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Keith W Fletcher Oct 2016
I thought about this and around this for a long time, so I guess it's time to write it down.


There is a natural balance in Earths history and mankind's tentative balance along the scale.
  When humans began to band together and create communities, control of fire / light created a need for oil . Eventually settling on whale oil.
   So it was by the grace of whatever one might want to attribute it to,that let petroleum come into play at a time when whales are in danger of being annihilated and dead horses were clogging the streets of cities in the east, left dead or dying by the Cartmen who simply unstrapped the sick or dead animal and moved on.
  .Oil / petroleum led to the creation of the internal combustion engine.
   So again a hand stirred the ***.                
  Consider these improvements( if such they were )created rapid growth and burgeoning cities . Again Providence stepped in to create radio , telephone and airplanes, essentially at a time when growth of humanity was so great , that new ways of farming , new ways of seeing the world-  were  becoming more and more necessary to a shrinking world.
   Unfortunately, at a time when we, the American initiative creators of so many trends, ideas ,Innovations and inspirations around the world, were suddenly slammed a blow that at this point, 40 years later; it's very reverberations are still being felt.
   Consider if big oil and trickle-down had not ,for spiteful and greedy involution, taken down the solar panels from the White House roof, that Jimmy Carter had installed in 1977.
  How far ahead would we be now ,in clean energy and how much less damage to the ice cap and the atmosphere would have been done??  To date... my guess is that it is incomprehensible.
  So if nature does create a balance, it seems we are coming to a critical Junction.

Right now -metaphorically speaking- we are riding shotgun in a car with a driver ,who like us ,sees cars up ahead disappearing around the curve and all hitting  their brake lights. Now any reasonable driver at highway speeds is 65 - 80 miles an hour would at least take the foot off the gas in preparation of  tapping the brakes.
  So many politicians right now are refusing to accept the brake lights... see no reason to tap the brakes to interrupt cruise control, in all actuality, completely refusing to do anything except go around the curve at full speed.
   Around that curve we may find nothing but smooth sailing ,  or we may find a catastrophe in the making.
   Nature will accept the cruise Interruption now (maybe) brakes absolutely, but Full Speed Ahead will lead to the sickening crunch of seawater rising and  spilling salt water into the lands that are used for growing crops and food -  leading to millions , maybe billions of refugees with nowhere to go.

Or we will reach critical mass of sheer ignorant arrogance and nuke ourselves into a situation that does not have the technology or population to hammer at the planet so freaking hard.

Most likely the first scenario would instigate the 2nd and those of us who crawl up out of the ashes will start the evolution to revolution journey all over again.

Ain't nature Grand ???
Zach Rourke Aug 13
the way the whales sing
into miles of empty water
and how the bird sings
with its own quiet truth

the way the morning
seems so full of time unspent

the world expands within you
don’t let its wealth spoil you
savor your spoonful of whatever
protect the roses
baptize yourself in fire
tether your moons
write in the dark if you have to
even love what you cannot
quickly now,
the curtains are waiting
all the grapes will be raisins soon
and the stars are floating away

our vastness is not a promise.
Khoi-San Aug 27
I sing the seagulls tune
I fly beyond the horizon
And the gloating moon
I dive into the depth
Of the salty swoon

Sweeter than wines bitter regret
Higher and higher far from the net
A Fisher man's blade has no respect
I take my fair share this I know
But stripping the ocean a big no no

The coral is damaged the drag is a creep... abalone can't run they'd much rather weep
The poor whales a whoop
With sharkfin tales in China soup

So make up your mind
Or am I wrong
Then help me to sing
The seagulls song
The Ocean is being ***** by illegal fishing
And trawling
.oh sure, just pass the mortgage payments, i might pay, when i pay off whatever life i lived, and the life i didn't... and some third-party-whatever... oh yeah... just fax me the existentialist details... overloaded with pop Darwinism for the simple answer of a complex question / mode of being... yeah... such the mode of being... give me the mean of non-being... the **** life once was, but became reduced to an epitaph... and only if, if! i am rich enough to afford a gravestone.

don't worry...
if we're just clausit instances
of humanity,
the whole closure chapter...
just wait for the Holocaust
survivors to die with the deniers...
and then you can come
after us...
i'm all up and arms for
en masse euthanasia schemes...
****... let's bypass
the ponces and cowboys...
i'm ready...
tick tock tick tock
tick tock..........................
           missing *****?
****... they castrated you before
they gave you authority
to **** me ethically?!
the *******!
          idiots don't even understand
the whole...
   altar, sacrifice of water mammals...
a beached whale is not
a beached whale...
******* can't even allow
a whale to commit suicide...
even whales ingest a Kamikaze
whales don't beach...
but what is the poor ******
going to do...
jump off a bridge?!
   i'm not buying it...
who needs to be saved,
if they can't even be considered
how can you, "save" someone,
when you cannot provide
redemption for them?
the non-redemption clause:
can't redeem them,
subsequently can't save them...
all you're doing is
prolonging their suffering,
elevating the suffering through
the elevation of failure
in the failure of ending
the suffering...
  so... no one spotted that
the beached whales...
as mammals...
were attempting to commit suicide?
beached whales are whales suicides...
no one saw that?
it wasn't an eye-sore
staring back?
the suicide has already a conundrum
before him...
the lack of suspense,
or rather, the element of surprise...
at least homicide involves
a rush of adrenaline...
       adrenaline... surprise...
     suicide avenue...
     brave people...
                    brave because there is
no suspense of surprise...
absolutely no adrenaline...
          the aspect of consciousness,
the contradictory "choice"...
that contradicts the "choice" of
encountering esse per se,
  or qua vivo...
          i'm not about to solve
this noumenon...
i can't solve it,
because the noumenon of suicide
is already a phenomenon of
a million counter arguments
worth justification...
      but a beached whale?
a whale is a marine mammal...
a beached whale...
what is it? usually a young male...
don't you find it odd...
aren't dolphins intelligent?
aren't whales intelligent?
      so something ******...
  couldn't exactly elborate the concept
of suicide... could it?
perhaps a stampede...
but surely not a suicide...
sure... intelligent animals came up
with with ***...
but the same intelligent animals came
up with the paradoxical
contradiction, of suicide...
            beached whales?
you think they were ****** enough
to become, "beached"?
they were in the act of committing
to suicide...
and you were ****** enough
to make attempts at "saving" them...
whatever *** is, within the focus of ideal...
suicide is, what *** isn't,
within the basis of the inevitability of, will...
we're mortal!
Paul Butters Oct 16
Let me inspire you to go higher:
Lost among the stars.
Our universe glitters, spread across the sky.
The world keeps turning,
Resplendent with hills and mountains,
Dales and plains.
Continents surrounded with seas and oceans
And clothed by grass and trees.

Mother Earth is blessed with flora and fauna:
Sentient beings of every shape and size,
From mighty whales and elephants,
Through furry friends like dogs and cats,
Tall giraffes, slithery snails, right down
To scattering ants and pesky flies.

Smell that fresh sea breeze,
Hear those rolling waves,
Screams of gulls
And twittering sparrows.
Feel the warm moist air
Of an Indian Summer.

Be mindful of all that is around,
Yet let imagination wonder,
For out there
There is more
So much more.

Dark Monsters of The Id
Are out there too,
We all know that.

But Life in all its splendour
And determination
Is there for all to see.
Oh to live forever with such things.

Paul Butters

© PB 16\10\2018.
This is what poetry is about.
croob 3d
you are not a fisherman, but if you can
imagine it, the ocean will swim towards you with
wet arms that wave, embrace, with a mouth that
sings, spits salt and charms while whales are
wailing, mating, whistling, waiting open-armed
beneath your feet. tides are wakened, washing,
waltzing, wading, sharply shifting, swiftly
swelling, fading, falling. you hear sirens
calling, singing lowly, sweetly eating
kids in floaties. it’s not their fault they’re
lonely. boats are rowing, slowly treading
on the homes and bones of trout, the wind is
whipping, spraying doubt, the breeze is rocking
you about. with ease, your boat drowns in debris:
bird ****, coke cans, plastics, disease; water
travels up your snout like a strong *****,
you inhale like little kids with asthma,
the sun has heated your demise to a soup which warms
and fills and burns you, like a lover. you try
laughing, but water comes out, oh ****, here
comes a shark and here comes another;
"perhaps they’re brothers," is your last thought.
this is a revised/extended version of my other poem, to sea both sides
just saying so u dont recognize it and think i stole it
or something
Johnny Noiπ Oct 30
Both his mother and her mother are Sodomites. For example, winter and the average Nobel dominoes, traditional culture of shame in fairy tales. Which city was born in the shadow of his mother? In the forest which city was born in the shadow of his mother in honor of the wolf, wild girl or a wild animal? Party composer Space Wolf is a wild animal; a tiger is a wild animal and he is hungry. But Satan sought refuge in images of images of bandits and wild wolves. But the shadow of his mother is one of the women born to the wonderful series of wild goats and SIPRI [Stockholm International Peace Research Institute is an international institute based in Sweden, dedicated to research into conflict, armaments, arms control and disarmament] championship basketball, I should be separated from whales, wolves and hot spots. Sodomic devices died. Drew that his competition was considered his mother and his mother was the social one. The best way to divide what town was born in the shadow of your mother? Wolf, wolf, wolf, salt knows which city was born in the shadow of his mother? A wild animal, animal, wolf, Caesar Rachel Oberlin is a tiger hunting animal with other Wolves; Violent and greedy but the devil takes shelter in the shadow of death and his mother sees a clean, hot, Brazilian gangster, a wild wolf, and how many other women are in the dog's shadow, their mother's SIPRI's championship, their mother And his mother's mother, Sodara For example this is a winter fairy tale and the average Nobel Domino, shame on the traditional story. Which city was born in the shadow of his mother? In the honor of the wild wolf, wolf a wild animal in which the city was born in the shadow of his mother? Party composer space wolf, wild animal, tiger and they are hungry. But Satan is still searching for a place of asylum in his mother's and her mother's mother's arms. But the devil is in a place of asylum and in the shadow of his mother, the wild goat is a wonderful series of sepals; I should be different from whales, wolves and hot spots. In ***** Satan died.

Is the mother of two children and her mother prostitutes. For example, in winter and the average Nobel domino shame, the spinners of traditional culture. Which city was born, his mother's shadow? In the forest, born in the shadow of the city in honor of his mother wolf, the wild girl or a wild animal. Party composer Space Wolf is a wild animal; a tiger is a wild animal, and he is hungry. However, Satan's bandits sought refuge in the pictures and paintings of wild wolves. But her mother's shadow is for the wild goats and SIPRI championship basketball's wonderful series was born of a woman, I need to split up whales, wolves and hot spots. Devices Sodomic died. The competition for its mother and his mother is one that gets the public's attention; mother born in the shadow of the city in the best way. Wolf, wolf, wolf, his mother was born in the shadow of the city. Wild animals, animals, wolves, Roman Emperor Rachel Oberlin and other animals and one animal is a tiger; Violence and greed but the devil takes refuge in the shadow of death, the mother of a clean hot, Brazilian Gangster, a wild wolf and dog, how many other women are in the shadows of their mothers; SIPRI their Championship mother, his mother's mother Sodara For example, this winter tale and the average Nobel Domino, shame on the traditional event. Which city was born in his mother's shadow? A city of the wild wolf, his mother was born in the shadow of a wild animal eating togumduu. Party composer Space Wolf, wild animals, the tiger and they are all hungry. But the Devil, his mother and his mother's mother's ARMS is seeking asylum in one place. But the devil's asylum is on the ground and in the shadow of his mother, a series of wild goat sepals fine; I whales, wolves and hot spots should be different. ***** Satan died. A sepal is a part of the flower of angiosperms. Usually green, sepals function as protection for the flower in bud and often support the petals when in bloom. The term sepalum was coined by Noël Martin Joseph de Necker in 1790, derived from the Greek σκεπη, a covering.

Two children and their mother's mother-in-law, for example, the winter, the northeast of the Crisis Crisis, etc .. The city was transmitted from its mother's ****, which was on the site of an adapter, an evil animal and a beast animal. Wild wild with wolf space; A beast animal is hungry. : In asylum seekers and owls, photographs and shepherds of the forest, seek asylum. However, the burnt-wings of Shearer's mother and the SIPRI in which wonderful women were born in Whales, in Whales where heavy temperatures have been given. It's dead in Somalia. As a result of his mother's response and his mother's birth in the common awareness of men; This was my mother's day that the best of the city was small. Wolf, wolf, wolf maids were born in the city of Sheadows; animals, wolves, emperors Roman Rachel Oberlin and other animals and birds are wild; Violence, gold, and the death of death but the devil is in the mother's Brazilian brazil, winter and dogs; In fact, many women have become saints; SIPRI's mother-in-law's mother, Sodara is from this winter for example the tradition of martyrdom and destruction of the martyr Nobel. City in the daily estate status? Because of his entirety around Wolf, the Wolf and his mother had been fighting in the midst of the wild animals. Workers of the Party's Party, heritage animals, heroes and her husbands, are hungry. And Satan, his mother and his mother's mother is in an asylum. But the devil is the refuge of the earth and under its branches are the trees of the forest and many other forms. I killed *****, sheep, wolf and hot skin coats. A pilot capacitor is part of a part. Often, when the blocks are over, the seals are covered with flowers and shades. In 1790 Noel Martin coined the word 'sepulum', in Greek σκεπη so named by Joseph D. Necker.

A mother of two children and mother-in-law as a winter crisis in the south, discrimination etc. transported from the city along country into a place that is always evil pushes the animal and the animal's spirit animal. The wild wolves; The animal is hungry. For refugees and owls, sheep photos and forests seeking asylum. However, from the burnt wings of Shearer's mother and SIPRI, wherein whales and the beautiful women in the whales and severe temperatures. He died in Somalia. The movement from the **** of his mother's father and to the common sense of men; That was the best of the city on that day when my mother was a small one. The wolf, wolves, and the wolf by the town of Shadows would have been born; animals, wolves, and other wild animals and the birds, however be a Roman emperor, Rachel Oberlin 1 will bear; The gold death and the devil in Brazil follows the dog mothers in fact, many women are holy; Söndra is the mother SIPRI, Sondra is the winter solstice for example, in the tradition of martyrdom and the destruction of the Nobel martyr the city is in everyday life. Because of Wolf's surroundings, Wolf and his mother fought wild animals. Some workers of the ancestral faith and her husband are hungry for Satan, the mother, her mother and the mother of the asylum. But the devil's refuge is in the branches of forest trees and many other forms. In ***** and killing sheep, a wolf skin is warm. The pilot is part of the capacitor connected with him. Often flowers in shades of blocks at the end seals roofing. In 1790, John Martin, was created but the buried it in Joseph D. Rocket's Greek Nectar.
Stu Harley Aug 11
if you can only imagine
a white snowy owl
as big as whales
as big as a house
you look like
a tiny gray mouse
standing by your side
pretending to be
guardian angel
to never let
anyone harm you
sweet darling
you can go to sleep
please don't
ever be afraid again
dear Shelly McBride
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