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Steve Aug 2018
She came to me broken,
shattered like a priceless vase,
she was whitering away right before my eyes,
like a long lost puppy without a home,
she said she fell in love,
we found each other in darkness,
with our hands held out we found our way,
but little did I know that her love was rotting day after day,
even though when I found her I was also half dead,
I ripped myself apart to make her whole again,
I loved her more than love thought possible,
but it was never enough,
she threw me away,
cast aside where I belong,
a worthless love,
now I lay broken,
now I lay dead
JJ Inda Oct 2020
The flowers
have been
ever since
I picked them
for you.
Steve Jun 2018
Shackles of my eternal prison,
the chains I bear are translucent,
it doesn't really matter what I do,
life is a dice game,
my dice are loaded,
I sit back and think about my past and my future,
I can't figure out my internal plight,
why am I treated like this,
I'm a whimpering dog in the cold steel night,
tossed aside and forgotten,
my candlelight sussed out,
confines of my being don't really have much meaning,
tried to find my way,
love cut me down,
my pursuit of life,
executed on sight,
my bloodthirsty hell
the fire of passion raging inside,
extinguished by my hunger,
my famine of love,
everything's broken,
my paper mache soul,
a smashed porcelain doll,
my whitering heart,
a slave to my shattered devotion,
sentenced to a life of hard labored desire,
a quivering cast system of worship,
nothing but dust in the end,
the stars cry for me,
I had all I ever needed,
I had her,
now she's gone,
I'll find solace in death, empty living, nothing left

— The End —