Styles Apr 2016

Picture us happy, you and me; K-I-S-S-I-N-G
Making love together, pleasing you to please me; F-U-C-K-I-N-G
Picture us naked, you all over me; K-I-S-S-I-N-G
Getting deep into each other, like we were meant to be; F-U-C-K-I-N-G

you gave me your treasure,
I plan I want to keep forever
That night I will
I’ always remember
us overlooking the lake
Eating dinner, candle light,dinner
listening to the band play
The view was dynamite
Our lipstick perfect
Your dress was fitting tight
Looking deep in your eyes;
Glistening in the candle light
Started feeding you off my plate
Laughing as we enjoyed the night
our lips meeting their fate
Our bodies kneading each other right
Holding each other tight
Wanting each other more by the second
Our clothes putting on a fight
Your Dress falling to the floor, panties second
Pleasing your body right
Teaching your body a lesson
Using my hands to please you
While using my tongue as a weapon
your body so beautiful
I melt in your hands
Just from smelling your essence
I can't wait to be in your presen

Macstoire Mar 2014

For all of my younger life
I thought when I grew up I’d be a wife
But since when I met you
About this, I’ve thought twice
And I’ve wondered if it need be
Need I marry so eagerly?
Because right now
You are my company
And you’ll do for me
So I’m not so sure now
If I’ll need a wedding gown
Or for my Dad to walk me down
The aisle so soon
At this moment in time
Whilst you have been mine
It seems you’re all I need
More love would be greed
Yes, Orgasms our bond does lack
But we know we have each other’s backs
And trust is a key thing
My lifelong partner needs to bring
Other traits that you’ve got
Prove you have the lot
You’re a passionate cook
Generosity is your look
You bring with you fun
Share a love for the sun
You love a good dance
You’ll give anyone a chance
You entertain with your bands
You’re a helping hand
You see whilst you’re looking
You hear whilst you’re listening
And your singing is glistening
You do all these things just naturally
It seems you understand me
Which is why what we have works
And it will for eternity

So long as we don’t have to play scrabble in our retirement

For my best friend and life partner! Christmas 2013

Good day my love....

You are the prayer I received
You are the ministry perceived

Appreciative having you in my life
Having and holding you as my Godly wife.

You are the ultimate gift any rightful man proudly announces and presents
As his rib ....his wifey  
Comfort within divine dreams
Copyright© all rights reserved Katrina Bills

andy fardell Feb 2011

You blew my heart away
you blew my mind
it started out there
and left behind

you kissed my inner side
and out there too
my darling wifey
I so love you x

Bill murray Aug 2015

Gramps is like an old map
Just waiting to be discovered
Already got a wife mam
Back off
Or grandmammy
Smack me!

cassiopeia miel Nov 2015

Like a squiggle in your eye; blink,
because I am all lipstick smudges left under carefully-pressed lapels, or Sharpied innuendos scrawled on bathroom walls in dingy bars.
A souvenir from one ephemeral moment, a fleeting tryst of dispassion (from my side at least); before I am scrubbed bare and raw.

DON'T YOU TOUCH ME, for I am so tender.
Thrown into the wash;
you can clean me, but the stain remains.
The scent of sugar, sweat and shame.

Emmeline Em Feb 2014

I went from being the girl that guys like to look at,
to the girl they take home to meet mom.
You know how it goes,
out with the summer skirts and into floor sweep dresses.
Learning to home make and wear a facade.
The patient smile even when your boiling crazy,
the platitudes when your mind is a ring with sarcasm.
Now I don't have to change my walk, thank God for that,
just who I walk with and where I walk.
What can I say, am growing older.

Styles May 2015

She had such a pretty smile.
       Her lips kept feeding my curiosity.
       Left me lost in a different reality.
       Loved watching her walk over to me,  
       Watching her leave, such a tragedy.

Jodey Ross Jun 2015

I look at you and I see beauty.
The way you look so peaceful as you sleep is simply breathtaking.
The way you smile makes me get that cliche fuzzy feeling in my chest and tummy.
The way you laugh gives me a reason to smile.

I look at you and I see a goofball.
The way you get so serious when you're playing Skyrim is simply priceless.
The way you "dance with me" makes me want to be dancing at our wedding.
The way you make a fart noise with your mouth every time you mess up when you're trying to be serious gives me the giggles.

I look at you and I see a lover.
The way you kiss me is simply exhilarating.
The way you want me makes me shiver.
The way you say you love me gives me butterflies and goosies to this very day.

I look at you and I see a fighter.
The way you keep strong is simply inspiring.
The way you still give me everything I could ever ask for even though you are going through so much makes me want to give you everything I have and more.
The way you kick depressions ass every chance you get gives me aspirations.

I look at you and I see my wifey.
The way you hold me is simply heart-stopping.
The way your body fits perfectly with mine makes me realize we are made for each other.
The way you are always there for me gives me a reason to live.

So, it is two thirty in the morning, I have written three versions of this before I finalized it, and it is finally finished. I could not for the life of me sleep because a certain someone, *cough cough* Stephanie, was running through my head so I decided to write about her. Hope you enjoy it, my love. :*
Sam Temple Oct 2015

soft scent of Nag Champa
mingles delicately with Patchouli
I close my eyes and breath deep
the fragrances of my dearest  
finding myself floating on waves of pheromone
my body contorts and folds
with each passing air current
smoke in a sunlight ray
unpredictable in its consistency
moving without effort
I land gently…
looking up from my resting place
two clear pools reflect
my own brown eyes piercing
my heart swells
my hands sweat
this is what love feels like –

Shahrukh Zamir May 2014

I'm unaware to where I am headed,
but today is special to me,
After countless steps and years of walking ,
I've finally hit the remainder of what was for my life to see,

I crossed paths with someone
so genuine and sweet ,
who shaded in that missing piece
and made my life complete,

No idea does she have,
of how long it is I've waited ,
to search for the kind of love,
for which cannot be traded.


Snotty VX Mar 22

My roadkilled cat friend occassionally comes back to me in my sleep complaining about being sick after ingesting gasoline from the guts of the car that beheaded him. You ain't seen shit until you've waded through a marsh of blood in escape of the suburb that just blew up 11 miles away from the woods THEY kidnapped you in, New Orleans Jazz songs on repeat during the storm drain drug deal. Don't forget throwing up all over that expensive platter of rotting meat, while getting bent over and fucked in both your holes by some tall intersex sociopath. Maybe I shouldn't have let those harpies follow me through the maze, all the way home. I'm a waste of human flesh.

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