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Dr Baljit Singh Dec 2018
Only wealthy words work through
It comes through many clues
Rich souls full
Winter drops dew

Scorch heat

May I have some water?
Good, distributes
Open eyes reattribute
Old things new way

Don’t handover
Reminder many ways Mercedes
Look at them their way

Dr Baljit Singh
Sunday 16th December 2018
Knit Personality Sep 2016
Upright, aristocratically
   The ladie sits before the keys.
Her quiet posture doth belie
   Her fingers busy activities.

They mix in mingling counterpoint,
   With wealthy harmonie they disport,
They daunce with skil in evry joynt,
   And doe with heauen's host consort.

And Master Philips I wo'd sweare
   His sad pavan had neuer play'd
Better then plays the ladie here,
   Sith sweeter music ne'er was made.
Osiria Melody Mar 26
not about being wealthy.
not about being idolized.
the material things always
die, but your character
lives with you to the grave.
rather, it's about opening
your generousity to the
world and impacting lives
for the better.

Here lies my answer to the definition of fame. It's okay to be wealthy and well-known. However, it's important to not forget the precious gift that life is.
Jordan Rowan Mar 2016
Every now and then I gotta sweep the floor
Carry out requests like a common *****
But I do it / I'm pushing through it
It's who I am

They tell me not to listen to the men in suits
But after the sermon they lie to you
I'm not easy / you'd best believe me
It's who I am

I've gotta find a woman or at least a man
Love is only accepted if you've got a plan
I'm indecisive / it's the way I live
It's who I am

Maybe when you're wealthy we'll become friends
Because money's never caused a connection to end
But can I borrow / a few tomorrows?
It's who I am

I drive to wherever the world ends
I doubt I'll ever see any of you again
But I love you / I'm thinking of you
It's who I am
Graff1980 Sep 2018
I look for compatriots
in this callous and cruel

I seek allies who will help
me overcome
the horrors that were done
to everyone.

I long for
the warm storm
to wash away
the wicked muck
of too much
hateful stuff,
deeply paining
dark rhetoric
that wealthy men
to create
fear and hate.

I wait
by the desire
to inspire
in contrast
with a need
to find peace
from a
spiteful past,

but even among peers
I am alone.
Let the flow of wealth surround me
Fill my heart with love and peace
Let the energy more freely
Flow through me and never cease

Flow with vibrant love and wisdom
Flow with all I ever need
Flow with harmony and friendship
Flow til I feel ever free

Let the sounds of wealth keep ringing
Let my words run clean and strong
Let my cells rejoice in singing
With this happy wealthy song

Flow with vibrant love and wisdom
Flow with all I ever need
Flow with harmony and friendship
Flow til I feel ever free

Let the streams of wealth flow to me
Let me share this flow with you
Let my mind see ever clearly
All the tasks which I can do

Flow with vibrant love and wisdom
Flow with all I ever need
Flow with harmony and friendship
Flow til I feel ever free

Let the feel of wealth stay near me
Give me confidence to dream
Let me resonate so dearly
With God's never ending stream

Flow with vibrant love and wisdom
Flow with all I ever need
Flow with harmony and friendship
Flow til I feel ever free

Let the truth of wealth fulfill me
As I seek the higher way
Sharing love with friends and family
Counting blessings every day

Flow with vibrant love and wisdom
Flow with all I ever need
Flow with harmony and friendship
Flow til I feel ever free
This is Prosperity Poem 25 at and you can see it displayed on a background here
Sofia Von Jul 2014
Summer heat summer sweet
With a wealthy nature, rich pheromones erupt
Birds n tha bees escape the trees
Please don't plant your seeds
But throw the leaves
Up n up
To get down and drop
Where the dirt pops
Ken keseys ashes
Edible umbrellas turn rainy days on their head spinning pupils wide void of discontentment
Fairies fly off clouds and stars fall at day
Impossible, feelings are blown in and out of proportion to fit a screen thats too small
Tough love
Tough life
Slick surface don't let me fall off the boat as it rocks
Swisher wraps over the curves
Got me feelin lucky like a charm
Cheef all day got me smellin dank as a Rastafarian Only stoppin to sip my Captain Morgans moonshine
Till we hit the caribbean
Then Jack's got me headin for tides end
Flush the bile outta your system
And spiral out of controls iron hand
**** responsibility, Apathy rules all.

Paper crane ******* get all superficial but yellow bones make my brain go fuzzy in smokey ***
In n out, fast n slow
Nicotine dominates
My senses are lost at Molly
That ***** finger ****** my life
Made me *** every time
This unhealthy relation in action doesn't phase me yet, I'm too young to think that far
I mean
What do you expect?
A Teens crowded perceptions can be judged like a bums intentions.
Peace my brotha
Dandy danny says theres a way out
-side with the rap culture
Shots of rebellion pour through the cracks we each fill
The glass
Is too cracked to be see-through

West coast vibes kick back lax attitude I carry on my shoulders
Forever green is my state
Wash that **** off your lawn crack *** haters I'll spray paint your ***
Equality's the goal
**** race
**** sexuality
I see soul
Open up
Show me your beat
I'll count bars as we spit elicited slurs drizzled to drops leaving the cops to stop us
Obeyin the brand
Äŧül Sep 2017
You ask me a query,
You ask, "Where Are You, Honey?"

I have an answer for you,
I say, "I'm inside your heart, honey."

You let it extend, your doubt,
You implore, "But why is it so hazy?"

I fire a ******* in response,
I say, "It's hazy because you're lazy!"

You smile but get perplexed by now,
You ask, "Will you stay if moving on I fail to?"

I am mature and couth,
I say, "I find no reason good enough to not to."

You wonder to yourself,
You ask, "Where from I got you?"

I remind you that I came back,
I say, "I consider it my responsibility to imbue your life with the brightness,
The light lacking in your life,
And to provide you with warmth,
So that you are free from your shivers,
And so that you can be my wife,
I want to fill that void in your day,
Maybe I was sent back only for you,
On your mother's recommendation,
And so wise was her receptivity,
I know that I am a man of my words,
Surely I will make it large for us,
And you are such a hardworking lady,
Our children will have it healthy,
And they will surely have it wealthy,
The wealth won't just be material,
But they will be taught fine civility."

You now ask me your final query,
You ask, "Who will be their tutor?"

I smile and simply end this discussion,
I say, "Obviously, me and you."

Even you are satisfied by now,
You smile & say, "I love you, honey."

I hear what I have been longing to,
I say with a broad smile, "I love you too, honey."
Another response to the poem by Pooja Shah:

My HP Poem #1664
©Atul Kaushal
Julia Lane Oct 2013
I get it, my problems aren't that bad.
Worse things happen to better people everyday.
I live in a costal, wealthy, yatch club town,
Officially an only child,
With my judgmental sister spending her freshman year in Manhattan.
I live with my favorite parent,
who doesn't care what fun I have
as long as I'm honest and safe,
and of course I get my schoolwork done,
and the other who drives me insane
is fortunately not in the same area code as me.

But it hurts
To be the listener for the people who created me
As they speak horrible things about each other,
Express their loathing for one another.

To be so broken
And not to know what do to about it..
Self abuse is in my rearview,
but I just hate talking about myself so much.
I've gotten really good at bottling up
And moving on
Just letting my bad thoughts and feelings
Dissolve into worthlessness.

But sometimes it ***** to be alone.

I just wish you were here to tell me I'm not
and that you love me.
Jon York May 2
Today is an incredible day: success, prosperity, and abundance in many different forms have naturally found their way into my life today.                                 "I am happy"
                                            "I am healthy"
                                            "I am productive"
                                            "I am wealthy"
                                            "I am successful"
                                            "I am creative"
                                            "I am secure"
                                            "I am worthy"
                                            "I am positive thinking"
                                            "I am stress-free"
                                            "I am blessed"
                                            "I am grateful for finding, experiencing love"
                                            "I am confident"
                                            "I am courageous"
                                            "I am excited about today"
                                                          ­                                    Jon York   2019
Rich Hues Apr 5
Churches love an echo
Like a riot loves a crowd,
The bereaved were doing sombre
But she was doing loud,
The old man was in his coffin
Her lover couldn't make her stop,
In flagrante in the vestry
The wealthy widow was on top.
Sister .. I'm so sorry ,
Didn't mean to cut the relationship..
Sister .. Forgive me,
I just don't want to be sad anymore..

There's a new girl who fall for your brother,
A girl who is so beautiful and wealthy.
Person who capable to meet him everyday.

I don't enjoy any competition if I am about to lose,
I don't think I can continue being a fighter for a man who can go through his day without thinking of me.
I don't think you would care either.

I'm glad that I've met you I hope you know that.
But now thing are so complicated, I can't effort living in sorrow forever.

Thank you for your kindness,
Thank you for the wedding day,
Thank you for appreciate the gift,
Thank you .. Thank you
Umi Apr 2018
Open, oh eye of ones heart
The spiral of desire continues with no end to it, if lies are to pollute the world it is time to purify yourself from them all, one by one.
A hearts eye, sees through lies, but that is not its only purpose in a chest full of light and compassion in which it can greatly be found,
It serves so much more, all sealed uner a truthful surface and a righteous core, careless about anothers looks, the way they speak, superficiality such as shallowness are wiped out by it completely,
The hearts eye sees anothers soul and what they truly are, a judgement far away from personal preferences or falsities caused by instincts of ones heart which are likely to bring light headed frivolity,
It cherishes the good, the beauty of the soul except for wealthy appearance, mavelovence within greedy devilish behaviour and spite,
Projected like a story, the fear of what they see is but of themselves, if such an eye hits a devil right on the head, exposing his  treaciousness
What lies behind such a courtain of darkness, may it be good? Evil ?
Come pray by my side, if you shiver from that far away I cannot help you, as sadness clouds your vision in a courtain call of pure grief,
Let me open your eyes, so your wounds may heal.

~ Umi
Vierra Feb 2017
There's a reverie that still haunts me,
and the capability to be free from it makes me pay a fee,
I have a son and he is healthy,
I have a job, but not wealthy,
I have no wife, which makes me a bachelor with a bloodline,
I have no family, which makes me feel fine.

I am a rolling stone in the shallows of the sea,
I am the shudders of air on a the wingtips of a bee,
I am not expecting you to carry my load,
I'll play the queen then fold.

I miss my fiancé to no end,
she is the one that of whom letters should be send,
she will never speak to me again,
she is a lady who is, now and again, foreign.

I miss the mountains of a different land,
from a country of which I am a fan,
I will see you again Ha'aheo,
for I have, for you, a kaheo.

This is the end of my dream,
of which I explained and deem,
worthy of your critique,
for I am doing this to release and not to be unique.
kaheo - a vision or beckoning
Ha'aheo - to be proud *used as a name*
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