axr Nov 2014
I hate this air which are compelled to breathe
We are trapped in the clutches of pollution
If I don't breathe this air
I will die
but now that I am breathing this air
I am dying
Gaia will poison us all
for what we did to her
oh shit sorry we have oxygen tanks, i could always use that.
on a serious note, we all should be worried about the pollution in the world. i don't need to present you with the evidence of what global warming is doing to mankind.
We are the evidence of what global warming is doing to mankind
I am no 5th grader who is chanting slogans to save this planet, i am no environmentalist, or the leader of some 'SAVE MOTHER EARTH' club. Just a human who is trying to make the world a better place
Gaia : Greek goddess of earth.
Global Warming
Caused People
To give up
On Sensuality and Sex
In favor of
Hot-Headed Fundamentalism.
Rather than going out on dates,
Boys and girls would sit at home
And absorb themselves
In  Violent Video Games.
That way,
When Terrorists knocked on their door to recruit them,
They were ready to go.
Joyce Jan 2016
Polar bear gliding
see slowly melting sea ice
fear global warming
In this Indian Drought,
We might be glimpsing
Our Collective Future.
We are enamored with
The Power of Technology
But it is the Agricultural Sector
That feeds us
And allows us to Survive.
If Farmers don't have enough Water
To Grow their Crops,
Our Civilization will Collapse.
Luna Craft Mar 2016
We are a selfish species
Global warming, nuclear warfare, murder
We created out own fears, they all centralize around us
You don't see a mouse setting its own trap
But we polluted out environment beyond recognition
No longer worrying about survival
We go through each and everyday no longer looking up
We spend so much time thinking about people we'll never meet
Because we're all dying
And we've accepted it
like an island,
i sit here surronded by water;
you are my global warming,
the reason i will be swallowed by the surronding ocean;

of my tears.
David Ehrgott Aug 2015
I guess a little bit of global warming is alright
After Independence Day
I go back to missing you again
I'll just go and say it "I'm Sorry!"
Okay?  Now will you come back to me?
We can light a fire and the wine
will make everything feel just right
And we'll have a little bit of global warming here tonight

A little bit of global warming is alright
A little bit of "Hey, how are you?"
Never hurt no one
Did you miss it or did you get it right?
A little bit of global warming sounds 'bout right
A little bit of global warming here tonight

Global warming
Let's be friends
Global warming
More than friends
Global warming
A love that never ends all around the world

Just say you'll forgive me
I'll fill the fireplace with kindling
And we can warm each other's lonely hearts
Global warming's more than melting ice
Global warming's here inside my heart
Global warming.  Here, ignite my heart.
Global warming's here tonight, let's start
A simple fact is,
if I so choose,

I do not have to believe anything.

Unless I wish too,
so climate change,
as far as I am concerned,
-climate is caused by God.
Conserving the Environment
Seemed Detrimental to the Economy.
We just kept burning Fossil Fuels
And allowed Global Warming to progress,
There is no Economy
Because the Land is Infertile and Dessicated
Only the Rich can afford
To eat Food that has been imported from abroad.
I guess Environmental Conservation
Would have had its costs,
We can't afford to live.
Tony Luxton May 2016
A patch of sunlight
like a slow spotlight
searches the table-top
for stuff to browse.

It warms my clenched hand,
cold-blooded creature,
charms my temper's inner,
all too selfish strand.
Do we have any idea?
Have we even got a clue?
Can it be that we don't give a damn
what others are going through.

Are we so wrapped up in selfish mode?
So devoted to our own.
That we should sit back and watch
as others are gnawed down to the bone.

Should it be that our own offspring
if they were cast away so far?
Would we worry about that pipeline
bringing fuel to run our car?

Or would we stand aloft in horror
as they were thrown unto the ground?
Or for fuel thats cheap and plentiful,
is it ok to make no sound?

We hear about disasters.
Tsunami strikes upon Japan.
Earthquakes raging out in Haiti
Watch death befall our fellow man.

Throw donations in a bucket
at the supermarket doors,
then forget because of shopping.
but we have paid towards their cause.

Could you ever even fathom?
Your children crying as they play,
not for Barbies or Play-stations
but for the pain to go away.

Never asking for the latest
made by Hamleys or Mattel
rather just an handfull of food
to help beat the starvation battle.

Wash it down with poison water
from a river filled with shit
or collect in rusty tin cans
from a worn and stagnant pit.

If this was the plight of our children
things would surely be said.
We would try to move a mountain
rather than our young be dead.

Could you ever really imagine?
Could you ever really get,
that a million hits on You-Tube
turn endangered species into pets?

What if someone could ask on face-book
about your daughter or your son,
saying"It looks so cute and cuddly,
"go on e-bay and buy me one."

If only we could all be happy,
not feel a need to own the place.
If we could learn to be contented
by a childs smiling face.

Treat the world with awe and wonder.
Treat its creatures with respect.
Treat each other in this same way.
Treat nobody with neglect.

Then perhaps we may push together,
make our Governments do right.
Let's lead the World with people power,
no more starvation or blight.

Let's be less materialistic
let us have a life of worh
Not by owning all we see,
rather sharing this our earth.
26th January 2012
Woody Jan 2016
My eyes
go down
over your body
and back up
like the Sun.
Like a farmer waking
and walking
his frosty fields
talking of warmth
and spring planting
to the good earth below.
Looking out as the sun was rising at the frost on the seaoats. :)
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