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September Roses Aug 2018
The satin gown of hope a myth
            The hero's fallen to
                                                the abyss

The bloom of death, no longer risen
Our souls trapped in endless prison

        Existence the master of all masked curses
              A song of tragedy with endless verses

   So if dying breath comes anyway
                  What's it matter
                 How soon the day

All suns set
Some plan no dawn
They care not for those who mourn

           I wish for myself
      The blood to stop
     To soon not hold
   A single drop

So I promise you my heart for free
       If you swear
   You'll rip it out of me
why doesn't hello poetry like metaphorical Shakespearean poetry? its so pretty?
Karijinbba Aug 2018
For the WIN! Heed to this facts
be aware of your thoughts your surroundings
discearn golden silence choose kind speech
practice patience understand self and others
practice good deeds enforce free will
confront defeat don't fear the unknown,
Change is good for the soulthese alone will mold
your heart and spirit soulto guide your life
to success triumph avoiding most calamities

revised: 8/01/18
I write from personal experiences Iived like a leave in the arms of the winds. I didnt know how to help myself to win and avoid losing
when I didn't choose life chose for me and bad wolves too. Had I known this simple steps to winning
my love life bank and good fortune would be an eternal garden of sprouting something ever after!
so help you me GOD
Karijinbba Oct 2018
To increase good fortune
like a tree of life.
I changed!
got Wiser!
I didn't share my Knight
his destiny cursed Mom
birthing me! unprovoqued
playing us both
lover against lover
by chicanery deceit duplicity
backfiring deadly on me!
for his destiny to appear
wholly good being
more evil then good.
~~~SO NOW~
I create as I speak!
I won't disappear like the word
I was wholly good long ago
now I am more good than evil
ballanced rising beauty
Take heed though!
this really happened to me
not remembering this magic prescripted incantation
nor understanding it
a temporary memory loss
due to brain blood loss
Oh! many years ago
missing the mark
this timeless riddle
My loss was imeasurable!
I lost my true love.
Understanding it would have boomeranged me
joy happily ever after
Great fortune fame
True love priceless
along with saying
just TEN to fifty two
magic words
I never meant to hurt you.
me fierce unborn protector
twas wrong medical advice
I love you, I will marry you
I will sing for you
No birthing task will ever be too hard for me to show love
love of my life
I surrender to you
do with me as you please
if your LOVE is my prise!
I demeanish misfortune
in reverse below.
why fail to question
my exasperated response to
ur e-mail why not ask about
original offender e-mailer!
the poisoner coiled
to your bed waiting
was your breach of trust!
irate culprit setting up discord
your destiny wrote saying
"I was unhappy because I didn't like the WAY my mother's p...y looked when I was born!"
all out of jealousy!
malice greed evile way of
deceiving a man to see
an **** deceiver
in more favourable light
it hurts doesnt it?
I returned fireball to smc
thinking viper still on to me
but it was you who got it!
uran back to wine-reward!
original offender dragging
you into her collapsing
black hole where
not even urlight escapes
your capricorn's revenge!
victims aren't fools!
foe is now exposed
~All copy rights reserved~
Take thee all thy wealth and treasures buried loot precious love
I wish for no other wealth from thee then to be thine wife from my virginity to have only thee one man one husband for the father of many of our children and to never know NO other man in this life or in many more, my Lancelott My King of Prussia PA Mont Davis,
Macchu-Picchu my highest
mountain climber lover
Hymalayan thee!
Its my wishing well coin wish for today since 44 Springs back.
laura Oct 2018
but no friends and no invitations
from weaker, lesser duelists
three thousand on a mtg deck
like the true king of dueling

i watch the nerdom go down
you lost to somebody
who spent twenty dollars on his deck
and i laugh anyways like it means a thing
In order to
make it so
First be able
to see it.

I shall win
I will it
I will win
it shall be.

There are times in your life when you see things clearly. When you can make anything happen. It is a function of survival...stress, thought. At that moment when it all comes together in your mind. There is a second moment when the consequences of your actions to another become known to you. The choice is yours alone.
Kim May 2015
Make it through make it true
Lay it bare if you dare
Banish doubt make it count
Look around you’ve made it there

Shout it far show your scars
Fill the day with twenty-four hours
This is it what we’ve got
Looks like **** but it’s ours

You see this life filled with strife
So much hurt so much pain
Now you win now you lose
One man’s loss another’s gain

It wasn’t meant to be pretty
Empty towns ***** cities
People all around have issues
Insecure, lost and misused

You can choose to stay and fight
Assert yourself claim your rights
Or decide to turn away
Make your mark another day

Showing up is half the battle
Knocked down back in the saddle
It’s not the wins and the losses
It’s the learning it’s a process

At the end of the day
Stop and do the math
Those who've made hay
Don’t have to look back.
There is no more happiness
Only the pain
Exist without meaning
I'm trapped in my brain

Each day brings a struggle
I don't want to meet
A white flag; I surrender
Accept my defeat
Written: October 7, 2018

All rights reserved.
[Anapestic Tetrameter format]
John Stevens Jan 2015
(c) 01-25-15
The cold has come
What once was green , now brown.
The air is cool
Promise of Spring to come.

Boys are gathered
Practice begins
for the games
to see who wins.

The ball is passed
Ball aloft at last.
Through the hoop
the points are cast.

They finesse the ball
as they pass and trick.
To out wit the opponent
as the clock does tick.

They win they lose
this season thus far.
Led by great coaches
has been better than par.

When the games are done
whether lost or won.
It is all in the fun
As they have a great run.
Basketball is upon us. The bleachers are hard but the fun is great.

Has been 6500 reads.
11-18-16.   16,100 times
12-21-16.   17,200 times
07-28-17.  28,300 times
05-18-18.   42,400 times
10-15-18   48,400 times
Who in the world is reading this?

Version called "Baseball"
Tanzim Ahmed Aug 2018
The Battle always chooses me
Defeat me
Destroy me
And shatters my heart into pieces
Just to conquer my mind with dark thoughts
Once again.

But I never give up.
I heal
I rise
I fight
I win
Just to get defeated by my battle
Once again.
You win once, you get defeated twice
That's life :)
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Amanda Jun 2018
I am still trying to be your friend
Looking past many flaws
It's kinda hard to see past
The stress you always cause

I know I should let you go
You are a battle I'll never win
Something keeps me holding on
Through the chaos I am in

You are not worth it anymore
This is not what I envisioned
I truly mean it this time when I say
I am done with being imprisoned
No date on this one..
Katie Miller Jan 1

Blow a dandelion
Scattered wishes
Weedkiller breathes death upon their hopes

Wish upon
A shooting star
Destroyed debris grants nothing

Pennies in wells
Change for a wish
Leftover change in an empty case

Rabbits foot
On a chain
Hopping stops a hoping dream

Four leaf clover
Picking flowers
Wishing on the dead weeds kills

Wishbone breaking
A wish come true
One is left with a broken heart

Birthday candles
Blow, make a wish now
Burning reflections in teary eyes

A hopeless sky
Ignorant innocence
Children’s wishes turn to dust

A hopeful fairytale
Told stories of love
A broken heart reveals the truth
I was sitting in the car while my dad was driving and we were just talking. He said that, the previous night, he had seen a shooting star, but didn't both wishing on it because that would be "ridiculously ignorant". I, being a poet, launched into a cliche explanation that a shooting star isn't just a wish, or a dream, it's a hopeful type of ignorance. To this, he responded, "It's just space trash". I decided to write a depressing poem from this, just as I do with most things in my life. I hope that this poem captures the lost ignorance and innocence of a wishing well, a shooting star, a rabbits foot, a clover, and dandelion, and all of the other wishing spells we cast when we are children.
MJL Feb 10
I'm not afraid of the dark
Unless I’m coming from the basement late at night
There are no monsters
There are no vampires
Contrary to popular belief
Only shadows that look like monsters
Bearing a striking resemblance to vampires
They're not real, of course
Really, I just like light...
Because it's warm, of course...
And it shows beauty...
And could hypothetically keep monsters away if they were real...
True story
Win, win
I lose.
I win.
Sylph Mar 24
The shadows watch
They follow and they see
watch the shadows for you will see
their more then just you
Their your monster...
dont run from your monster
dont run for it will win...
Then what?
The first poem i wrote on hello poetryyyyyyyyyyyyy
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
हामी चिडीयाघर बनाएर
स्वतन्त्रता कैद गर्छौ
संग्रहालय बनाएर युद्धका
बिजय, पराजय कैद गर्छौ
पहिलोमा जिवित
दोस्रोमा निर्जिव
यि दुइ बीचका हामी
कति जिवित र कति निर्जिब छौ  

संग्रहालयलाई चिडीयाघरमा राखेर
चिडीयाघरलाइ संग्रहालमा राखेर
रचिरहनु भन्दा
सबैले शान्ति निर्माण गर्न लागे
धर्तीमा बिजयका कथाहरुमात्र हुनेछन् ।
शैली : प्रेरणात्मक
Mr Quiet May 2
It's been too long
I long for you when I'm alone
And even if I'm not
I know it's not that easy to move on

It's been too long
I was so slow and now you're cold
You pretend like I don't exist
You act like we've never met at all

You win, I miss you.

Can't take it anymore
I know you hate me for all I know
You don't want to see me
Can't stand to see me at all

It's been a year and we're still playing games
Ignoring each other as we pass by the hallways
Now I think of the days where we chat all day, all night and still had our ways
Our jokes, our laughs, our nights at Sundays.

You win, I miss you.

I'm moving on
But it takes so long
I'm moving on
Yet I still play our songs
******* why am i like this
Catherine McCabe Dec 2018
A real win
is getting out more than you put in.
So, why do I go on and on looking for a return?
It seems I’ll never learn
that winning is endless
and makes a fool of us all.
in a van
with an ex-friend.
lose again.
sitting in the front
you in the back.
we’re so far
but tension dense.
i sing the same sad songs
a symphony of sorrows.
mis-created mini meals of sensitivity
things won’t ever be the same again.
i lose again
ex win.
with an ex-friend
in a van.
what are you sensitive to?
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
न तोडन सक्यौ, न मोडन सक्यौ
न यो मनलाइ आफुमा जोडन सक्यौ
न हल्लाउन सक्यौ, न सुकाउन सक्यौ
न मेरो विचारलाइ भत्काउन सक्यौ
न लडाउन सक्यौ, न बदल्न सक्यौ
न दिल चुडाएर, जलाउन सक्यौ
आकास र धर्ती बीचको पुललाइ
न बलले पन्छाउन सक्यौ
न किन्न सक्यौ, न खोस्न सक्यौ
न यो मनलाइ एक पल चिन्न सक्यौ
पद, प्रतिष्ठा भन्दा माथिको यो दुनियामा न तिमी छिर्न सक्यौ
न मेरो स्वाभिमानलाइ
न विचारलाइ, निचोर्न सक्यौ
दबायौ केहि क्षणमात्र, न तिमीले जित्न सक्यौ

न तोडन सक्यौ, न मोडन सक्यौ
न यो मनलाइ आफुमा जोडन सक्यौ ।
शैली :अमूर्त
Silverflame Mar 2018
A loaded gun behind the perfect shot,
infiltrate my mind with memories I forgot.
Pills and potions couldn't help ease the pain,
the man with the mask I can no longer keep sane.

And in the bleeding sky I saw,
scars I've encountered once before.
The depth is scary, but I can't look away,
I dive and drown in this red ocean every day.

I close my eyes and hum a song,
trying to outshout the things I've done wrong.
It's a suicide mission to try and win this fight,
so I'll just get lost with the strangers of the night.

On the gleaming tracks I run with no goal,
it's just an endless journey within a distant black hole.
I'm just a fraction of something that could've been great,
but, I know it's too late to change my bulletproof fate.
can't climb over
every mountain
and you can't win
every war.

But one thing that you
can do
is try to be better
than before.
Try to be a better person than you were yesterday.
galio Mar 2016
the sailors called the sirens beautiful
they wept, tearing out their hair
and tossed it into the ocean
turning it into seaweeds.

the sailors called the sirens beautiful
who then hid themselves in caves, till they passed
their skin growing pale and lifeless
till feathers emerged from their hands.

the sailors called the sirens beautiful
who decided to mutilate their legs
and scar their feet
so they would no longer be human.

the sailors called the sirens beautiful
and the creatures wailed as loud as they could,
screeching noises, ringing
but sounded only like bells to men.

the sailors called the sirens beautiful
but they didn't see beauty or sin
walking vessels
an empty name
and a prize to win.
harpies are described as repulsive half-bird half-human creatures that represented evil. however in early greek mythology, hesiod described them as beautiful winged maidens.
Impulse Mar 28
I lose against one person time and time again.
Everytime we stumble face to face, I quickly throw on a tattered smile and throw away any sense of pride I previously wore.
Laughs become routine,
natural but cautious,
Forced and relentless,
As I fear that I’ll fail once more against you.
If I were to lose to you,
I would lose myself.
But worse, if I were to lose,
I would lose you.
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