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Joanna Jul 8
Watching outside, I see the sun begin to set.
Framing the horizon with a warm and misty
glow, I find myself, touched to my soul.

And as day becomes evening, I am filled
with delight, taking in an explosion of color
that will soon fade from sight.
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Nico Julleza Jul 2017
A God of everything
From my hopes to my dreams
and even more..

A miracle of the world
from its earthly to the heavenly
everyone adores..

A wonder to my eyes
from man whose blinded faith
he lets them see..

A voice of my song
symphonies of life lose its note
you conduct a new..

An ark of Le voyage
sailing tides of shore to shore
trod waters core..

A blimp up above  
gracing colors of glacial on air
everlasting he care..

A rock of revelation
standing every storm to storm
Avant is his norm..

A shepherd of lambs
from my heart whilst was lost
to him, I found..

A cross to my soul
were Calvary’s sins he bargains
a new life regained..
Tomorrow gonna be Sunday...
God Bless you Poets..
Bring the Lord to any place of your heart..

#God #Shepherd #Cross Wonder #Miracle

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
Eric Angels May 2018

they don’t know in our world we fly and angels walk
They think us silent but our hearts talk


it’s a world where only you and I reside
Nobody else knows of it besides
There is only love and us inside


in our world the unicorn is real
When we ride and fly,
In your eyes,
I see the thrill


people think magic carpets don’t exist
It’s a fiction highlighted in Aladdin
Well then, tell them how I got you on cloud nine


baby your body features are like famous landmarks
And that’s why I’ll always love you to the max
Like the pair of dimples on your face love we match


you are the only girl who uses fairy dust for make up
You shine brighter than all the stars I see when I look up
And we share the most amazing love


people dream about heaven,
that’s where I stay
Your kisses, hugs, love and
Angel wings,
They take me there,
Told them I don’t need oxygen to live coz in our world love is in the air
King Panda Jun 2017
I could not accept you—star
incarnate, carved and swollen
in the trunk of a fustic—

*****-yellowed and preened—risen
and alive I strap my
saddle to your back. My heels
dig to the dark side of

a price yet to be paid—an eye
of a coursing, being scrubbed
into the spots of grain—heat
eaten by earth. Star set.
Star rise.
Star be

livid and leaven

whispers the cowboy
sitting in a lawn chair on the
front porch—his hat falling
off from crowning, bald-headed

tilt. space and all its wonders.
The most beautiful people I've met
Do not live at the wishes of others
But with their eyes closed
And their minds open and full of wonder
As they walk, they walk apart
They aren't chained to society
And the fools who accept it all
They are misread and lonely and afraid
But they live with real emotions
It's all real in life that you call your own
Don't give it up to those
Who can barely see passed the obvious
Chris Saitta May 20
Her eyes are the lighthouse of the Pharos,
Alexandrian, bronze-mirrored fire flung round
The gloaming coastal sorrow like sand-glittered spears.

Her praying mantis limbs of light,
Sever-poised for needlepoint strike
At the jeweled glint of wings in dim, rare-seen limits,
Now one with her rasping sea of scarab beetle husks.
izzn Jun 8
He's where my heart flutters
like the butterflies in my ma's garden
free, wild and full of wonders.
and I promise that nobody's gonna love you like me
Aenri Sion Jun 29
At the center you could see

A huge cauldron that shines brightly

Full of colors gleaming playfully

Glistening off, far and free.


Look at it, be amazed

Be enthralled with every gaze

Popping bubbles, in a cauldron ablaze

Leyting you wonder, leaving you in daze.

Enchanting colors in primary

Adding of shades, analogously

Selection of colors in complementary

At the base of the cauldron it mixes wildly.


Come and you could tell

A cauldron that would let you dazzle

Gawking in awe as the eyes fell

Within the wonders and its marvel.
Lovelyn Eyo Sep 12
THE Omnipotent One
Makes one feel a
Potent change
For greater good

HE turns tears
Into ocean of joy
Always open HIS arms of love
To everyone of us
Needing any help

HIS power heals
HIS power seals
Every brokeness
Into wholeness
Every storm HE stills
They take cover
when they hear HIS voice
Bowing to HIS will

HIS power saves
Just as HIS love never ends
HIS love I crave
From beginning to the end
Cause HE is my Alpha to the end

THE Creator of life
THE Creator of you and me
Wonderfully changed my life
Power power is JESUS
All these
GOD has done for me

If you think
Am done with
All HE has done for me
You got it wrong
Tis only a Tip
Cause am just beginning
This I explain
For the depth of
HIS wonders
HIS power
In my life
And in life
has no ending
Angelina Aug 2016
How do I put it?
Your eyes
Crystal clear emeralds shielding utter mystery
I'm trying to find the words
To compete with your beauty
Bear with me for a while
Delights reflecting the sun rays
Incompetent habits of mine trying to serenade
Everything you've ever planted inside of me
Can't you see?
Oceanic pearls hidden under the sea
Driven wonders of destiny
I'm talking to you
No no,
The magnitude of astrology couldn't put into words
Your dazzling pair of stars glazing elegance  
Can't you see?
How you blind me...
Travis Green Dec 2018
What are these thoughts inside
my mind that keeps me up
throughout the night reminiscing
about you, your green eyes
a radiance of light, a constellation
of shimmering shapes.

To look at your smooth peachy
cheeks and touch various worlds
of inner dimensions, embracing
rainbow bright skies of remarkable
rhymes, hypnotic, soft as the suntanned
sand in the sunset, thick wavy eyebrows
glowing in the night, a true existence
of stillness.

The contours of your lips diving
into mine sets my soul on a high,
a flight of rising rivers across
the horizon, a stark shadow of
dreams gleaming in sight,
the way sparkling fireworks
light up in the night.

You are my heavenly harmony,
a delicate sweet song over
midnight walks in the park,
a fragrant tranquility
brightening within, warm
romantic moments sifting
inside each other, lost in
the stream of glorious wonders.
My soul is a deep dark bottomless well
A place where all my thoughts dwell
Walk across the bridge of gloom
Find the place where bad things bloom.

Thoughts of revenge & torture, thoughts of pain
Thoughts that would make the normal insane
Tiptoe the tight rope across the well
But if you fall in the bottom you’ll find hell.

Take the plunge, now it’s your turn,
feel the terror fell it burn
Like boiling water pouring down your back
A heart of gold is something I lack.

My soul is like fire, violent and warm
Like Nathalie Imbruglia I feel torn,
ripped apart at the seams
Head filled with bad dreams
And thoughts and wonders all forsaken
No one to love for my heart has been taken.

But since you’re here stay a while,
you won’t have fun, but I can make you smile,
and laugh at all you are afraid to face
This is my soul, an unnerving place.
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Nico Julleza Jul 2017
Touch as the fervent feeling seek to know the ambiguity of it,
Feel as the ****** of a sparrow wing crept upon my dreams,
Fathom as the grief of rocks shrieked on deserted mountains,

And the Sky was blue
Touched by a Crescent Moon
Unraveling the hidden truth
How life was promised to me and you

Awe as landscapes vanished from distant perplexing shores,
Sigh as Long ships sailed on white ashes coasting inherently,
Fright as the voluptuous sights, faking wonders in my night,

And the Sky was blue
mellifluously My Heart as to see
a magnificent feeling to be free
the beauty relentless, endlessly weave

Pray as the growing wind whisper, a phrase to forever keep,
Kneel as crowds offered Him, a gratitude of rejoicing praise,
Trust as dandelions glides, the strength of His binding faith,

And the Sky was blue
for God is forever faithful & true
to broken lives, he one's renew
Keeping his promise to come again soon

Awake as the daybreak reveal, memories of our love revisit,
Sing as angels on white veil’s, bring you to heaven's place,
Gone is the world I once knew, eyes closing as my soul flew,

#God #Heaven #Sky #Nature #Creation #Peace #Rest

(NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
PoserPersona Sep 2018
A confident man feels not a need to speak
on all things with which he does not agree
Though in the proper time and place
he is not afraid to assert his way

And though his words at times cause spurn,
he will admit when they are out of turn
Fearing not the inevitable mistake,
but rather owning it too late

Caring and feeling without hesitation
and not for reciprocal adulation
Emotions are expressed appropriately;
either subtlety or rationally

As honest with others as with himself;
recognizing what he does and doesn’t do well
Claiming to know what he does know
and asks when he don’t

Pursuing tasks for their benefit and or joy
rather than status or fleeting ploys
Those latter things are often great fun,
but worry of them yields none

While in his mind there is good thinking,
he is more occupied with good acting
In order to have concerns of the ideological,
requires labors that are practical

On his confidence, he does not ponder,
as neither he or anyone wonders
of whether he truly possesses it.
We know it.
Aj Jan 2018
you are words.

you are crashing syllables that drip off of wilting rose petals and each letter is a star. you make up constellations while foreign galaxies drip from your lips. nebulae dance across your angel-shedded skin and particles of the sun hide under the freckles resting on your shoulders.

you are life.

the wonders of the cosmos that swirl in the pit of your lean and golden tummy, finding solace in the way you breathe in and exhale the energy of the universe that you created in the beating passage of my worn-out soul.

you are the universe's child.

and the stars that accumulate under your skin will explode. i'll inhale the stardust and debris, letting the particles of life that you emit pollute my bloodstream.
constellations dedicated to a lover who lost his way.
Francie Lynch Feb 2017
Red herrings tend to be trustworthy,
But lead us astray.
Orange orangutans are trustworthy:
If it looks menacing, it is;
If it grunts, it's meaningful;
If it moves, it's unpredictable.
In captivity they're studied
As evolutionary wonders,
But it's still an orange orangutan,
Pounding his chest.
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