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jeffrey robin Jun 2010
takin the long walk again
faces of the soldier boys don't  bother me none

seekin the clear vision
i'm goin home
freedom aint what i'm fightin for
its just my way of livin
givin myself to you for free
just the way you said you'd want me


takin the lone stroll around the town
faces of the prostitutes still startle me

i'm just a friend of pure exstacy
givin myself to you for free
just the way you said you'd want me



jeffrey robin Feb 2015
/ )  ) \


Takin the        Long Walk            again
Faces of the      Soldier boys
Don't bother me none

Seeking the       Clear Vision
( I'm a goin        Home )

Freedom  ain't what I'm fighting for
( it's just my way of livin )

Givin myself to you for    Free

Just the way you said you want me


Hey now the world' s on fire with fear
Hey now momma your child
Ain't near ya now

He's going down down again

Drowning in a sea of mass illusion

Guns are shootin every which a way
Flags are wavin all over the place

Flags are wavin all over the place


I'm takin the     Lone Stroll      round the town
Faces of the prostitutes
Still startle me

Where are the Lovers of our       Destiny !

I'm just a      Friend
Of     Pure Ecstacy

Giving myself away for    Free

Just the way you said
You want me


Hey now the world' s on fire with fear
Hey now momma your child
Ain't near ya now

He's goin down down again

Drowning in a sea of mass illusion

Guns are shootin every which a way
Flags are wavin all over the place

Flags are wavin all over the place


Flags are wavin all over the place
Ashley sheppard Nov 2013
Moonshine drinking
Pork rind eatin
Deer hunting
women chasing
tabacco chewing
Bass fishing
Rebel flag wavin
Pick up truck driving
Terry O'Leary Jun 2013
A cruel Jack Frost blows icy floss
          (in front of spring a’ burstin’)
while shiftin’ sheaves of withered leaves
          near freezin’ streams a’ thirstin’.
A pack reviled runs roamin’ wild,
          the alpha wolf wakes howlin’
then scents a lean and lonesome scene
          while on the lurk a’ prowlin’.

A cloud revolts with spangled bolts,
          and starry skies start closin’
as wild geese soar beyond death’s door
          neath naked moon a’ posin’.
Electric shafts, like fractured rafts,
          sail night’s cathedral caldrons –
their cracking curse makes herds disperse
          in random splayed and sprawled runs.

A she-wolf sighs with hungry eyes;
          the ancient wolf waits, bayin’ -
with weary back, he’s lost the track,
          his bandied legs betrayin’.
The brood’s somewhere in shrouded lair
          with mama left to mind ’em -
the wolf, a’ drag with empty swag,
          is on his way to find ’em.

The pack rejoins with weary ***** -
          perhaps its days are numbered.
In evening’s night, he’s feeling tight,
          with aches and pains encumbered.
As morning nears, with shaggy ears
          (one droopin’ down, hung over)
he’ll set the course with renewed force,
          for, yes, he’s still the rover.

When snow enshrines the timberlines
          and skies are ripped asunder
though young, lupine, they’ll stifle whines,
          as gullies fill with thunder;
mid echoes in the mouth o’ death,
          they bid farewell the lair
while panting puffs o’ crystal breath
          float, hanging in the air.

Their path is black (they can’t look back
          for herds long gone a’ missin’)
as dusk profanes the snow-bound plains
          the sinkin’ sun was kissin’.
Neath northern lights, with barks and bites,
          he keeps ’em all in motion –
the speckled scars of fallin’ stars
          display the night’s devotion.

The sky’s a’ blushin’ in the east,
          and hollow wind’s are sighin’
while buzzards freeze in gallows trees,
          a’ roostin’, rapt and eyein’.
These ghouls of prey, they’re spooked away,
          like tumbleweeds a’ blowin’,
by tilted head, white fangs tipped red,
          and warnin’ wail’s a’ growin’.

With snout upturned the moon’s discerned
          as well as wafts a wendin’
and muzzled growls and shriekin’ howls
          mark wolves in quests unendin’.
With fragrant hint, the wolf’s a’ sprint,
          the pack begins t’ rally –
in swift descent they’ve seized a scent,
          that’s flowin’ down the valley.

The wolf moves on behind the dawn
          and shades the pale horizon
as she-wolfs vet his silhouette
          each time they lay their eyes on.
With trek discreet, a trail is beat
          across a river frozen –
when day’s complete, just mice to eat,
          a choice despised, but chosen.

A stillness jeers the shaggy ears
          (one droopin’ down, hung over),
while caribou, with much ado,
          drift, seekin’ blades o’ clover;
the wearied pack picks up their track
          (with stony stomachs pangin’)
through endless seas of barren trees
          with ice like daggers hangin’.

The wolf invades forgotten glades,
          the pack stays close behind ’im;
the caribou, in his purview,
          seem far too far to mind ’im.
Above, a baleful moonbeam wails,
          “oh god he’s gonna’ catch ’em”;
the scene is grim, the Reaper dim,
          the night has gone to fetch ’im.

A moanin’ mynah’s crying loud
          as birds of prey are preachin’
to cravin’ ravens prayin’ proud
          and wide-eyed owls a’ screechin’.
The wolf, unrushed, is breathin’ hushed,
          his hollow eyes a’ narrowin’
and focused hard in fixed regard
          on herds they'll soon be harrowin’.

The morning breeze is ill at ease,  
          a surge brings sudden silence –
then haggard swarms launch poundin’ storms
          and hurricanes of vi’lence;
the herd’s surprised and paralyzed
          all over hell’s half acre –
the leadin’ buck’s run out of luck,
          he’s soon to meet his maker.

The old wolf creeps, the old wolf leaps
          on prey he’s been a’ trackin’ –
a deer adorned with branchin’ horns
          is torn by beasts attackin’.
The morning quakes, a shadow shakes,
          tined antlers left a’ lyin’,
and spattered spots and scarlet clots
          repaint the point o’ dyin’.

A magpie flies with frightened eyes
          (on ebon wings a’ wavin’),
spies wolfin’ jaws and sated maws
          of wolves no longer cravin’.
The snowdrift clears, a cool wind veers,
          a dying breath, moreover –
a wraith appears, with shaggy ears,
          (one droopin’ down, hung over).

Dawn’s sunbeams crowd, ignite a cloud,
          its threaded strands a’ weavin’.
The pack awakes and twists and shakes,
          for soon it’s time for leavin’;
it’s bleak, it chills on shallow hills,
          as she-wolfs come a’ nuzzlin’,
but north winds scold, the wolf lies cold,
          the pack stands back a’ puzzlin’.

On crimson snows neath perchin’ crows,
          the pack abides a’ guardin’;
while nights are tight with Harpy kites,
          the she-wolves wait an’ harden,
until a groanin’ blizzard stones
          the barren forest stowin’
his shaggy ears beneath the weirs,
          with icy hails ’a blowin’.

The storm abates and terminates,
          the glacial wind’s subsidin’;
the past is past or passin’ fast
          and life goes on abidin’.
The herds, today, roam far away,
          not thinkin’ of the dyin’;
the pack’ll stray from day to day,
          ’a stalkin’ hard and tryin’.

As spring sneaks forth upon the north,
          they’re lean without their leader.
A she-wolf (bound with belly round)
          strains neath a budding cedar.
Upon the morn a whelp is born
           (the future forest drover)
in new frontiers, with shaggy ears
          (one droopin’ down, hung over).
jeffrey robin Feb 2014
Takin the long walk again
Faces of the soldier boys they bother me some

Seekin the clear vision I'm a goin home

Freedom ain't what I'm a fighting for
It's just my way of livin

Givin myself to you for free

Just the way you said you'd want me


Hey now the world's on fire with fear
Hey now momma yer child ain't near ya now

He's goin down down again
Drowning in a sea of mass illusion

Guns are shootin every which way

Flags are wavin all over the place


Takin the lone stroll around the town
Faces of the prostitutes still startle me

The government men
The same as the thieves

I'm just a friend of
Pure ecstasy

Givin  myself to you for free

Just the way you said you'd want me


Hey now the world's on fire with fear
Hey now momma yer child ain't near ya now

He's goin down down again
Drowning in a sea of mass illusion

Guns are shootin every which way
Flags are wavin all over the place

Flags are wavin all over the place
BlakOps Feb 2013
Life is like a box of chocolates.
I didn't know I would get
a brown eyed beauty
with a nice lil' *****
and she's cool see,
she been on her own vibes since
before the age of 5,
then we vibed.
now we live.
she decided I was her guy,
I decided to pursue this fly
cutie with a 'tude like, "shoot me,
has me hooked like a tuna at sea,
tamed me like a tiger and oh so lovely!"
Now I got 5 on it
thinkin' 'bout doublin' down
she wavin other girlies like,
"bye haters,
see ya laters
Im wit my man right now, bout to get"
I am at peace
Grasping gatherin"
Marble extracted pieces

Dust all over deep  ye
shallow crevices  cry
A white dove's  fly
free of sorrow

I'd love to seal a millionth
tears on your lips kiss my farewell

I am the deep Space
I am the Brahman
I am the fine firmament
You are all best
Such is the truth

I am blood flesh body consciousness
Such is the Truth

I am the firmament
Go down on fantasy
Burn your fleshy
Languish fingers
And see where they land

Into the neverland anythin" is
Laying the sea **** as it were
A forest's tapestry ready
To recall the roll over
The magic Moss
and the razor sharp
entwined stares are infatuated
entirely, submerged in carnal
Pleasures and driftin" as
Smooth as our palms
explore the desired
Flowerin" as
Shapes of heavenly
Shape shifti'n
Shinin' within our legendary
Black holes of perception

Rays fall exposed to the
Acoustic fractures resemble
Ray's glimmerin' under
Undulated  brilliancies

Hey you, painter, a wordsmith of a happy fiddle tunes
All over the the land, ripe harry hills, bush berries and burgundy
Grow infinitesimal promises

Step aside for a while, apparitions of your wildest abstractions
Mean nothin" Come and take my breath away by the hand
And swim me to Swimmers' simmerin'

Endless Time is a ****** illusion
A Reckless hope drivin"
Without a licence

Riot rascals
And ******* concortions
Emanate radiant embarassed
Spirallin" shy blushes
To hide and die of this word: Anguish

I'd swallow the swell day
I'd let you know your golden and crimson
Deep Thoughts of Goodness

Precious precious Indigo
Ageless darlin'

Step a bit further
And see it (for) yourself
Coolin" within
The open space spiced
Dee light danger liasons

Ferocious I'm borne
Ferocious I give off
The light

I dye
I diamond you
I die dao the way up to you into the uncountable fervored Future

I burn I burn

I am the Sun
And the stars and the galaxies
I am The earth
I am the forest the mountains
I am the lake
Call me a fake
And mockin" will explode
Around your sweet grinin" face

Do not agree that we only read
Some make bread with sour cream
Some make cookies with a bit of green
Some throw flat stones upon the mild surfaces seen

Mirrorin" their minor inspirations tryin" to put others down
Hey, here is your crown! Bittersweet! Clown!


Scented oils linger in a sanguine air
Upon your tangible surrender
I fall and kiss your kiss

Rivers run wild flowering seeds
Rivers carry them to Toward n" a while deeds
Within cosmic symphonies by Oceanic all blueness

Blatant and Blissful
Ponds dormir

This all comes and goes
like ripples    
Upon the jade pond
This comes and voes like a vessel
Transports all beings

All beings engage in their essence

While the noble sage
Disillussions own Self:

Subtle and ethereal body

This I am
This I am not

The wise
The names
The forms
The invisible
The intangible
They do Keep on goin'
Manure for the soul body mind.
Manure for the truthful seekers.
Major influence by Deepak Chopra.
Minor influence by the truth which lies in each and every one of us.
Hope you enjoyed the conducted narrative. Take for granted only what you percieve to be (your) Truth. This is poetry! This does and doesn"t speak of love. Tho" it aims to divine blissful revelations.
jeffrey robin Dec 2013
Wisp of smoke

The poem writhes and sheds ****** words
As it tries escape into the alleyway

But the high school clowns

Wavin their ****** razor blades
And with their filthy saliva drooling down from their mouths

Are chasin the poem down

In murderous imitation of the Police


Wisp of smoke

The poem

Weakened by the close contact with the insanity

Buries itself in the garbage

Forgetting that this is what the high school clowns
Love to eat

And he is found!


After it is violently destroyed

The high school clowns go on their way

Chanting their victory song


and then go home to
Mutilate themselves
Sydney Ann Mar 2015
A thousand miles seems pretty far
I'm lost, I heard you
I'd walk a to you if I had no other way
I think the air is finally safe to breathe again
The world is in your palm now so take a breath and calm down
I'd wait a day just for a maybe
I just don't care
I've got nothing left to lose
Take this and turn it into gold
Everything you thought you had has turned to stone
And be replaced by pints of whiskey, cigarettes and outer-space

Look at me now, I'm fallin'
Living, dying here for you
I've got all the time in the world, but every night I think of you
I confessed to you riding shotgun
I had nothing to hold you down
Now it's killing me to walk away

I need to know your lips
Why don't you want to wake this up?

Would you please just take my heart and melt it down?
It was so beautiful when it was needed
If you could know what I was feeling

I've been in the ditch, I've been through the wringer
All I wanna be, all I ever wanna be, is somebody to you
I see you by my house, walking with a different girl

Yeah it's killing me to walk away

Some day soon, I wont be the one who waits on you
I'll be standin' at the top wavin' my *******
The vamps
Nova Rockefeller
Tegan and Sara
Margot and the Nuclear So So's
Fall Out Boy
Nicholas Jul 2015
She had a glow to shine; had a shine to glow
Love unleashed the life to heart
& the heart relinquished everything to bow
She had a lit to flicker so she flickered overnight
I watched her wavin'  'pon transculent winds
as if she "Voosh-ed" the lamp with smile
Darkness got us pleased around, oh her very warmth on surround
She closed her raring eyes in love & I fiercely broke her unbroken shell, Unbound.
Lowdown dwarf sitting up my table
Handcurfed laughing in a washing machine
Cupboard loading into pieces of a lighter
much faster blue monk
Stripping teaser hunky Buddha boy faster in
a ring with cakes up his chin
Kneeled down clown with his black socks in the
chamber of the notorious weekend son
Indian geeks falling from a pulled up sink skirt
at the speed of twilight
Mashin' potatoes hollerin' through the lightning
Still my age ribbon tooley much ahead from my pants
Nails shootin' through spines at the edge of a pencil ball
Still washing up my braces in a much harder followed ankle bone
Pulled down clown wavin' moist upon Sindi at night time collapse
that gets off his chin
Tiny cup of black coffee balanced underneath two fast licking owls
Lyn Senz Nov 2013
'What happens to bad poets when they die?'
'Aye, tis a good question,' says the sotted
brute wavin his hand whilst spittle flyin
with most syllables.
'I yam told bad poets stew in alphabet soup,
and get eaten by old grannies for all eternity.'
'I eard that one, but seems a waste of good soup.'
'Aye, and why de grannies get involved, it's a
misog, misog, a ting against women I'll bet.'
'Well then, what might you think?' says the innkeeper
to the quiet sod at the end of the bar.
'Eh..I should think they go with the good ones,
cuz I'd be ****** if I can tell the difference.'
'Aye,' says all, 'aye.'

©2012 Lyn
jeffrey robin Oct 2014
/::/::/   •  ||


I imagine all the naked girls down in the

great pit of the arena

Wavin their ****** *****  and dripping vaginas

Up in the air

At the boys in the stands



And the boys laughing and throwing

Bags of ****  down on them

And ******* on them

While the girls howl

And cry and eat the **** and drink the ****



Down in the pit amongs their ****** *****

And dripping vaginas

And the **** and the ****

And the utter total depraved meaninglessness


And then

A flash of light


And I see

The 1000 beautiful dreamy faces

Of the lovely young girls

With glistening eyes of eternal blissful truth

Thru pristine imaginations

Of childhood grace

And immaculate splendor

Visions of fertility and hope and marriage

And tomorrow's blessed children

Nurtured by strong and real People


And the young boys

Teary eyed with humility

Gentle with adoration

Entering and mingling and embracing

All and each

and angels rejoicing

And tyrants fleeing

And the dragons of peace circling

And handsome  unicorns holding and healing

And all is good so very good


And I read my poem and weep
Eiler Jun 2016
Poundin' my taxman's door f'dear life
Kickin', screamin' and wavin' my knife
He took all my money
my house and my hunny
But hell, why won't he take my wife?
Marco Jimenez Mar 2010
got my hands in my pockets
my chin in the air
my feet on the ground
im on a mission
a dare

got my hands in my pockets
my chin in the air
got my eyes fixed foreword
like there's nothing their

nothing but my path
my goals
my ends
my faults
my treasure
my money
my friends
my sweet jar of honey
my strength
my heart
my strive
to be a part
of something big
a part of something real
a part of something special
something that will make me feel

and free
in the air
where nothing can touch me
where no one can bring me down

i got my hands out of my pockets
my head held high
my feet steppin up
and im wavin bye

bye to my world o fear
bye to my world of pain
bye to my world of dead ends
bye to my world of never ending rain

bye to the darkness in the corner
bye to the darkness under the sheets
bye to the filling my head
bye to the holding my feet

bye to the hateful swing that misses every time
trying to hit me
trying to pound me
trying to deal great pain

i am above you now
im standin tall
nothing can hold me back
nothing at all
Carla Marie May 2013
Long ago day on a country porch… cuz
It was too dern hot in the kitchen…
Three generations of women
Surrounded by trees and fields of greens
Snappin a whole heap’a beans…
Swattin at flyin buzzin things…
Laughin big laughs… and
Tellin small lies…
Wavin one hand as the car goin by
Stirs red dirt into the sultry air
Comin from “down yonder”…and
Headin “up ‘ere”…
Touchin giggle tears
With apron hems
Forward thirty years… and
I still see them… although
I’m the only one left…  

All the bean snappin porch ladies
Have gone the way
Of the natural progression of things… but
I can still hear that old screen door slam
I can still hear the old ladies sing…and
I now sing alone,
The hymn they usta bring
“… it’s anotha day’s journey, and I'm so glad, so glad about it… feels so good to be here”
Alma Nkemla Oct 2013
Give me freedom, give me fire,
give me reason, take me higher.
See the champions, take the field now,
unify us, make us feel proud.
In the streets our heads are liftin',
as we lose our inhibition.
Celebration it's around us,
every nations, all around us.
Singin' forever young,
singin' songs underneath that sun.
Let's rejoice in the beautiful game.
And together at the end of the day,
When I get older, I will be stronger.
They'll call me freedom. Just like a wavin' flag.
vinny Feb 2016
straight to the edge surpass light speed
full reverse thrusters
tractor beam

money exchanged
souls bought and sold
twist the tourniquet bleeding uncontrolled

satisfy thirst
bringin' the onslaught

don't know better
what they were taught

it's over now the good guys won
final scene moppin' up blood

surrender in droves
white flags wavin'

hands in the air
*these souls need savin'
surrender submit it's all *******
David W Clare Oct 2016
By: David W. Clare

Country Hicks are my kinda folk
Getting drunk, we likes to joke
Moonshine an' whiskey, outlawed still?
Jack and Jill, kissed up the hill...

Shotgun weddin', down by the lake
Women folk rustling, baba queing up some steak
Pork spare ribs and a catfish bake...

Huckleberry cousins can't read nor write!
Uncle Gus, gettin' drunk, he likes to fight all night!

Here come more kin, from way down south
Riding a horse, wild dogs a barking, foamin' at the mouth...

Shotgun Weddin' wavin' bye bye, all stood 'round, broke down and cry...

(C) in perpetuity all reserved by the author
(P) FilmNoirWorks
Inspired by my fondness of Rockin' Country Music...I write each day for hours on end... no girl friend helps a lot!
PS I do not drink or drug I'm 100% clean zero habit into organic Asian health here in Thailand, SE Asia... DaVe
Jeffrey Robin Sep 2016

Hey now
The world's on fire with fear


Hey now momma
Your child ain't with ya now


He goin down down again

Drowning in a sea of mass illusion

Guns are shootin every which-a-way

Flags are wavin all
Over the place

Flags are wavin all
Over the place

Alma Nkemla Oct 2013
Give me freedom, give me fire,
give me reason, take me higher.
See the champions, take the field now,
unify us, make us feel proud.
In the streets our heads are liftin',
as we lose our inhibition.
Celebration it's around us,
every nations, all around us.
Singin' forever young,
singin' songs underneath that sun.
Let's rejoice in the beautiful game.
And together at the end of the day,
When I get older, I will be stronger.
They'll call me freedom. Just like a wavin' flag.

don't we all look up the skies as we start to wonder
aren't all of them writers up at night just to ponder
might be out of many a thing bein' stumbled upon
or like breezes of winds that are blowin' into mind

tho most of those times feelings bein' put asunder
by emotions as much as the rain, storm 'n' thunder
although aswell as the sun, moon 'n' stars beyond
just seems as if many don't manage nor get to find

so ye can contemplate but never thyselves deprive
to define these nature's bonds 'n' the beauties of life
for be it lessons by foremost the hard ways learned
or of one of those lovers onto which ye have burned

thus whether ye're writin' accordin' rules to follow
acknowledge thy messagin' by thy heart's wavin' flow

* always...

عرفان بن يوسف © AH 22/04/1437

'a (freestyle meter) Sonnet'
jeffrey robin May 2014
(      •  •
               v        v    


She tells me many things


See !

The children suffer so !

( blowin in the wind ! )

Up and down

Liked lynched negroes
In bitter breezes


(But they's poor kids so
It's okay )

We use our righteous indignation only
When it's safe -- don't we ?

( yes she tells me many things )

jeffrey robin Apr 2013
We move slow
People actin like they be actors
And it's all  "staged"
Love !
Power trippin
Wavin parts a bodies
In each other's face!
playing around with razor blades !
We move---"clear and clean."
We wander DARK streets
We call you By NAME
The real song lingers
And you may
To hear

We move slow


Sings with me
LOVIN for real

jeffrey robin May 2013
Wavin guns !
Talkin ta god!
It's good
The sun rises
Now what?
The sense of forever
Colors the day with meaning
With images of grave happenings
With eachother
The little girl
Goes to school
jeffrey robin Nov 2015
/ ( \

• •
• •
• •

|||         |||


Oh      Oh

Oh these

Holy Days

•                 •

Fire !

Fire !

The heart cannot explain

(  •  )

Beasts of Burden !

making love

Tyrants shudder

The streets are raw with blood


golden chariots !



Coming down from above

Dance --- YE fancy man !

She is

A coming closer !

She is always after you



YE boys & girls

It Ain't over till it's Over

See the Fat Lady Rollin over

In the clover

And you

The designated Lover !


With all the Flags a wavin

In the sky
jeffrey robin Jun 2015
... There IS somethin rather funny about

******* over some Stupid Girl

Looking at her standin there crying and moaning

And repeating all the dead cliches

And wavin her ****** arms around !


And as me and my friends

Walk by laughin

Well yeah

Sometimes I think we ' re acting kinda jerky

But IT IS hard to believe that the girl has Real Feelings

that CAN be hurt or that she really FELL for me SO HARD

that now she is BROKEN !!!


Jesuz !


now I know a lot of you SISTERS ( ha ha ) out there

Be gearing up with yer --YER  A SEXIST PIG crapolla


( need I remind you !! )

It was you who

" took the ***** under wing "

And TAUGHT her to try to **** her way to heaven

And TAUGHT her these useless  cliches

And ( simply put )  DELIVERED her to hell

And it was YOU who TAUGHT her

To play the jealousy games with yer


( possessive little devil's daughters ain't ya !! (?) )

I mean



I mean

Sometimes me and my pals get to wondering

It girls are really sentient beings at all !

( I mean -- these Stupid Girls --- are they (?) )


I AM starting to feel bad about things

But the girl's emotions are so phoney

I means


And all the girls

Just leading each other on

Pretending than any of you know a thing !
jeffrey robin May 2014
()      ()

Hey now
The world's on fire
With fear


Sure babe sure
You'll find a lover

Sure !

(Maybe today)


Hey now Mama
Yer child ain't
Near YE now


Hey !
Somebody out there
Is surely alright

And lookin for me

(Sure he is !)


He's goin
Down , down again

Drowning in a sea of mass illusion


She stood on the subway platform
Watchin people gettin on and off the trains

Certainly one of them !

( he must be somewhere ! )


Guns are shootin
Every which way

Flags are wavin
All over the place

(All over the place)


Hey now the world's
On fire with fear


Ah but surely he must be here
Lookin for me

Just for me

( SURE )



Was lookin for a girl
Who was lookin for him

So they might look after the world

Lookin for you

He's sure you're here
dennis drain Jul 2016
I wanna know why,?.... I put my hood up as i walk under lights. Can't say i won't  but i know i got some time before i die. So im creasin up my pants , fresh shirt first class flown from France, same shoes that i wore way back in class, i like wavin to the police  with my ******* like an angry bee stinger  im a hifey little ***, work every day but im still strapped for cash, dress like look like act like a business man, im the boss of some back ally business plans. Walk round town like a ****** gangster man. I got props from the big boss i handle business better than the mob. Never back down never run home to mom. Get my *** beat stand back on my feat cuz i ain't one to get robbed
jeffrey robin Jan 2015

                 ^^       ^^

FALSE       Love
FALSE        Hate


Truth is dead



In the street !


Children in the high schools ?

They are what they ain't


Is anyone still human


FALSE FLAGS wavin in the streets
jeffrey robin Oct 2014
( (
       ( (  
            (  (
                   ( (
                        /   \

tell me a story                                                      
••              • •

Little child in the hills

Who his daddy gonna say to **** ?                                        

                                  Little boy on the road

With his ***      yeah / he  packin quite a load                                

                                Little kid sellin crack on the street

Supplied to him by the C . I . A.            


So tell me now who ya love ?

And how he hurt your feelings !
How he hurt your feelings !


In the center of the storm

Love is meanin more and more

Guns are shootin every which a way

Flags be a wavin all over the place


Tell me now of your love !

Of your love : yeah

Tell me a real story


Little the song that plays
                                       In a little heart

Reality is come unglued

And here I am just a countin on you !

One way or another
                        We just got to start


Tell me truly of your love

Tell me what you're feeling
Tell me what you're feeling
jeffrey robin Sep 2014

•  ( just once  ---  Be free )   •                                                    
                I WILL


Why not ?


More people have hung themselves to death in
AMERICA in the last 2 years

Than were lynched here in all of our history !



Flags wavin !

Guns a firin !

Politicians lyin and taking millions a dollars from banks and corporations

?????                          ?

ain't ya proud ?

•• /
                                        /   I get it ?  Yer sayin we ain't free     Right ?


For once in your lives

Be free

The reasons for doing so have been explained

In countless previous poems
Qualyxian Quest May 2019
traveling on, no earthly haven
         tormented soul needs savin’
                    wind and water wavin’ ...

                          the Raven!
ohNoe Jul 12
8:56 PM

Seein' faces which no longer exist,
an eerie army of them,
how have I known such death
and yet still draw breath
mayhap a few were my fault,
forever haunted shall I be
especially as none of them deserved it
and i'm still livin laughin dancing free
it's kinda hurtin in here
tho it's basically just whinin
btw, where's my ******* beer
or at least a bottle or three of whine
my mind only sits still if forced to
and that requires more than you
will ever Noe how to do
it's dancin dangerous circle cycles at the moment
not the bestest ever tour for this version of clint
visions videos vicious internal angst bleeding my psyche
introversion reversion is ******'ing me
this soup bowl hath been poisoned
and i ain't prepared for such pain
at last i'll have always have my marbles of blue
and my die which with Bob will always crush you :)
which kiss do you most miss
cuz I heave several on that list
some of whom I've never even tasted
but "maybe someday" is imagination unwasted
reset myself so many times
when is it too many times?
precious little keeping me here
and I'm not much in touch with fear
the **** it ******* Clint
is ******* his inner Clinton
*** on
let's blow this scene shot...

10:31 PM

which noose can you not cut loose
what's the soul scar you can't uncarve
or are you like me...
no fav among the many
I don't like space shuttles
but I do love muggles
well, a few of them
a few more on a whim
are your dreams too often screams
do you shout racial epithets at yourself
are you an ex genius boy
or a gorgeous-brain girl
who's tired of this toy we call our world
I hate saying I hate
but I hate all kinda ****
I used to Love to Love
but i just don't be feelin it
my blue rose hath decayed
its romantic spirit been betrayed
somewhere sometime my luck
said it doesn't even wanna ****
so fornicate yourself world
this boy beyond bent at bein whirled
I AM the best ME this boy ever been
but I'm just still just a Clint to my Clinton
c'mon man, I get it
but can't you quit
you win, i'm blah
this joke is older than I am
yet you insist on the retell
what else do you want from me
do you think I haven't visited my home in hell
when I am Positive Patient Polite people are joyful in their interactions with me...the potential to be a genuinely impactful presence in a meaningful moment of their life which they will remember and subsequently relive with me, pulling me into their experience as one of the cruxes, is the reason I actually have smile wrinkles from work even tho much of it is soul draining torture...not triple P at the moment....
how many dead people do you Noe???
many of you more than I certainly.
did it begin early?
does it continue late?
I don't want to be Dead
but it is seriously a freakish occurrence that I'm not
the statistics don't support it
better purer truer souls have seen their bodies left to rot
I knew my brain was insane at 5 yrs old
when the people studying me
told me my Intelligence Quotient was BOOM
and I said I Noe
but I can't respect your opinion
cuz this is a junior college room
so *******, yo
(plus my sister siblings were all so off the chart genius that I had to read at least a book a day from Kindergarden until HS, when I read a book a day cuz I wanted to F U, just to keep up with my understanding of the world beyond our block...if you have never read The Phantom Tollbooth, you really should, and you should do so with your kids...and if they're not old enough for Harry Potter or Tolkien, then read to/with them the Ursula K. Le Guin Earthsea Trilogy)
there's not a band aid for me
ahhh ****
I thought I was beyond thee
what was once my smile
is now a grisly grin
a snarky sneer
anything to contain the pain.
I'm sorry if you're sad
it might not be that bad
I can be the bestest silliness you've ever sampled
just hold my bald head as your button gets tongue trampled
and, ummm, yeah.....

11:30 PM

can you shake it??
the voice which quakes you?
who was your 1st?
not your 1st ****
not even your 1st kiss
simply the 1st set of eyes
blue, brown, green, heterochromatic (ooooohh Aly)
or the 1st smile, lips
the 1st voice, laugh
the 1st statement from a mind
a spirit in kind
which drew you into within
made that one the again and again and again
Did you ever Breakfast at her Tiffany's??
and if not is it still a favorite fantasy??
do you feel that???
that's a kiln absolutely killn it,
the dolls all Princess Wavin at their Kat
I can't get away with such silly sentimentality,
she'd most likely just make me smack me
you can't ME OW the Kat
unless you put it in a Tat :)
Does it still matter?
Is it still the solo
on your soul guitar?
Or is it merely whatever
couldn't give less of a ****
but wish them the best of luck
Maybe she was the entire worth of your world
I've been there once or thrice or more
In which case you can still hear her whisper
and your heart hates you for not winning her
Now without her, again, whoever whatever
drifting falling, alone again, whatever wherever
and....midnight don't mess around
time to get some sleep...hopefully super sound

— The End —