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Penelope Winter Jan 2018
A rocking chair sits
On a porch
On a house
On the corner of ol’ Honey Lane.
It looks over fields of lavender stems
And rocks with the wind and the rain.
I grew up walking past it,
On ol’ Honey Lane,
And would sometimes drop by for a swing.
I brought books and some snacks,
Played with dollies and jacks,
This poor rocker withstood everything.
I grew a bit older but kept coming back
To my rocker on ol’ Honey Lane.
I’d bring it my sorrows and rock til the morrow,
Forgetting my worries and pain.
The gentle caressing of lavender lullabies
Scattered the clouds of grey.
And whene’er I was lonely, I knew that only
My rocker could brighten my day.
Still older I grew and soon began dreaming
Of cities more couth and refined.
So I hopped on a plane, fled my ol' Honey Lane
And left my poor rocker behind.
I traded my jeans for a dazzling dress,
And dollies for wine and pearls.
But nothing within could dare to trade in

The mem’ry of that young, little girl.
The girl who spent hours watching lavender fields,
On the corner of ol’ Honey Lane.
I knew without haste, there was no time to waste,
I had to go find her again.
So back home I flew, to see family and friends,
To smell lavender waft through the air.
I ran to the porch of the old corner house,
And saw my dear old rocking chair.
I hopped on it’s seat, kicked my feet off the ground,
And remembered the wind and the rain.
As the sun went to sleep in the lavender fields,
So I slept on my rocker
On ol’ Honey Lane.

- p. winter
Last night I slept with a
Bouquet of flowers in my arms

It was withered in the
Storm that passed by it

It's colour faded in the
Scorching heat it withstood

It's fragrance was lost and
Honey was ****** out by the cruel bees

Still I slept with the
Lovely bouquet in my arms

I watered it with
The tears from my eyes

I nourished it with the
Kisses from my lips

Hugged it tight to protect
From the devilish nightmares

Yes the night full, I slept
With the beautiful bouquet of flowers in my arms


A fabulous fragrance
Woke me up in the morning

And still in my arms lie
My lovely bouquet of flowers

It was radiant and had the best glow
Like a fresh one out the florist

It was moist and had
The best honey in the universe

I still laid on the bed
Hugging my lovely bouquet of flowers

I still laid on the bed
Kissing my favourite bouquet of flowers
Lucas Naughton Aug 2018
I can't sleep, I need to rest
Keep the best out of my head
I know we all wish we were dead
we want that bread
I'm not unique these views are antique
I'm sorry I speak lies these are not
Life is a thot I hope that you rot
Should we have been I ask you again
Is this for me or this is waste
Give me a taste of the good
I've withstood all I could
And that's an overused rhyme
Oh I've abused time
Oh I've reused crime
I was born into
Burn my mind keeps me torn, you knew
I can't sleep, I need to rest
Feedback is appreciated :) I'll follow back, much love <3
Gods1son Mar 8
I give women double respect
Not because they are weaker
as some would think
But because they are stronger and meek

Without a woman, I wouldn't be here
She housed me for 9 months in her belly
She withstood and embraced all my kicks
(Trust me, I was **** good at it)

Listen to them and you'll be amazed
at the wisdom with which they speak
They sure deserve equal chances to lead
Pay them the wages they deserve

All women are beautiful outside and within
When it comes to caring for the family
Sorry men, we are no match
Often times, we are more about the money

When they give birth
Let's give them a sufficient maternity leave
Because they do it for the world at large
That's another problem solver brought to the world

We've got to treat them like Queens
Honor them, pamper them, believe in them
'cause without them,
we wouldn't all be here
From the bottom of my heart,
I say... I love y'all
This is coming from a man
J Mar 11
If you want to see something beautiful, drive through Sonoma County.

Find your favorite song.
Press play.
Turn it up.

Drive up into the riches of the rolling hills. Take note of the light that casts its shadow onto the mountain as the world begins to darken.

Observe as each ray transitions from hints of lemon to a red dawn, staining your cheeks with the color of peaches.

Study every vine you see, rooted into the soil, having withstood the many blood moons of that fateful October.

Search deeply into the horizon where our sky hugs the mustard seed fields. The sun has found its way home within the crevices of the countryside, as have the birds, nestled in the necks of the blue oak trees.

Maybe a piece of you will find home too, planted into the ground that will one day give shade to another, twisting into branches that tangle together and apart, again and again.
A tribute to an area that has given me fond memories.
Tears, tears and tears;
We could let it become into a tearfall if we concurred;
In some way, we knew our culmination was written in our inception but we still raged aganist fate;

You loved because I listened, gave my all to understand you and you became loved and worshiped because I believed your eyes found a
way around my darkness and exchanged it with your light;

The abyss was instantly hated but loved with time,
You saw what I could be without it and so you took your time, thawed away the cold and dark,
The curse being it only withstood with your incomparable presence and unmatched beauty;

You kept your promise to purge it all away but you replaced it with something far worse and lethal,
I lost the ability to feel with my romance with the abyss, you restored it to it's full competency;

Now all the chambers echo for life and you but you aren't here; So what do I do? Do I return to the abyss or rebuild on what's left?
As the end of Mad Max echoes " Where must we go, we who wander this wasteland, in search for our better selves? "

— The End —