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badtaste May 6
god thinks I've ran away
perhaps I've been lost all these days

but I don't deserve paradise
can't even count all my alibis
and here she lies in a story which we all shall begin
of tragedy and victory of passion and sin

all the petty past jealously
wasting your pretty present time with me
are you ready to turn and go the other way?
I wanted to wast alone
soon I wanted to live with you
I'm alive and all the music sounds so much better
I even can cry when I watch things die in dead of winter
when are skin touches it feels like our first hit of electricity
more than a brush or a rush of newly past memories
it seems we cannot hush our passion or bliss
when we've been longing for so long our very first kiss
is it wrong to sing a song about running away from time with you
dancing like it's prom dying in your arms
saying my last true words
"I love you."
James LR Mar 31
I have beheld the beauty of your smile.
Bringing my heart more warmth than any fire.
I know thy heart is troubled. Denial
must be denied. Of love I shall not tire.
My heart and my soul burn to seek thy grace.
Your gentle eyes and gaze hath love adorned
Til no sun could hold candle to the face,
Of which I pledge I shall not earn the scorn.
Though many nights I feel the cold once more
When roots of frost again slip through my mind
To cloud my heart with eyes of doubt. For sure,
If thou wast by my side I'd be not blind.
I need not fear the empty bitter cold,
When on thee and our love I can behold.
Sonnet #10
Forgot to post this a while ago.
Lady Ravenhill Aug 2018
Real charm wast only a desp'rate inclination
In mine own heart, until thee
Did breathe life into mine own breast
With thy f'rvent fascination
Igniting the true charm
In mine own soul in joyous delectation.
Whisp'r'd gently in mine own ears
With thy delicate incantations
©LadyRavenhill 2018
Ferdaus Tahir Oct 2018
'twas the scorching sun shalt embrace
With civet's blossom, it continuate
Wherefore thee mysteriously banish?

For I betoken to mouse-hunt ye

Hast the orb of light oft shine
E'en it acknown of its despair
Nay! it guides us toward our lover

Drunkenly and wobbly walking toward thee

Dost the sun amercing us
Due to our misgiving of love
Nay! it amerce to those who've lost

Hence I really wished to return whence you came from

As thy body is away from me
My heart wast devastated
In your whimsical disappearance

I've became drunk for longing ye

— The End —