Michial Apr 2015

When I was alone, You welcomed me
When I was depressed, You welcomed me
When I had given up, You welcomed me
Truly and sincerely life has brought me down
But you welcomed me, kept me safe and sane
And if you ever feel that way
I will welcome you just the same

I love her like I loathe tomorrow
a broken smile
a sauntering denial

I love her like a confused mind
a spoken rhyme
a bewildering crime

I love her like I don't know how
and I want to show her
I'll tell her now

Sometimes I wish I could hear voices
Maybe then I wouldn't feel so lonely
My inability could be written off
As sickness
I'd be a pathetic mess, as I am now
Only, then I'd have an excuse

I could live my life blissfully unaware
Of the outside world
All demands upon me would be erased
I'd die haunted and controlled
But happily submissive
Too lost, too dumb
To know anything better

Peter Watkins May 2014

The word tender,
so soft and peaceful.
As smooth and warm,
as felts welcome feel.

Mothers and lovers;
also warm words.
All send comfort;
warmth to your mind.

To hold and love,
take refuge in euphoria,
this is tenders touch;
so relaxed giving much love.

A hand strokes your cheek;
you blush as skin ripples.
Only it's a small plop
in an ocean of  beauty.

This hand is caring,
softly stroking and welcoming both
your pleasant skins feel,
and your tender loving smile...

This is a nice short and sweet poem for you guys. Also, watch this, it's 100% worth it if you are a useless procrastinator like me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agx4re1_rWk - Peter
Alex Cassidy Oct 2013

I do not know poetry
I know my toenails are too long.
I can feel them snag on the sheets that I haven't washed.
I'm out of toothpaste
my teeth feel grimy,
my gums raw
I waited all day to see you
so you could tell me that you don't like my sweater

You say you don't know how to talk to people who are in pain.
You are exasperated with the burden of humanity inherited by humanity
You are easy when you numb yourself constantly
Anger is righteous to accuse you
Defense is a child who is confident
All the villages you've saved but not me
I remember pain

I am so disappointed with your inhumanity
because no one can fail but me
You can read the look on my face
I can tell
So don't make me say things I can't

Pain is a vacuum
It doesn't exist in perfection
In an absence of sound,
even though it itself is so loud,
is inaudible
While I am at the bottom, God is at the top,
and you are somewhere in between
You are blocking the view,
misleading the people
You claim nothing but we demand something

When I left your house I wanted to crash my car into a ditch
Instead I drove home.

There you are
I'm sorry
I gave up on you
I forgot what you felt like
Filling the emptiness I had come to believe
Was all that existed

RW Dennen Sep 2014

Bursting pinkish white blossoms
fall in spring patterns
The air is filled with connecting one being to another
Each being is enthrolled with the heated day
Birds chirp on nature's timetable
in genetic rhythm
The new warmth envelops your body
like a true lover
Your body relaxes in each step that is taken
Spring skies vanquish the dismal grays
revealing a sunny and blue canopy with white billowing clouds
Still and at ease are your and my thoughts
as remorseful thinking is now of cheer
And the relaxed happy chattering
of outside people break the harsh-winter silence

Sir B Jul 2013

Reside in me.
There is a void here.
There is no life here.
The doors are completely open.
But I don't remember keeping them open for you..

With your face covered in darkness
It is unforeseeable to look at my future
And yet.
You stand tall with your sword
On your left side.

You are not welcome here.
I never said I desire death.
Though I do, inside my head.
So leave.

A poem for those who think I am on the verge of self destruction, there is hope. I haven't committed to it, yet...

Feel the lush green grass
seperate your toes
cushioning your soles.
The scent of spring blossoming,
wafting around you
the sweet scent of
yellows, purples, oranges and pinks.
Invited by birdsong and butterflies,
get lost in paradise,
warm sun on your face
painting the dawn in hues
of blues and golds.

© Annilda Esterhuysen. All rights reserved.
Robert Guerrero Nov 2012

the hearts of men are cold and violent
so we turn to the hearts of women
their perfume assailing our nose
soft heartbeat like a choir of birds

no other woman can love me like you do
you nurse me when I'm sick
you love me when i'm losing
you never hate me

you helped me turn a corner
writing a new chapter
book number three
you'll always love me

you praise me when i'm calm
you stand in my way when i'm going crazy
i fall deeper in love
no regret for tearing my heart out

you give me no reason to hate
smile from ear to ear
gaining sanity i never had
i worship you like a goddess

the tears come freely
relief like no other
my heart was cold
making me blind

a heavy fog lifting
vision repaired
i see the world happy and smiling
welcoming the first sunrise

i love you with all my heart
never will i allow you to leave
marriage i ask
till death of our death shall we part

Kairee Franzen Sep 2011

I love the scent of September,
The aroma of browning leaves in the air,
The soft crunch of them beneath my feet,
The sweet sun warming my skin to the perfect degree,
Combined with cool air surrounding.
I love the sight of the sunrise
As I trot the road at the break of the day,
Its rays dancing across the rainbow sky,
Its light dancing along unending hillsides
To the budding music of morning creatures.
And in this moment,
A moment filled with the serene unity of nature,
All I want is to venture into the middle of nowhere,
Scream at the top of my lungs,
And soak in the peace around me.

‘Tis the season for change.

Valerie Dec 2010

It's nice to wake up next to you
A comfortable feeling
That I could get used to.

Rising whenever we please
Taking our time to get out of bed
A homey feeling, it puts me at ease.

Just as I am waking
I know you're next to me
And a smile is immediately forming.

I really could get used to this
Sleeping next to you
And receiving a good morning kiss.

I want it to last
But you cant stay in bed forever
I am hoping tonight comes fast.

So I can get close to you again
Hold you in my arms
And maybe the night wont end.

SSK<3  AKA: Valerie Garcia

Pale blue gray

colored her eyes

As a soft feeling

starts coming back again

But like with

every rule

Of this, the longest of roads to


It can never, completely

bring back

that lost

loving feelin'


That would just be another left

and let to cross over

that one, forbidden

white line

But don't you want that revenge

on getting even with that

warning sign?

as here it comes again to not better

your remaining


And tie you once again to that

Boxcar laden, one way track

that disallows you

from ever coming back


to feel...

and only leaves you to try and steal

This, the bunting red

that you will try to pretend

is what you can never

really see

Ooh. that true color of

that everlasting love

that can no longer

help you up

or set you free...

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