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Anya Nov 2018
If we forgo pursuing truth
Then we allow ourselves to die
I’ve done so long ago
When complacent with her lie
With the word of a woman
Who carries death in her sight
Unfit to reject her skill
For she brings with it slight delight
Both soldier and weapon
Difference had died with her
The daughter of hopes rejoice
Now walks as a hopeful killer
Burdened are the knowing
For fitting words had rung
And she knew of what escaped
Beneath her velvet tongue
Debra in Silence Dec 2017
What happened to the beautiful boisterous screaming queens of the 80's full of Gloria Gaynor dancing on bars & pianos & teasing & strutting & grabbing life by the *****?
Every time I go to the Op Shop & see a pair of size 11 patent leather red pumps I think of you & put them on & walk around the shop just to remind me of the fabulous times.
Are you making lounges in the shape of Cadillacs or corsets or sculpting **** - tail glasses delicately gold leafed - centre table?
Back up x 30 in the Botanical Gardens at Mardi Gras & remember the good times, the sad times, the Carmen Miranda, feather boer, wig, **** & lipstick times my friends........
smooth jazz grand piano

WendyStarry Eyes Oct 2014
My kitchens clean
now I feel complete
I bet tonight
My dreams will be sweet
Grandma always said
"A woman's job is never done"
She was wise, indeed
At times it is pain
To ever feel all is complete, chores by the ton
Yet, it is always strengthens the heart to meet others needs
Feeling love from everyone
Qweyku Nov 2016
I speak of love
when I compare you to
sweet summers day
or a rose of its garden

I speak of passage in the sea of time
when I say
forever or always
whichever tide ebbs first.

I speak of knowledge
when I say
the body of a young lady is heavenly
but a womans' decidedly divine

I speak of faith
when I say
nothing good
ever became
without an
inject of pain

I speak of fear
when I used to say
you'd be gone some day
but now I know,
love transcends the grave

© Qwey.ku
Marshal Gebbie Sep 2018
Guilt by association for Kavanagh
In the face of Trumps' dismissal
Of a quiet womans' courage
and collosal fortitude.
So......A phyrric victory for Kavanagh, I think, in view of the obscenity of Trumps'jeering rant denigrating all who dared to oppose ....and for all who showed they felt the shame for nation and certitude of collapse of this disgraceful house of cards.  
valencia Dec 2018
i am holding hands with a girl at a pet store.
i love how her voice changes for each of the animals, high and breathy for the calicos, round and bubbly for the angelfish, sonorous and slithery for the python. she loves them all, even the great hairy tarantulas that scare me beyond my age.

i am holding hands with this girl who’s halo of hair glows banana yellow beneath the heat lamps in the reptile section, a girl who offers a finger to the teething kittens.
“can’t we have one?” she asks, in the voice she uses only for me.

a voice i can’t describe without using her name, the kind of voice that makes all of time and space obsolete, oblivion just aftermath. i imagine joan of arc heard something similar the first time she picked up a sword.

she is still holding my hand, and i feel like im drowning in my affection for her, sinking into cartoon quicksand. i don’t want to let go. so i don’t.

“are you two...together?”

this is not unfamiliar, but the womans voice, the voice she has chosen, is strangely acdic. this woman has laced her tone with arsenic, without even a teaspoon of passive aggressive sugar to hide her poison. she inhaled, puffing herself up like a frightened lizard before her final words.

“there are children here, you know.”

in the future, i think of a thousand things to say. we are children too.

two girls holding hands after school, two girls holding hands in the movie theatre, two girls in a booth at tony’s pizza, two girls sharing akward first kisses while they hide behind the wall of a library.

two girls holding hands in a pet store on a saturday afternoon.

i know now they see us through funhouse mirrors: distorted, disturbed, our monstrous bodies taking up too much space, spoiling innocent spaces with our imposing sexualities.

our innocence never ours to begin with.
Jude kyrie Mar 10
In fettered chains her heart  was kept
With saddned dreams it softly wept
On  feathered wings it's hopes  would  fly
Within purest air in an azure sky.

She gave it freely  to he that cared
With home and children that she shared
Once nights brought tender plays of love
Promises of joy rained from above

How cruel the gifts of love can be
When Love is lost in a stormy sea
This womans heart once touched the stars
Now frozen forever behind prison bars
Attempting to understand
the feminine heart . .
Not sue it's working
It's my thirty thousandth attemp
Hannah Christina Jul 2018
Magazines, newspapers, letters strewn across
every table.
Flowerpots, paperweights, nick-knacks atop
every remaining empty surface.
"Tacky" was the word that first came to mind.
Ledges, counters, and all but one chair are drowned in the mess.
The last chair is the womans.  She used to keep a few other chairs vacant in case of company, but
as she continued to grow slower she couldn't make the effort

and an extra chair was never needed anyway.
Us teenagers thing we're so edgy and tortured.  All this time, the friendless old ladies been the real heavy souls
Talia Jul 2018
you called me another womans name
who is she?
she has the same name as the girl who was contacting you
all this time
you cheated on me, I know it
so please get out of my head
please get out of my life
i never want to see your face ever again
or hear your voice, the sound that shattered my heart
so please
I beg of you
get out
You know men are just plain better
At most things that we do
You may say wait one minute
But inside you know it's true

A man can change a tire
We can even build a house
We know when it's time to talk
And when to shut our mouth

Now some women say I'm crazy
So I've been told a time or two
If only you would listen
When I tell you what to do

As a man myself I'll tell you
Exactly what you need
I know that you will understand
For your job is just to please

Now it could be that a womans job
Is harder then I think
You do have to clean all day
Then have dinner made for me

I've heard women say they cant believe
I've stayed single for this long
Then shake their heads and walk away
I think there's something I'm doing wrong

What could it be, what could it

Poem by: Carl Joseph Robert's (Joe)
No bashing it is a pure joke.
Hazel Redwood Aug 21
The silence enveloping you in an eerie wait,
A sliver of hope.
A moment of fate
For a moment that you wont feel the pain.
all you do is embrace the silence. A moment of absolute bliss.
Silence getting longer, shadows non existent
For the darkness surrounds you and your eyes cant adjust your body starts to panic as you have an ephiphany
Heart beating faster then it should
Your arms numb paralyzed.
Your legs sinking into the ground
You scream out crys of desperation
Just not to be heard
For your alone in a darkened world.
Your subconcious takes over as you lay you're head down.
Even your screams are muffled to silence.
Nothing but a whoosh of air coming out of your vocal cords
Now you know what it feels like to be alone.
Your mind starts to wonder

The unnecessary evil that surrounds a single soul.
How do you let it go?
Unjust rulers in this world.
Dominate the population and control you from within. You dont even see it. Your drug epidemic is just the begining. Thinning out the population around you.
Starving people day and night. Homeless men becoming a sore sight.
Or laughed at for their circumatanceses. Cause no one helped them when they had tried to help the world aroumd them

Incarcerated souls for a misdeamoner
People in jail for ****** even if it was juat self defense
A board of people deciding the fate of a womans life
They know nothing other then her kids at home with her grandmother while she was visciously ripped away the screaming faces remain in her eyelids day or night she cant think straight.
All because of self defense a man ****** her who she was trying to leave. As he beat her
She finally had enough picked up the lamp beside her and hit him in the skull.
Blood gushing everywhere as the man went limp.
She needed it to be over
Survival kicking in.
Got her 20 to life because it was her husband.

Using tactical methods to blind you to the reality around you.
By the most expensive thing
Fear tactics of never being good enough imbedded in the girl who never had anythomg
You've gotta really fit in
No nike's
Not cool
Reeboks were made for a fool
Gucci your in
Prada and your made
An addiction ready to be played
Let the Masters of the puppets surround you
Because her story is fated til the end.
Leaving her with nothing but a robbery gone wrong she stood up for those prada shoes and Jimmy choos til the end. A bullet to her head

Eventually the blinders come off and you see.
You see the people being controlled by greed.
Money the neccessary evil.
Barter and trade in my opinion. Your governments killing all of you controlling your food supply. Your not free your still a slave you see.
Government smartened up and realized that you wanted the illusion of freedom.
So why not make You work till your death make some cash while they profited off you're loss.
Best business plan in the history you see.
For your government couldnt do it without making money off the system that was put in place.
To be twisted and manipulated by corrupt souls.
Because they dont want to watch there tinest fears unfold
Putting people in power.
Making it so necessary needs cant be met. While they fly in there jet
The puppets we all became.
So whos pullimg the strings you ask.
No one knows ita just a task.

Blinded by  the tiniest sliver of golden light.
You see for yourself a desperate plight of hatred breeding around you.
Yet there really is not a thing you cando.
Didnt your god tell you not to judge.
Yet its all you do.
Your limbs go numb eventually your face and legs to
Unsure of what to do.
Your brain about to have an anuerism because its finally hitting home, this epiphany isnt just an illusion bit as reality people fail to see and if they do they dont stand there ground a revolutionary war is bound.
Your not free dont you see.
How many times have you said to yourself
"I wish i could take a day off"
More to life then this
And what i would do to sit at home

Yet even your own armed forces are blinded by what they see , fighting for a false reality of free. Its an illusion you see
For when they come home not sound of mind or body even soul.
The V.A. is underfunded and you served your country to the death.
There gping to watch you play  out the rest as they turned you into a profit and sometimes people must go.
For that paralytic you made fun of found a way to use his pistol to loose his life
Because the struggle for him was so hard.
After he lost the fight in Iran and hit a mine that blew his limbs off. They keep telling him in time

The truth the harsh reality not everyone can comprehend nor even see a glimpse of for there blinders are on.
So take them off
Your a slave to greed and so this story is soon to end.
When you see the injustice all around you.
To many people on a power trip.
To think.
Its easy.
Make her loose her grip.
Take away her balance
Make her weak.
She wont hit you because she doesnt want to be a commodity to a government so corrupt.
For empathy is no longer a thing in humanity its an emotion not many people feel
Until the moments of someone they love
Hits them for real.
The desperation that they feel.
The broken moments of time
Hearts literally hurting in a small span of moments to pass. This woman suffers from depression  .
Yet you laughed at the person before them
Going through the same but a different struggle.
Do you know what its like to have no one to love you?
Do you know the desperation one can feel when left alone in this world?
No, most of you have mom And dad a sister brother or a cousin even a lover you can turn to.
Yet no one around you is real.
I dont mean real as if they cant breathe

I mean real they say what they want and are honest with you without trying to control every fucken move you make.
Support they call it.
Yet in reality.
They just want to be able to tell you what to do.
Mastering a puppet
It could be you
But theres nothing left to break or take away.
Emotionally drained
Physically pained
Yet not one of you could open your eyes
And see the fake smile upon someones cherry Chapstick covered lips.

Nor the pain in her eyes when they thought of ones they have loved and lost. This poor girl died of suicide all alone in this messed up worls  and no one went to her funeral.
Her body went to a mass grave even a proper burial was unattained.
Empathy doesnt exist not like it used to.
The world is changing.
When people are desperately trying to survive.
You cant even look them in the eyes and truly mean everything is gonna be okay.
Why tell thwm your their
When in reality you could care less
A victim to distress you make someone when they have no one
Because even you know what its like to be emotionally paralyzed. By drugs and depression, anger and hate
Yet You forget.
You turn into a parasitic nemesis waiting to leach onto your next victim.
For now the power struggle has just begun.
Our war wont even be won.
To many standing idle
Thinking everythings going to be ok.
But in the end.
It was their struggle.
When will people stand up and make a country free again .
We are weak and afraid of our own government..
This is where the story ends

That sent them to this paralyzed moment of desperation on a cold dark bed
The light begins to shimmer and the soul inside moves on to its next life. Realizong it was all a lie.
Yet blinded by the light as it takes you away.
A moment of bliss on that fateful day.
Death by the darkness as you realize the truth.
We are all just a pupprt on a monopoly board.
Yet to terrified too stand. There ground.
Is this how it ends all around ?
Big Virge Sep 28
Do I ... " Fit In ? "
Do You ... " Fit In ? "

Is ... " Fitting In " ...
just ... One More Sin ... ?

"Fit" .... "Into This" ... !!!
"Fit" .... "Into That" ... !!!

You May Just ...
... "Fit Something" ...

That ...
May Leave You ....

..... "Trapped" ..... !!!!!

We Seem So Obsessed ... ?!?
With ... Being In Zones ...
Surrounded By Clones ...

But ...
Movies Have Proved ...
It Isn't ... All Bad ...
To Be ... Stuck ...

.... " Home Alone " .... !!!

I've Looked At This Subject ...
In ... Different Ways ...
Cos' ... This Is A Subject ...
We ... NEED To Inspect ...

Are YOU ... NOT Happy ... ?
With ... " WHO YOU ARE ? " ...

Would You Prefer ... ?
To ... Look Like A Star ... ?!?

Have Your Face ...
Built Like ... "Britney" ... ?

You ...
Must Be On ... CRACK ... !!!

And ...
Share Pipes With ... "Whitney" ... !!!!!

See ...
People Like ... THESE ...
AREN'T Worthy of ... " Pity " ... !?!
Cos' Actions Like These ...
Are CLEARLY ... Quite Needy ... !!!

They Want Some ... "Acceptance" ...
For ... BREAKING Gods' Blessings ... !!!

I'm NOT Real Religious ...
But People Like These ...

NEED ... Biblical Lessons ... !!!

You Can't ... Replicate ...
A Strangers' Resemblance ...!!!

Why Would You WANT TO ... ?!?!?!?

It Makes ... Little Sense ... ???

Surgeons ... REALLY Do This ...
To Earn ... " Pounds and Pence " ...

The Case That They Build ...
Has ... "little defence" ... !!!!!!!!!

The Body You're GIVEN ...
Is ... UNIQUE To You ...

To Change Such A Thing ...
Should Now Be ... " Forbidden " ...

But ... REMEMBER Folks ...
This Is ... MY OPINION ... !!!!!!

This Need To ... " Fit In " ...
To A Model ... "Size Ten" ...

Has Left ... " Mental Scars " ...
On ... Many Women ... !!!!!!!

But Of Course ... Who Am I ...
To ... Tell YOU What's Right ... !?!

I'm ... Offering Clues ...
Through ... Simple Insight ...

So ...
DON'T Come To Me ...
With ... Tears In Your Eyes ...
Because Your ... " 3rd Op " ...
Has ... RUINED Your Life ... !!!!

I'd Rather ... " Fit In " ...
To FIT ... " Natural Thighs "
Whilst ... Looking Into ...
A Womans' Third Eye ...

Or YES ... Better Still ...
A ... Great Pair of Hips ... !!!
Whilst ... Pressing Gently ...
Against ... JUICY Wet Lips ... !!!

I'm ... FLIPPING The Script ...
But These Things ... " Fit In " ...
Like ... " Holsters and Clips " ...

See ....
Why ... Join A Gang ... ?
To Fire ... " Bullets ??? " ...

Cos' Youth Who Do This ...
Are Being ... " Foolish ! " ...

These Are The People ...
Police ... NEED TO GRIP ... !!!!!

Instead of ... Disappearing ... ?
When ... Hurricanes HIT ... !!!!

Now ... I Want To FIT ...
Into ... One Simple Thing ...

The Arms of A ... " LADY " ...
Who ... DOESN'T Enlist ...
A Book To Explain ...
" Her Relationships " ... ?!?

They ALL Are ... " UNIQUE " ...

Yeah ...
Kind of Like ... " ME " ...
Cos' Something I NEED !!!
Is A Chance To Be ... FREE ... !!!!!

As I Would Want ...
My Lady To Be ... !!!

NOT With ... Each Man ...
She ... Happens To See ... !!!

Or With HER ... Body ... !!!

I'd Like Her To Keep ...
That Thing ... " Just For ME " ... !!!

But ...
FREE Wth Her Thoughts ...

And ...
FREE With Her Mind ...

NOT To ... " Fit In " ... !!!
With Those Who Are ... "blind" ...

Cos' People Like These ...
I've Tended To Find ...
Are People Who Want ...
To ... Leave You ...

... "In A Bind" ... !!!

GO .....
FIT IN With THEM ... !!!
And See What You Get ... ?!?

You May See Some Things ...
That ... "Confinement Brings" ... !!!

You Know What I Mean ...
A Room Where ... The Key ...
AIN'T Something You Keep ... !!!

A Room In A Place ...
Where You ... CANNOT Sleep ... !!!!!

Fitting In There ...

Leaves ...
Most People SCARED ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Many CAN'T Cope ...
With ... Having To Share ... !!!

So .....

FIT Their Neck Into ...
A NOOSE ... Well Prepared ...

Before ... Jumping Off ...
A ... Prison Owned Chair ... !!!

But Being .... " Unique " ....
Can Make People ... " weak "
Because You Get Treated ...
As If ... You're A FREAK ... !!!!!

But ...
Who Are ... These people ... ?
The Ones Who Look ... " Chic " ... ?

They're Probably ... Those ...
Who ... DON'T Like How I Speak ... !!!

Well ... My Poetry ...
Helps Me To Feel ... FREE ... !!!!!

So ... People Like These ...
Can Keep ... Judging Me ... !!!

cos' I Won't ... Rescind ... !!!
The Chance To Be ... ME ... !!!

And DON'T Think It's Right ...

To Simply ...

.... " Fit In " ....
An interesting one in TODAYS' World, however, at the time of writing this, things weren't quite like they are now !

— The End —