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Saint Audrey Apr 2018
Solvent and solution
Kept assuaged for so long
Treading in the selfishness of my subconscious state
Of barely traceable memories, spurred on by the gravity of time spent
At the briefest hint at past involvement

Each leaf falls, eventually.
Every pristine little well formed tended to.
Each nurtured, cared for, parcel or idea.

I can watch them for hours
Watching them fall, one by one, for hours.
When days start to bleed together, out of the corner of my eye,
I can always see them, marking progression.
Collecting in drifts, then, taken by the wind, then
The rot sets in.

I used to watch this.

I used to find time.

The roof cast me in its shadow, even standing along the banister that runs along the length

Even as the final rays of sun start to vanish one at a time
King Panda Nov 2017
my hand touches

wild in wind

flesh and

a plume of rapid
so pink and

gorgeous to the

within my timbre

I sing your
praises to the moon

eighth note

cord and

piano blooming
Evan Stephens Sep 2018
In the Wednesday sun
crossing Farragut Square
beside a beautiful woman
of half-developed feelings,
there is a temptation
to forget thirty-eight years
of women just like her.

All my romances
are desperate tries
to close the old voids
that my family seeded in me.
Love me,
accept me,
please stay,
just stay,
I will take anything,
be any shape,
anything you like.

I loved women
one to the next
a wreath of sincerity.
I was always astonished
when it fell apart.

In the Wednesday sun
I am depressed.
I say goodbye
to my blonde friend,
and I curl up inside
like paper burning.
Outside Words Oct 2018
Strolling through the park
With humans, dogs, and birds,
Pink leaves make their mark
As they hover down in thirds.

Drifting along lazy airwaves,
An amplified guitar echoes
As a band soulfully misbehaves
For all nearby bedfellows.

Apartments loom over trees,
From a place of urban gray
As blue air works to appease
Spaces between dusk and day.

Sturdy street lights rusted and old
Accompanying a worn path ignite,
One by one flashing dark to gold
On a normal Wednesday night.
Listen to this while you read:

© Outside Words
s Oct 2016
its wednesday october 12th and i wonder where the stars we saw that night are now

its wednesday october 12th and despite all the stars in the sky my bones still ache for the stars within your eyes

its wednesday october 12th and i promise you are every you in all the songs i sing and all the poems i write and sometimes i pretend you're still next to me until i open my eyes

its wednesday october 12th and i still think your hands were a masterpiece i couldnt afford to touch

its wednesday october 12th and i'm well aware that you're out there somewhere for someone else to love

its wednesday october 12th and i'm trying to remember what it felt like holding your hand

its wednesday october 12th and you're still the first and last thing to go through my mind every day

its wednesday october 12th and i will always and forever love you

it doesnt matter what day it is i miss you

(every day it hurts a little more)
September Roses Mar 2018
Little house
Timeless street
Childhood garden

The scent of your preschool playground after a storm on a Wednesday in may

The distinguishable noise of your parents' doorbell

The weepy feeling looking at childhood photos and knowing you'll never get those moments back

The melancholy moment you realize the book you're reading was your favorite bedtime story

The second the atmosphere shifts and you're suddenly thrown back to memories of your mothers embrace on a stormy night

The suffocating feeling of revisiting tales thinning at the ends as your recollection slowly fades

The slipping grip of what once was that will never be again, slowly turning faded and acid washed until its nothing but a feeling you cant put a name to

Juhlhaus Mar 7
Before my doctor's visit Wednesday after work
I smoked two just to see whether I remembered
The taste of ash, mint and tobacco leaf
The stuff of life and death, the bitter and the sweet
Hurrying across the busy street
I looked up to see Mother Mary there
With dark eyes, olive skin, and wind-tossed hair
She seemed tired and a little sad
But her face was kind and she had God on the line
And ash on her brow, which reminded me of the day
I repented and gave the rest of the cigarettes away
M e l l o Jun 12
don't let doubt chain you
spread your wings and fly
though your knees quiver
take a leap of faith
feel the fear and do it
don't let this world
decide your fate
Sebastian Jan 9
I favour the deep, impenetrable truth of the jungle
Over the smooth ride over sleek black rubber;
The *****, disturbing, demented disorder;
The distortions of the lights we bathe on,
Over outward alignments and the staleness of systems.

I favour the cheap, rugged, bittersweet taste
Of a late night's substandard drink,
In the midst of true lights and shadows
And the uncertainty they cast upon us,
Over the orderly and satisfactory--
The dead pleasures and securities that
Exist nowhere but in feeble projections.

I favour the basic, primeval, animal grunt--
The dirt, the dizziness of true treading
Across the muddy shallows--,
Over the clattering of an overflowed,
Certain mind.

I favour doubt, earnest doubt,
Unpalatable doubt, inescapable doubt--
A smile in a pitch-black room,
A journey on a lukewarm air balloon,
A half-finished sentence in a half-serious gloom--,
Over hasty conclusions and tainted allusions.

I favour the endearing messiness of reality;
The chaos of light and dreams;
The mystery, so out of reach,
Of you and me and the space in-between;
The stained, torn, shattered, burnt,
Twisted texture we find ourselves upon,
Over the smooth, marble-white,
Sterile surface where false certainties
Slide, grinning, before they find themselves
On an impending collision with the infectious hesitation of the ground.

I favour the acknowledging look
Straight into the eye;
A ladder with one step;
A race with no competitors;
A contentment without resentment;
A bread on your table that's good enough,
That doesn't tease you and promise you more,
And more,
And more,
So that you forget what you should really care for,
What lies deep under your skin,
What stirs up the dormant contents of your guts--
You climb to the hilltop
Which finally allows you to have
A peek at the next one.

I favour uncertainty and risk,
And walking too close to the edge;
I favour barely enough,
And cutting it too close;
I favour throwing all excess over the board,
And lowering standards;
I favour the taste of imminent failure
And the adrenaline of a heart-wakening sprint;
I favour meagre means
And big dreams, free of currencies;
For they all remind me what the world
Really looks like,
Who I really am,
And what the winter-night winds
Really feel like.

I favour the ways of nature, often erratic,
*****, ugly and convoluted,
Often dumbfounding,
Unintentionally intelligent and mysterious,
Over the ways of fear-ridden constructions,
For there is no such thing
As a straight line.
Jaslin Goh Oct 2018
The hurting tree writhes
See the ivy all around
Its mistakes they bind
You may not see as I do
There is life if you look close
Trying my hand at a 5-7-5-7-7 syllabus, enjoy!
WA West Aug 2018
Barely do my Wednesdays fill with longing,

Lost observers rendering August whims to the scrapheap of infinity,

Galvanized entities downing tools schematically,

A posse of awareness pronating towards incandescent light,

Mostly everything a prolonging of jest and belly laughs,

Dawn brings the sick belly of listlessness,

Hordes of happenchance and imaginers of silence dancing,

The chitter chatter cadence does dim for a minute stretching yonde
#listless #wednesday #shortpoem #silly
Kelcee All Sep 2018
Back and forth
Day and night
yin and yang
fight or flight

hold that smile
kid yourself later
that ghost Within
is your own creator

Pride & Power
soon will sour
count your blessings
hour to hour

Family and friends
one in the same
they come and go
so remember your name

be kind to all
black a red hearts
forgive yourself
and those who tore you apart

you are no angel
you yourself have done wrong
I write this in hopes
We may all remain strong
...Kelcee All
BJ Donovan Jun 13
Just a Wednesday.
I didn't take my Prozac.
I'm in my cups.
A foggy clarity focuses my mind.
Rejection from long ago lovers
hurts as it always will.
The snake haired girl might
be at the party Saturday and
I'm always an awkward boy
around her and I love my wife
There's always a "but" when
it comes to ****** attraction.
Maybe I have a migraine like Jayne
and miss the party. Maybe she won't
be there and I will enjoy it all.
Maybe I can't even imagine
any other possibility.
Life is short and needs to be
lived to its fullest.
Chameleon Jun 27
I got home from an afternoon spent by the water
and found him asleep on the floor in front of the fan.
I got down beside him and hugged him and he woke up.
I kissed him three times on the forehead and
“I missed you. I wished you were there to have fun with.”
He said, “I know, I’m sorry.” and laid his head on my arm.
I ran my fingers through his hair and told him about my day.

As I lay there on a towel in the sun, surrounded by my friends; I couldn’t help but wish he were there.

I spent the rest of my evening with him getting food and wishing I could stay cuddled up on the couch, but I had to go to work.
RedD Sep 2018
How do I feel now?
Now that you are gone?
Not gone from my life
But only at the end of a phone?

A few words written
A few at a time
A few days at a time

I can't touch you
I can't taste you
I can't kiss you

I love to do all these things
I know you love them too

I long to hold you
To stroke your face
Kiss your neck

Feel your body next to mine
Feel your warmth inside me
Filling me with joy

That I can't explain
Its for us to share
But I want to share this forever

Do you feel the same?
Until the next time S ❤️
londin Sep 2013
- a party
- a dream
- a trip
- a rope swing
- a canteen
- a movie
- a hike
- a 5 of hearts card
- a coffee date
- a 4 a.m. adventure
- a speeding car
- a kiss
- a few good weeks
- a wednesday night
- a connection
- a party
- a sparkless kiss
- a leaving me in the dark
- a scared little boy
- a whole three weeks
- a drag
- a drink
- a distraction
- a realization
- a text
- an agreement
- a talk
- an explanation
- an I don't understand
- a hug
Tyrone street
laura May 2018
bananas, bananas, yeah, let’s
b-a-n-a-n-a-s, go bananas, go ballistic
bet you’d like to see me eat a banana

the sun is an orange but my mind’s
already gone fruity, tuesdays and wednesday
are for the stuff i didn’t do on monday

crunch time, getting to my job
is kinda difficult without a car or a bike
and they know i’m too bananas
to drive or ride either
thought i was going crazy, but i guess hello poetry is saved
Purcy Flaherty Mar 2018
I heard the footsteps as they came across the road;
The snap of hurried feet outside the house.
Shapes in the moonlight, a voice in the darkness,
A knock at the door, I heard the dogs barking.    
The bleating of the flock,
The chatter of the birds omongst the trees,
I recall the whisper of the morning breeze;
Hyphening the broken silence as two boys stole about the house;
It was midnight in August 99.
Two sparks set out to chase the bang!
Bang!~ set them running.
I cut them down!
I cut them down!
I heard the sirens as the cops sped up the road;
The squeal of hurried wheels outside the house.
More shapes in the moonlight, a voice in the darkness,
A knock at the door, I heard the dogs barking.
The bleating of the flock,
The chatter of the birds amongst the trees,
I recall the whisper of the morning breeze;
Hyphening the broken silence as two cops stole about the house;
It was midnight in August 99.
Two cops set out to chase the bang!  
Bang! ~I put my hands up!
~and the cops took me down!
It's true ~
Judge I’m guilty, for everything they said I did; I did!
But there were reasons, don’t you see:
These boys; they were bullying me!
I called the cops on monday,  Tuesday,, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday again; till i was insain;
Two sparks set out to chase the bang!
Bang ~I cut them down ~ I cut them down!
Two cops set out to chase the bang!
Bang! ~ I put my hands up !
~ and the cops  took me down!

But the wolf just gave me twenty
untill the circus came to town,
As a victim I was lonely
but as a killer I was crowned.
King of the castle!
Top of the heap!
The talk of the town!
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