Alyssa Underwood Mar 2016
Isaiah saw the Lord on high
with seraphs 'round Him praising
and knew that he must surely die
but for God's altar brazen

If not for Jesus Christ the Lamb
we all would face hell's woe
but by His grace alone I am
made holy head to toe

So now my life is not my own
but purchased by the King
to make His gospel message known
and His glory forever sing!
Isaiah 6
Isaiah 53
Revelation 5
2 Corinthians 5
John 3
Voices and dark shadows
they follow my every which way
Demons wont leave me
they beg me to misbehave
I've been there and done that
That bridge not meant to be crossed
cant turn back now
felt the heat and fire behind me
suffocating and gasping for air
i clinch unto my locks
as strands drizzle down my breast
Darkness bestowed upon me

i attempt to move ahead
Speed up just a bit
just to feel alright
blinded by the light
Hindered by wall blocks and mountains of stairs
I'm not free

Lost in captivity of self
Self worth
Self Loathe
Self Awareness
Self Growth
Love yourself , The world is cold  
Not everyone is your Woe ,
Yet More like a foe
Alily 1d
I remember when you would hit my chest
you would cry and pray
or whatever you felt that day
you'd look at me with those disgusted eyes and say
why dont you love me
well loving you made me this way

As every insecurity you projected unto me
led to my undoing
we fall apart
when I look at us
I  see the flaws you made aparent
I sigh woe is me blah blah blah
I hid behind the humor
but you made me this way

i remembered when you wanted my defensive
but when I did you became offensive
I dont understand
or  just wasn't comprehensive
of what mistakes I made
you were attentive that id never make this error again
I was set up for submission
or was that was your true intent
nevertheless you made me this way

I sleep next to you but the only presence is air
when I reach for your hand
you're not willing to share
id be there when you didn't want me to
but if the roles changed I aint sure what you'd do
this way of life isn't just about you
you made me this way to stop loving you
its late at night but i couldn't rest until my words were seen
/                                america, july 18th:
  and the utter media shambles -
like viagra and steroids
for the uninitiated -
     tongues without the rattlesnake
trill of an ᚨᚱ:
   numbed w'ah w'ah peddling
of woe to row the sinking boat:
maniac adult funfair
attempting a nostalgia
for the playground game
of bulldog...

                russia, 25th march:
the kemerovo fire (siberia) -
          children frying, screaming,
perhaps even hoping -
  a shying herod, the example
of: as moloch descended...
          prayers in the fire
                  by the innocents...

england, july 19th -
   alternative to rehydrating
using water...
    a generous 5 hour sleep -
sucking on the remains
of last night's lemon
     used to infuse the subtle
smoky of bell's whiskey,

- the jon spencer blues
  explosion (bellbottoms)
- britney spears (criminal)
- twenty one pilots (heathens)
- calvin harris (this is what you came for)
- camila cabello (habana)
- rihanna (disturbia)
- birdbrain (youth of america)
- ghost (ritual)
- focus (hocus pocus)
- edwyn collins (a girl like you)
- the guess who (american woman)
- the knack (my sharona)
- cronica (herr mannelig)

and then onto buckling in
4 beers and thinking
about black holes as the pin-head
of antimatter -
a dead sun...
     dead, but not dead...

   and the first, crude graphic
tomb raider game...

   rather than having completed
     since only owning
a demo...

the possibility of 2D objects in
3D space...
       well: the universe isn't even
exactly 3D: it's hyper-3D...
    but in the tomb raider game
you could walk up to a minor
detail in the game, a fern,
and observe two-dimensionality
in a "three dimensional space"...

   namely: the ferns were all 2D,
and rotated within a "hyperbole"
of the eye -
   however you observed the "object"
it rotated round and round,
never allowing you to see
    its demoniac otherside -

i can only expect dead suns to
behave in such a manner -
   two dimensional objects in a three
dimensional subject matter -
almost paradoxical -

     rotating at immense speed...
invigorating a near but not quiet
a postportem of a death...

       and you really can see UV light
staring at a glaring hot sun with
a naked eye -
   and see the same hyper-rotation -
it's almost like looking at
molten silver, but with a hint
of violet - i.e. akin phosphorescence:
but in the daytime...

and who said you need to
ingest hallucinogenics -
    and enter the labyrinth of a short,
short, history,
    of the chipmunk caveman?

i'm just drunk, you're probably
    but those guys doing
a timothy leary sermon?
     gone.......................... gone -
     they hit the tangens curve.

— The End —