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Styles Jul 2017
All these wild thoughts
beautifully inspired by you.
The way you looked at me when you walked away,
got me feelin some type of way.
The way you wear those jeans,
got me wishin you would put me on.
The way you smilin, if you're an angel,
then there is something wrong.
got my thoughts wildin, vibes getting strong,
The way you lookin, I know you feel the bond.
Got my attention, the way you move those hips
now you really turning it on.
Your body language speaking loud and clear
It wasn’t a mistake, destiny is got us here
now let me take you there.
The vibes will never disappear.  
Thoughts wildin with your lips in my ear.
I want to take you now and, right here.
I'll take you anywhere.
Time is precious
so lets not waste it here.
Bartholomew Nov 2018
Trapped in this madness,
This thing called love.
Addicted 2 the sadness
now my brains on drugs.
In the eyez of a savage,
tear stains turned blood
Now torn is my status,
**** the pain with the blunts &.....
Is the proper remedy
For dealing with misery
Killin it with the trees
Blowing it in the air
Wishin she still here
But life is not fair
She’s acting like she don’t care
I’m a man baby girl, we make mistakes
Sexing with other women but they can’t take ur place
Something brown between my fingers and a bottle in my other palm
Now she gone, and me I’m tryna move on
Wishing.... that she was still seeing me
Wondering..... what did she ever see in me?
Tell me love, please you owe me that
Now I’m sitting her with the **** and the cognac

So I got a blunt in my right hand
And I got this drink in my left hand
And I’m just
Tryna get you out my head
And it hurts me more when I see
That you’re happier without me
So I’m
Tryna get you out my head
Drinking and smoking- Dave young
Bunhead17 Nov 2013
Intro: 2Pac

There's gon' be some stuff you gon' see
that's gon' make it hard to smile in the future.
But through whatever you see,
through all the rain and the pain,
you gotta keep your sense of humor.
You gotta be able to smile through all this *******.
Remember that.
Mmm, yeah.
Keep ya head up.Yeah.

Verse One: 2Pac

Our lifestyles be close captioned
addicted to fatal attractions
Pictures of actions be played back
in the midst of mashin'
No fairy tales for this young black male
Some see me stranded in this land of hell, jail, and crack sales
Hustlin' and heart be a ***** culture
or the repercutions while bustin' on backstabbin' vultures
Sellin' my soul for material wishes, fast cars and *******
Wishin' I live my life a legend, immortalized in pictures
Why shed tears? Save your sympathy
My childhood years were spent buryin' my peers in the cemetary
Here's a message to the newborns, waitin' to breathe
If you believe then you can achieve
Just look at me
Against all odds, though life is hard we carry on
Livin' in the projects, broke with no lights on
To all the seeds that follow me
protect your essence
Born with less, but you still precious
Just smile for me now

Chours: Johnny P, 2Pac

Smiiiiiile for me , won't you smile (smile for me now)
Just smiiiile (smile), smile for me
(What cha lookin' all sad for, ***** you black, smile for me now)
Smiiiiiile for me (***** you ain't got nothin' to be worried about)
Won't you smile (no doubt, smile for me now) just smiiiiile
(And the next generation)

Verse Two: Scarface

Now as I open up my story
with the blaze a your blunts
And you can picture thoughts slowly
up on phrases I wrote
And I can walk you through the days that I done
I often wish that I could save everyone
but I'm a dreamer
Have you ever seen a ***** who was strong in the game
overlookin' his tomorrows and they finally came?
Look back on childhood memories and I'm still feelin' the pain
Turnin' circles in my life came to dealin' *******
To many hassles in my local life, survivin' the strain
And a man without a focus, life could drive him insane
Stuck inside a ghetto fantasy hopin' it'd change
But when I focus on reality we broke and in chains
Had a dream of livin' wealthy and makin' it big
And after all my momma's thankin' God for blessin' the child
All my momma gots to do now is collect it and smile

Chorus (without 2pac)

Verse Three: 2Pac

**** the world as we ???? and witness furious speeds
of nasty questions keep us all stressin', curious G's
Backstabbed and bleedin', ******' thoughts laced with ****
Learnin', duckin' stray shots, bullets be hot, they burnin'
Inhalin' sherm smoke, visualized the flames
Will I be smothered by my own pain?
Strange whispers, cowards conversate, so quick to dis us
Takin' pictures for the feds, and desperate hopes they'd get us
Hit us off, give us plenty centuries, forgive my sins
Since I ain't in many penitenturies the best revenge is **** friends
We military minded soldiers, bustin' shots blindly
Tryin' to find Jehovah to help me
Somebody save me
Lost and crazy, scared to drop a seed hopin' I ain't cursed my babies
Maybe now ****** feel me now, picture my pain
embrace my words make the world change
And still I smile *****

(Scarface talking)

And now a moment of silence, let us pray
And as you journey into outerspace
may the angels help to lead the way
shine up on your soul to keep you safe
And all the homies that done passed away
They there to greet you as you pass the gates
And as you headed to the tunnel's light
I hope it leads to eternal life
We say the prayers for our homie 'Pac

(Smile for me)
(All ya need to do is smile)
(Woooo smile for me)
(Come on smile for me)
R.I.P : (2pac) Tupac Shakur. #bandanna and nose ring  
the lyrics to "Smile" by Tupac.
Livin' my nights...
Layin' in my empty bed,
All alone-
I could reach over
And pull you close to me-
Rememberin' the nights
When you were, once mine.

Those nights of bein'
With you~
As close as we could be!
Wantin' you, needin' you,
Kissin' you, holdin' you,
Lovin' you, feelin' you,
Touchin' you, tastin' you,
Desirin' you, achin' for you~

Now I'm dreamin'
My nights' away-
Wishin' for times again
When I wasn't so lonely!
When I had you,
For once, as mine~
The way I'd long
For your kisses, to see you,
To be with you, to touch you again!

I wanted to be
Your everythin'!
Now I'm
Wishin' I was
Your somethin';
Your someone!

Your someone~
To dream with, share with,
To hold for always.
To chase away
Those empty lonely nights'.
Fillin' my dreams
With everythin'
I've dreamed of wantin' in you!

You're my tears!
Tears I wouldn't shed
If you were finally mine!

Don't you wanna
Hold me, feel me,
Touch me, kiss me-
Once again?

Reachin' for you-
Wantin' you in my arms
As we'd lie together!

Searchin' to feel for you,
Needin' to feel
Your heart beatin',
Feelin' your breath
Against my bare skin-

Yearnin' for your arms to be
Drawin' me beside you.
Hearin' you sigh-
Lettin' a moan escape
From my dreams,
(day and night)
As I remember the times
We shared!

Lovin' the way
You felt beside me-
The way I felt
Beside you~

Achin' for the ways
You'd be touchin' me, teasin' me,
Pleasin' me, kissin' me,
Wantin' me, needin' me-
As I do you!

Makin' me feel
Whole and complete!
Will I ever
Feel you this way

Or is it all now
Just a recent
Livin' my nights away
Dreamin' of you-
Til you are, once again


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
Chuck Jan 2013
Woke up this mornin'
Barely knew where I was.
Woke up this mornin'
Still feelin' a buzz.
Woke up this mornin'
Mouth tasted like fuzz.

What day's it today?
Don't nobody know.
What day's it today?
Do I got some place ta go?
What day's it today?
Jumped up and stubbed my toe.

It's Monday mornin'!
I got an achin' head.
It's Monday mornin'!
I want ta stay in bed.
It's Monday mornin'!
I'm wishin' I was dead.

I got the Monday mornin' blues
Not the day I'd choose!
Got the Monday mornin' blues
Wishin' I had me some *****
In da game a life, I AWAYS, always lose!

The Monday mornin' blues
Got da blues!
Da Monday mornin' blues
Blues blues blues
The Monday mornin' bluuuuessss. . .
I hear this as a blues song in my head. Also, I'm not a raging alcoholic. I was just channeling my inner blues singer. The phonetic spelling is how I'd sing it, if I could sing.
Wayne Wysocki Aug 2018
If you want to call me vegan,
I'll not fight with you,
although the statement's not quite true
It's not exactly wrong either

It's true I don't eat meat, or eggs, or anything with wings or legs,
but in way of a confession, you might find in my possession
a leather belt or shoes,
which for a vegan is bad news

I don't really mean to quibble, concerning what I nibble,
but I'm trying here to say in this convoluted way
that for a vegan it's all about the animals
I'm not in it for the animals, but rather for my health and for the planet

I surely won't deny it -- I eat a vegan diet,
and to some degree I care what fellow creatures have to bear,
and resulting from my wishin' for optimal nutrition
they benefit from my selfish choice to not consume them

But in the end you have to see that I eat this way for me
I don't deserve the noble label, but when I'm sitting at your table,
if you want to call me vegan,
then I'll not disagree.
Bartholomew Aug 2018
In an age where society allows one to meet another without the physical presence,

To be social through media has made this generation only attracted to physical appearance

It’s hard to pin point authenticity through photograph when men with hidden agendas try to see what ur physical presents

And to be honest a hook up is never turned down it only truly shows how empty it is

And I ain’t even goin front, I’ve fallen victim to this impurity as I type this into my phone rather than writing it on paper

As I look at ur profile and swipe right hoping for the best because I’m interested in your pictures but.....

I yearn for something deeper, something more

my counterpart, that spark that I’ve been searching for

I wanna play wit you, lay wit you, pray with you if you ain’t into wishin

Want to get lost with you, share laughter and learn about ur intuition
Inspiration (J. Cole- Phitograph)
Some space in which I once resided - Some memory that overrides the rest
A lack of faith in myself at best - Some story that I couldn't finish
Allowed to prosper - Allowed to wake
& within my soul, something quivers & shakes.
Some friends I no longer have
Some diamond in the wind
left me hangin' by a feather
wishin' all of this had been.
wishin' all of this had been.
Alone and lost inside my head
wishin' all of this had been
Ofelia Jan 2019
I'm tired and sore.
Wishin' I could be more.
More to you, more to me;
More than I could ever be.

Closed eyes, dry lips.
Wishin' for one last kiss.
An embrace of fate or
Was it all in vain.

I'm just tired and sore.
Wishin' to be more.
Auroleus Aug 2012
I stare in the mirror and what stares back?
An apoplectic apparition wishin' he could concentrate,
But wishin's only fishin' with a shoe string and a roll of tape.
Paranoia resonates, the social pressures shower down,
Gleaming rays of expectation force a smile upon my frown.
The neverending battle wages on between myself and I,
Then there's me and him and her and them and us~
So what's the fuss?  You paid a hefty fee to ride with us
Upon the crazy bus.  
Buy the ticket, take the ride.
What's the matter, too much pride?
Untie your demons, let us fly.

The knot has come undone.
Next time I'll have to use the gun.
But without us you'll be no fun!
That might be true...
Here's what I'll do.
I'll take these drugs to silence you
When I'm within the public view.
Then at night I'll let you out,
This rhyme scheme is getting kind of boring.
I'm Lost In Your heart...
You and me... what a start-
I'm already wishin' we didn't have to part-
Cause I'm Lost In Your heart!

I'm Lost In Your kiss...
I was hopin' you'd make me feel like this-
Oh yeah, Baby, you didn't miss-
Cause I'm Lost In Your kiss!

I'm Lost In Your stare...
One look, one glare-
And my heart starts to flare-
Cause I'm Lost In Your stare!

I'm Lost In Your charms...
I drove by houses and farms-
Just to be held in your arms-
Cause I'm Lost In Your charms!

I'm Lost In Your love-making...
I'm yours for the taking-
I'm wishin' I was by your side as we were waking-
Cause I'm Lost In Your love-making!

I'm Lost In Your dream...
Walkin' in the night, hand in hand, with light from the moon beam-
Could we make us happen and be a team-
Cause I'm Lost In Your dream!


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
Jerome Revilla Nov 2011
I used to put these headphones on.
And at once, the whole world was gone
And the music did no wrong
Till I found myself doin’ it all day long.

But I still kept these headphones on
Because my headset drowned my strife,
Cut through it like a knife,
Till I was bound to the music for all my life.

I used to sit in earnest at my computer chair
ITunes and my iPod in hand as I prepare
Another playlist.
Indecisive between hip-hop and RnB
While I let humanity’s problems sit on a wait-list.

But I just left these headphones on.
Not a care or thought about global pollution
Amidst our world’s confusion
All signs pointing to a troubled conclusion,
But yet, me and my headphones ignore the solutions.

Why? Because music forever plays,
That even when solutions were raised,
I just sat there…
As the environment died everyday.

Because all I did was listen to these headphones.
As I laid awake in my bed,
Nothing running through my head,
Except music,
And I felt alive listening to the words that was said
When in reality Inside I was dead

But I still left these headphones in
So I can block out my parent’s groans when
I know that I have disappointed them
Maybe I’m just missing the point again.

And all the while my dads fist connecting with the door
As he has always done before, in the past
Choosing to ignore, with music full blast
I found myself more and more detached.

Not only my parents, but even the politicians are itchin’
To get me to listen,
Hopin and wishin that
This generation would eventually find its ambition.

I used to think that iTunes could do no wrong.
And that it was all I ever needed
Because all it was to me was a program full of songs
But I didn’t like where my life was headed.

And god it’s amazing, the word iTunes.
Such a fitting name
Because I tuned my friends out
And there is no one else to blame
As I tuned my parents out
Our relationship will never be the same
As I tuned the world out
Now look at who I became.

So now I’m taking these headphones off.
Because I don’t want to stay connected
Acting like I was totally unaffected
When in fact, the world around me I neglected
So I’ll change,
No longer will these headphones hold the reins
I am cutting off all of my chains
And I know a life ahead of me still remains
That without these headphones,
There is so much more to gain.
I wrote this on 12/2010 as a spoken word piece. During this time, I was in a low point of my life with my low grades, failing relationship with my girlfriend, and constant fights with my parents and my poor health due to living next to an oil refinery. I turned to music and relied on it to forget my problems. I soon realized that i cannot hide behind songs and i had to face and solve my problems instead of running from them.
Jeremy Betts Feb 2018
What in the actual **** are we doin?
Shootin one another equals out to a no win
Showin only that we are capable of goin
Where we've already been, it's been provin
That even good men can watch sin turn into addiction
Jonsen for a fix 'n looking for a substance to mix in
To distort your perception of the mess you're in
Crossing that line between wishin straight into non fiction
And once you do that you've gone way beyond fixin
But don't nobody listen to reason, we witnessin treason
As the agonizingly slow killing season eliminates believin
So we turn on our kin and every non-citizen with different skin
And every US born citizen with a different complexion or opinion
We lack the discipline to avoid the tail spin
That we've gotten ourselves in, onboard this doomed zeppelin
A people forsaken so that the one percent can rake in a few more billion
This creates a toxin, affecting everyone from grandparents to children
Shortenin' the distance to your coffin
A foundation of sand, yeah, we all know how that'll end
I gotta question, who pays the dividend?
When push comes to shove, and it will, who gets the win?
When all the frustration of an entire nation comes to a head and his orange *** is on another vacation
What's it going to take to tip the scale in our direction?
Maybe its to late to take any kind of action
At least any that will bring some sort of satisfaction
Only living a fraction of your life and the rest through a corporation
No line, no separation, just a part of the consumer relation
And they don't want you to awaken and realize what's been taken
That's the reason for conspiracy, call it a theory to add complication and feed the confusion
Make the equation so impossible you raise fear to an elevation where you can strike with no confirmation
The laceration that severed any credibility will be our damnation
This great nation of ours quickly turned into the greatest abomination
Almost as if we set up and executed or own assassination
A goal of global ******* has always led to a civilizations extinction
History has proven to repeat itself and over and over again...we miss the lesson
So let it sink in...if this is our new direction we're destin to lose the beacon
No hope of a better tomorrow to believe in
If only it was as simple as leavin but it's not, this won't even stop if we destroy the villainous demon
So what do we do?...I have no ******* clue but this boat is sinkin'
Rita G Jul 2013
Fair-weather front seat
Lookin' at the moonbeams
Solid, sympathizing
The sun on the horizon
Sippin' foreign coffee
Listening to redwood heartbeats
Smoking cigarettes in a black dress
At 430 am, nonetheless.

430 am ocean breeze
Quiet enough to hear a stop sign sneeze
Counting all the bird calls
Staring at the fog walls
Making entities out of mist and light
And thinking about where to crash tonight
Or where to drink-

How arousing is pink?
Pink, plush lips on a long skinny straw
It's amazing how I get anything done at all,
Always thinking about ***,
Always thinking about ****.
He asked for a smile,
I said, "Whatever you need."

Got some stories I don't care to tell
Got a family I don't know so well
So, which do you trust?
Your love or your lust?
Have no resistance at all
And get kicked around like a rag doll.

My eyes get withdrawals
When I ain't near the stars
My ears and nose start to bleed
When I ain't near the sea
Bi-ped amphibean
Transplant Caribbean
Sittin' here wrongin' wishin
I was belongin'

M Apr 2014
Mmm wishin I was sleeping under the stars in someone's arms and living in the now, not in my math class or my empty bedroom or my part time job. I'm wishin I was driving down the coast where the ocean is as vast as the possibilities ahead of me. I'm hopin I'll wake up in a new city with a camera and suitable walking shoes so I can meander and document my days the way they should be. Really just hopin to break the cycle and find myself so engrossed with travel and bliss and love for what's happening in the moment and embracing it for what it is. I'm needin the sunshine and skinny dipping by moonlight and reading big books under trees and singing my favorite songs with a big, real smile on my face. I'm wishin the woods could be my home and the stars could be my map to happiness and your hands could teach me a thing or two. I want to kiss the sunsets and chase them down and wake up the next day to endless opportunities and sheer appreciation for what I'm afforded- a new, fresh day to experience and be present and learn, grow and understand this eccentric and ever-changing world that somehow stole my heart before anyone else could.
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2014
What you know about me?
Who do you
think I am?

Realize I'm on a mission-
everything's   part
of the plan.

how I breathe,
all these hurdles
I jump with

Attitude is on that freeze,
if you something
I don't need-
cut you off
with no "please"
Everybody gawkin'
at me.

watch how I do this,
like a 1, 2, 3
You countin' all ya wishes,
you a fake emcee.
Just cause you wishin'
don't mean you
make moves like me.

Cause I had the vision
Gambino give me them swagger feels.

Sorry, not sorry. :)
David Nelson Mar 2010
Tu me manques terriblement (I miss you terribly)

Missing you, wishing I was there right now, Kissing you,
hold your hand in mine, and dance round and round,
then I'll hold you in my arms forever more,

Feelin blue, wishin I was standing right there next to you,
look into your eyes, I'm mesmerized,                  
never ever wanna let you go  
How things got this way I will never know,                
But when I close my eyes I can feel our love grow
Tell me dear, If I was to take you away from here,
make you every dream, so very clear,                        
I'll do anything anything, you ask me too
Every word, every word you've spoken I have heard,
I'll climb any mountain, you've got my word,              
I just wanna be your lover man
How things got this way I will never know,                
But when I close my eyes I can feel our love grow.

Gomer LePoet ...
William Barry Jun 2014
I pledge allegiance,
to the flag,
of a united state
that consists of stock market ******,
****, and hate.

One nation,
without a vision,
under a god,
who dominates all religion.
A "majestic" nation,
who defends itself with nuclear fission.
If you are looking for liberty,
you better keep wishin'.

but devised into fifty states of gray.
Freedom of speech itself,
can deprive you of what you need to say.
**** your liberty, just because you can ******* my integrity ,
doesn't mean you can get the best of me.
Just because I dress like this,
doesn't mean I'm a communist.
TD Rucker Jun 2012
There's a man with no face
amongst an empire of apes
that spill blood like fine wine
made of concord grapes
I carry the worlds weight
with enemies pursuein
but the king of the jungle
won't stop til I'm ruined
Now you can call this my sedition with semantics
or satanics toward the nation
but let me advocate this adverse scope.
And holla at my brothers who's down
and salvage hope.
we neglect our abilities
to comence to be
masters of our destiny
we choose to stay tantalllized by the streets
get lock up stay wishin we was free.
Ballisitics takin' away all our family
these anomalies
got us lookin stupid
forgetting we're not aboriginies
of this land oh man
we can never bow to the man
Choosin to bang
instead of abstain
from this
belligerant babble
the system rattles your cage
with rage
we anhiliate
the emotions it produces
abstract thinkin causeing back lash
abysmal thoughts of how to get that fast cash
when cats dash past
we take everything
even all their back stash
but we tend to abnegate
the zenith
to which we are
archaic ways are the axiom  
so we need to absorb this alchemy
and abandom them
this absentmindedness
and abtruse forces as our accomplices
There's a man with no face
amongst an empire of apes
that spill blood like fine wine
made of concord grapes
I carry the worlds weight
with enemies pursuein
but the king of the jungle
won't stop til I'm ruined
DaSH the Hopeful Oct 2014
I feel life from the words I write despite them being words I slurred over night it's like I fight but my pen is the sword of course I force myself into creative prospects I expect to wreck what in front of me is set
I wondered what would happen if I ruled the world gimme a shot at the top I'm not Clinton I only need one girl but seriously I hate this place controlled by industry it's ****** me up the environment and desire for right went out the window when the dead presidents kept talking from beyond the grave the money you made won't matter so cut it like a beanstalk

And fall into a pool of tears
From all the single mothers over all these years
Tucking youngins under covers
Undercover trying not to let the pain show through
This is the same strong woman that still holds you
Even though you're older and make your own decisions
Its gotten colder in the later years just wishin
You could go back to the beginnin
Back to when **** was simple
And all you had to do was listen
To another bedtime story
Next thing you know you're drifting
Away from all these problems and all these lights
Fluoride will **** our dreams they tell us to brush our teeth and cringe when we say reality bites
But I'm just trying to figure what's more important
Being myself
Or being Your kid
Just another thought from the tortured
I can feel the flames lick my body 'fore the torch's lit
Society's trying to burn us
And if they think they can teach us before they learn us then its straight out the frying pan and flying into the furnace

I'm all alone like a watchtower my life turned sour but I'll devour any chance to **** up fools with rhymes perchance I'll leave you entranced with my writings but I'm sliding off topic so dash if you're ready then go a ahead and rip because we're cyphering on some poetic mafia ****

**** clips in the toilet with the ******* safety off
******* blood royal flushing with my king homie Alucard
All your ******* are old and lack any kind of support
So I'll hang em make their back straight with that ******* IV cord
If this cipher is random
Hope they deal with what I hand em
Four grenades a box of tampons
Watch these ******* explode while standing above the commode
Uncan them
The whoopass they deserve
Then im swervin in their hearse
Hopping over every curb
Speeding through every sharp turn
I love to watch their bodies burn
I love to catch every single ash between my teeth and eat them
DaSH is such a beast you freed him
By acting like a priest
When youre a demon in the streets
*******, capish?

Alucard the damphir ******* blood like canned beer I'm near my apex others are below I'll free flow like arkham you won't question in a session when I leave your ***** barkin rhyme sparring call me Ali all these fools stay trying to Rock me like cheap Versace but I'm high quality leather built for your pleasure linkin words together you'll take home and treasure like Sinbad I don't sling crack but my rhymes are the pipe because reading this I know your *** got addicted tonight

Slicing high up on their frame
Like I'm aimin for the throat
Lots of gore on the floor
Need a boat to stay afloat
The walls needed more paint
You donate another coat
But I don't need your ******* charity
I'll stumble and I choke
Before I ever let you get to me
Before you start ***** you'll be history
How you ******* plan on ending me?
Just get Gone, Girl, be a mystery
James Medley Nov 2010
while lollygagging labor workers strike
pandas riding tiny bikes
with jellyfish wrapped
in between the spokes

some folks stroke differently
but no one seems to mind
mimes making good time
they only like it when it rhymes

so don't stop

this one's a goner
wishin' simply for a song
which rocked wrong for longer

on her

it's over
but still inside the rhyme scheme
you can't call me a ***** but you could say that i fiend
Amir Mar 2012
i'm sure
life was a peach
til he was born breach
but the inversion of his excursion
into the hands of the surgeon left him worse an'
the immersive submersion
in perversive subversion
was only urgin'
the incursion
of aspersions
for subversive diversion
an apparition with volition
wishin for position transition
fishin for recognition
of  ambitious cognition    
this in addition
to the malicious conditions
that stitched in repetitions
of neurochemical
the intensity of his propensity
to find immense suspense in the
density of a tense city hence did he
commence in the dispensary
of sound condensed sensory
sensory sensory sensory.

said the intensity of his propensity
to find immense suspense in the
density of a tense city hence did he
commence in the dispensary
of sound condensed sensory
sensory sensory.
Jai Rho Jul 2018
’s gone phishin’
For some fools a’wishin’
They could whup
The good ole USA

They all voted for some chump
Who always takes a big fat dump
On the good ole USA

They hollar and they scream and shout
And then they cry and then they pout
Because they’ll never get their way

‘s gone phishin’
For some fools a’wishin’
They weren't so sad
In the good ole USA
Taryn Pope Feb 2015
Now, I am not very good with time,
                 But I do know that sometimes is far greater than never.

And my sense of direction knows no praise,
                 But I do know that always is a dangerous path to take.

And Growing up is never simple.
                 But there is something simply beautiful
                            About growth marks on doorways,
                        Something sacred in a secret handshake,
                 Worth wishing on clusters of candles.
We are all searching for dandelions.
There's an entire field of math
that investigates how fast
things move, one with respect another.
From hydraulics to ballistics,
to scheduling and logistics,
to expected birth rates -
healthy babies, happy mothers.
You can model how disease
moves through a populace with ease
or with diff'culty, as coefficients vary,
how heat and energies diffuse,
or how quickly I will lose
your rapt attention, if I choose,
choose to carry,
always carry,
  carry on the way I do.
If I carry,
always carry on,
  to interest just a few.
But hey.
A passion's still a passion
no matter what you're drawn to.

And with some level of abstraction,
maybe we could find an action,
a reaction,
  an expansion
that could yield a change or two.
Piece together some firm notion,
quantify that art in motion,
brew that bubbling new potion
that can build a better view.

Because there's got to be some level
where preconceptions start to end.
Where the Bell curve starts to bevel,
where your mind begins to bend.
Where names and labels scatter free;
it doesn't matter what you do.
Where fin'lly I can just be me,
where you can just be you.

Because it all comes back to how we move,
one with respect another,
always acting as behooves
someone with our label's cover.
Father, mother.
Sister, brother.
  Pusher, shover.
   Friend and lover.
Villain, hero.
Dime or zero.
  Caesar, Nero,
or just a guy.
A ****, a bro
a ****, a **
The man who knows
every disguise.
a physician,
  a scared little boy wishin'
  on a shootin' star swishin'
long across a midnight sky.
Theatrical protagonist.
Can you start to get the jyst?
We've got so many roles to play.
Who do we want to be today?
  Just who looks back behind our eyes?

A Freedom Fighter
Wrong righter
Fire started
Broken hearter
Wallet stealer
Dope dealer
For God's sake,
let it stop.

I've got too many roles to fill.
Just can't chill.
Can't calm down,
can't come around.
I'm so tired,
I'm so wired,
  I'm so scared of gettin' fired.
So much **** piles up.
Please, Barkeep, one more in my cup.
  And crank those ******' dials up.
Make chaotic volume flood,
'til the sound of pounding blood
  in my ears becomes a mud
layered thick around the brain,
until that **** that's so insane,
  becomes labeled as mundane.
Betrayal.  ******.  War.
Ya know, I've seen it all before.
  And I'd expect we'll see some more.
But that's okay.
I can breathe.
I'm listed here as understanding.
It's expected.
Let it go.
I'm listed here as undemanding.

It was for a blessing's name
that Cain betrayed his brother.
So becomes our choice of movement,
one with respect another.
Stationary, if not stable,
names fighting to define
people willing, if not able,
to leave their names' confines.

I know it could be simple
if we put our names to rest,
but like some aggravated pimple
grows my own list to contest.
I'm still a lover unrequited.
Still the guy who's ever-slighted,
I've got my Fightin' Irish side;
got both the drinker and his pride.
I still speak my simple credo,
have a Gemini's libido.
And by chivalry's demand,
will keep on offering my hand,
  knowing full well that you will stand
without assistance,
and insistence
that you don't need help from a man.

It gets out of hand so quickly
trying to cultivate ourselves
into what we think we should be.
We wind up bring off the shelves
more than we bargained for
and in the end,
the labels wind up wrong.
While well-intended
all we ended up with
is a spoiled song.

It started out four hands together
plucking out a little tune.
Silv'ry chords you sent to heaven
on a morning come too soon.
But the motif
stolen by the thief
of our own grand delusions,
Our minds,
just as we trained them,
racing off to draw conclusions...

What was once upon a time
beautiful simplicity
became muddled by the noise
of the entire symphony.
The blowing brass and sawing strings
of complicated history
confuse the senses, turn our tune into
a blurred cacophony.

And so we quit that silly game,
'cause it could never be the same
after we banished every name
except our own.
Then we could be
free from confinement on the "who,"
the "what," the "why" of what we do.
with me just me, and you just you.

So it is shown.
Mitchell Duran May 2011
Shakespeare made a pair
Of two fine young ladies
They were dressed in white
Both avoiding to call their
Mother Mrs.
Twas a funny kid that shakespeare
He moved in a mute way
Never daring to speak
Never saying
But these two ladies remembered that man
With the long fingernails
And the blurry bleak stringy hair
He spoke to them about Jesibels
And spaces mixed with "my"
Ministries with Queen series
Marooned men with their dogs
They sat and listened and were wishin'
That He'd just take them to bed
But all the while Shakespeare was talking
He was also listening
A brain like that just doesn't know what to do
How to act
Where to break the rules and take a quick smack
But these fine ladies, these fine women that should've been
Just kept sippin' on their red Pinot Keruoac's
And memory relapses
******* on the tuna marmalade madness in front of'em
That left them both with a deep kinda' sadness sayin "umm"
They finished their meal, those quick two twins
Went to the girly room to wash up, take a face bath
When they came back to the table everything was in disarray
Shakespeare had left with everything
But being a gentlemen
He left on the table
The dinners' pay
Natasha Nov 2014
Now, I don't know if I can say this fast enough cause this boiling hot anger is what makes it tough. Cause you know I hate your ******* guts and you shouldnt be surprised that if you ever crossed my mind again all I'd be wishin' is that you'd die.
Ya just a no good *******, cause I was still givin' you head while I was gettin' hit. I shoulda pulled a blade while you were gettin' it, shoulda been like fffft and cut off that little *****. Now I'm not sayin' you've got a tiny ****, ya just like ya mama A PSYCHOTIC LITTLE *****. I know I'm ******* right, y'all are the same ******* height and I ain't stayin' with someone whose 5'4 for life.
Somethin' that makes me real sick is the fact that I fed your *** while I put gas in that ****** civic. If I'da saved that cash I'd be ballin' & lit.
If's, And's & But's -I don't **** with that ****.
I can't believe I kissed lips that only had
purpose to spit. Cause all I heard outta them was "Oh, Baby!" & BitchBitchBitch.
So lemme cut to the chase- I think you mighta liked it when she spat your own *** in your face.
Now no ones gonna hate,
but I gotta give a *** props
That was a 10 pt head shot!

So listen once, listen now
I'm not bout what you about
Baby you never shoulda had a doubt
Or should I say little *****?
**** it,
I'm out.
Lol a rap about my ex
Zach Mooney May 2013
It was there he lay thinkin' 'bout his day
the closing days of the year last,
'twas then he'd be a man, and have to sail under his own mast
but the winds stagnant as they be he'd nay sail out his own bay
sad as the sea, his heart heavy as the anchor weigh
like n' anchor on da' sea below he shows the rust of his past
he sits alone with his eyes lost; heavier than stones of ballast
wishin' for not soft winds, but torrents of a blistering storm night and day
N' 'bitious young lad, itchin' to go
But like the Anchor he'll stay, below the ladder's lowest rung
Unlike the Anchor he be, he strives to be a Sailor Free
Silly as it be the barnacles and rust be all there be, the angel's last song sung,
No runnin' away, no cargo to hide away in stow,
No words left to say, only a lump at the end of the Anchor's tongue.

Emily Rene May 2015
There would be a riot
Breakin' of my heart,
I'd try to fight it
I could go out every night,
but I'd be lying
if I said I couldn't
live & breath
without you
There'd be a lot of lonely
Wishin' & prayin'
that you would hold me
I would do most anything, baby,
if only you'd come back to me
Come back to me,
there would be a riot
Rascal Flatts
A boy caught up in christmas wishin
a stocking full of guns and ammunition
another year of hopeless tradition
another child with a ****** ambition

little girl also has christmas wishes
plastic barbie dolls for the little misses
with a porsche and so many riches
another child who is false ambitious
Talarah Shepherd May 2014
Never mind the headache, ma'am, I got no time for your wishin that you had another couple hours sweaty spoonin with me
These days I got high time
racing like underline
all the while the future words seem
as if they're repeating
much slower or bleeding
white into the rest of the page
I gotta go ta work

Never mind the simple kiss, the stranger smile, the holy art.

Never mind the needful hand, I hear all the words that you're speaking and I've spent years making them not cut into me.
AFJ Jan 2015
She's such a visionary,
she pictures art where peasants revel...
had a near death experience, said she even saw hell...
She sees potential in me, despite the times that i fell..
she convinced me to keep throwing pennies in wells..
not because she believes in myths and superstitions...
but because she sees homeless people dig in after all the wishin..
So on a good day, i throw in a few quarters, she sees i care.
But im no hero i just want Ms. Adeline to be aware..

Everything she sees, and envisions she blesses. & Everyone agrees...
So i tell her.
Never take your lovely eyes off the world, please.

She promised me she wouldn't, ever since she saw God.

What makes her see goodness?, what makes her so kind?.....
if only the world knew, Ms. Adeline was born blind.

TJ Chiang Aug 2013
Lookin' at the moon and a star
As life pass me by so fast
I wish I can relive my past
All the dreams and realizations
Now its too late
Knowing that a bar
Is keeping me from going back
All I can do is go pack
My stuff
Wishin' I had more time
To know your name
The past is no to far
So I won't be sad
Grew up way too fast
Wishing to know your name
Lookin' at a star wishin'
it to give me more time
to know who u are
your name
Please tell me your name
I wanna know you more
Fastin' my seat belt to go away
Far away
But I wish I knew you more
Out to bay
to know you more
Its now my past
got the lights on in the middle of the night
i can taste sorrow in my teeth
where you tongue used to be

its not my job to say whats right
but your love is such a burden
it'll chase me to my sleep

singin songs to **** the time
and the clock is overbearing
its a ****** in my eyes

fillin glasses with my shine
packin up my bags with stones and seashells
and a notepad of my rhymes

i'm goin too far
i'm runnin to my car
and i'm swallowin the gasoline

I'm breathin deeply
i'm wishin on a star
and i'm pickin up a high school dream

I'm not about to call your name
I wonder if I can do this...
Emily Kunde Jun 2013
Crooked nose,
**** pose.
I want to strip you past your pantyhose,
and prove
how much I love you.
It's extreme:
this feeling you're giving me
like someone's on my team
and I'm on my knees -
begging you not to leave;
screaming, gleaming,
shining, whining,
we're playing this sing song game,
weaving your words to my innards.
spin her.
glorious spirals and swirls,
you look at the girl
like she's beautiful,
even when your eyes are on her evil.
I am the church,
will you be my steeple?
We can be the pretty people,
better even,
Will you be my wife?
That's little ****,
we're bigger even.
Past the dimension of tension;
free to learn the lessons
of each others' teachers.
We can be world leaders
or animal breeders,
silly kissers,
I'm just wishin' you're with me,
every moment is waiting for you
to kiss me.
Even when it's happening,
I'm missing you
'cause I want to live inside your chest cave.
I'll gladly be your slave.
Slay me.
Take me away.
I want to be the game you play.

— The End —