like it's our last day together.
Hold every glance like it's the first day we met.

Value our love.

You're shy,
It's a fact.
But all that shyness comes tumbling down
In the face of a just cause.
You're not afraid to stand for what's right.

You're a badass, like Grey Fullbuster but in real life of course.
Loving that adrenaline rush,
The way I love it when you send me the sweetest messages.
You're so similar to Grey, Syaoran, or Kyon, or even L, it's quite bizarre really.

You can make me smile and laugh and giggle like an idiot in public.

You are so unbelievably sweet.
You care so much about others,
Protecting your friends always, 'til the very end.
You would do anything for us,
And I'll do anything and everything for you in return.
But I don't think I can ever do enough to show you my gratitude and appreciation,
How glad I am to have you in my life.

The much appreciated way that you can actually hold up a conversation,
And put in your share of the friendship,
Not leaving me to hold up everything and hoping on impossible dreams.

The way you run around my mind like those balls in a pinball machine that you run back and forth, back and forth.
-flicks my own head and yells at you to stop running around up there so much-

There are so many sides to you...
You're like the color red,
So many shades,
All different,
With different meanings,
Well it's a good thing I love the color red,
'Cause I want to get to know every shade of you, and love each and every one of them, the way I love you as a whole.

To someone I hold dear (cough cough the only known VASH that goes by the name Kiyuki).

Maggie Grace's challenge, a little different but it still works out. ^^ hopefully anyways.

Anime references...
L-Death Note
Kyon- The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Grey Fullbuster-Fairy Tail
Syaoran- Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles, Xxholic

Come back when you hear this song
By 2 PM
Nat Lipstadt Sep 2013

Some men woo
With diamonds and jewels.

Some with trips to Paris,
For Le Weekend!

Some with furs.
Ugh,  might as well get them
A pet,
The fur that keeps on eating.

Me, a city sophisticate,
Screw my tolerance to the
Sticking place, tween my ears,
Put on a brave face
And say:

I love you so much,
For your birthday,
Let's go
Shoe shopping.

Wisdom for the ages.

Peter Watkins Dec 2014

I don't know what's up with me at all.
But I've always wanted to see the world.
I want an adventure unparalleled
filled with beauty and excitement untold.
It's not reality, only imagination unreal.
But before the end is near I want my curiosities to heal.
Revive my interest and turn the dream into reality
before my heart stops beating steadily.

Let's go and see something awesome,
let's go and do something amazing.
We should see what the world has to offer.
Break from the turgid schedule so boring
and live for the spontaneity before you're in the coffer.
I know what I'm going to do soon.
My priorities are reassessed, I care not for safety.
I just want to get up and go, I'm absolutely ready.

No one will hold me back, I'll cut completely free.
Perhaps, this way, I'd become quite lonely.
But, what price is too high for that of true freedom.
Therefore, I care not for being so lonesome.
If I must pay the price for this level of freedom...
Well, I suppose that's just how I enjoy my poison.
I want to go and do something, somewhere...
It doesn't matter what, it doesn't matter where...
But it matters to me.
Let's go and be free.

;) I can't wait to go and see the world.
no Mar 2010

And as the sun sets, a lovers heart grows cold.
Stood up by the only one they know.
The sun and her light, brought joy to us once.
Now the moons only left, to darken her glow.

We're lost in these faces, oh the people we knew.
The shadows and angry words we shared.
Theres nothing left here to hold on too,
theres nothing left to show that we cared.

Cursing and yelling, is all that we hear.
as we walk into this place we call home.
We're stuck in this place, got no where to go,
so many people, yet we're still alone.

I'll lend you my hand, take it if you desire.
My heart will always be open to you.
I'll never close that door, for it is yours to open.
For I am yours to love, and to woo.

Copy Right - Abigaille Warmington - 2010
maxine May 2015

My body may be numb
But my mind is clear
And my soul is free

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