He is there but nobody sees him
He speaks but no one can hear
He lives his life in solitary
And no one ever comes near.
To watch him He looks so lonely
He is lost that is perfectly clear.
Once a child in the arms of his mother
And his father would always be near.
But parants don't last forever
And soon they are no longer here
Now there  is nobody out there
To chase away all of his fears.
He walks to his flat he has no one
Loneliness his only friend
Is this what he really lives for
With nothing to show at the end.
Let's start from the very beginning
It happens in this day and age
Take note of this lonely victim
Invisible in so many ways.
Watched a documentary a couple of years ago about the amount
Of people who live on their own it was amassing. Although this poem
Is a true case of a man who really was let down by the people around
Him saddly he was like being invisible  in the eyes of the world.
He just didn't fit in with others .
Alyson Lie Jul 2015
A middleaged woman walks into a hardware store and begins looking down each of the aisles.

Clerk:  Can I help you find something?
Woman: Rope?
Clerk:  Aisle 6, all the way down, on the left.

A few minutes later the woman returns, lays a coil of rope on the counter:
   52 Ft
   3/4 in
   Max Wt 135lbs

She seems edgy, despondent. The clerk begins to ring the item up.

Clerk:  What's it for?
Woman:  What?!
Clerk:  What are you going to use the rope for?
Woman:  Oh.... Nothing.... (She looks away.)  Just target practice.
Sun at its peak, everything outside is so bright,
but her room is giving a horrific sight.
She stands in front of mirror wearing his favorite dress.
Her reflection looks back at her, asking
"who are you?"
She touches her lips, closes her eyes.
"You're a freak and I love it. Can you be mine?"
She opens her eyes wide,
as woke up from a nightmare,
or maybe it was only a haunted memory.
But something is breaking inside.
She picks up lipstick, paints her lips red.
Looks damaged but but beautiful outside.

"I love you so much. You're the best thing happened to me. Stay with me forever. You're my life."
She walks towards the side table.
A suicide note is waiting there to get read.
Burning it with her lighter, she smiles.

"Why are you so depressed all time? What is bothering you?
Why you get this anxiety? You got me baby. Its all fine."
She turns and makes her calendar marked 6th of July.
Putting all pain behind,
she lefts a sigh of relief as if the beast,
that stalks her is duped forever.

"Why are you so possessive? I hate it.
How can you have a lot of Internet friendships but no friends in real? You gotta change yourself."
She walks through the door.
A new life is ahead her.

"No you don't have to change yourself this way. Don't be childish."
She is going down through stairs.

"There is nothing normal with you. You always exaggerate things. Sometimes I hate even myself to be with you."

Suddenly she hears a phone ring coming out of her room.
Her stomach drops.

"Things are not working out baby I'm sorry..."

She is going back to her room.

"We must get separated."

Her hands trembling, her heart making a one last wish.

"Why did you cut your wrist? I hate you even more now"

Mommy's text was there that she might get late today.

"You're a freak. Get out of my life."

She smashes her phone into mirror.
She is done with being all fine.
She is not going outside now to show the world that she is strong.
Her screams filling the room.
"I love you please come back."
But only echoes are there laughing back at her.
And here she goes
writing again a suicide note.
Lately I wasn't feeling fine and I wrote this. Maybe there are some mistakes but this is what all I have to write
She walks out like a women immune to suffering.

Ideal weight

She controls her fate

I will never sleep in your moment.

  Fixed when I was broken

  I can't go on with this holocaust about to happen.  

I want to be there with you laughing.

Her lips are the shade of a deadly night.

I rest in her thoughts like a hammock

She understands that dimensions are like a sandwich.

SUN GODDESS eclipse 

her mannerism.
emnabee May 7
She stands before a stark white canvas
It is not too large or too small
A square
It fits in
She reflects on its purity
It has no memory
No idea what fate awaits it
It is at her mercy

She dips the paintbrush
In the dark ink
Studies the canvas carefully
Flicks the paint
Onto the blank page
Defiling it

The canvas doesn’t flinch
It takes it

She does this again and again
While the canvas loses its innocence
Without a whisper
Or a whine
A tear
Or a complaint

And when she is done
She walks away.
I slept in today
She left the window cracked this morning and so many flies found their way into my belly ;)
I basked in the evening sun waiting for her to come out and rev that engine
The sound i used to hate now cant wait to hear
Finally as the sun starts to crouch behind the tree line i hear a door and i peer up out of my corner
Here she is
With her golden roots and stunted eyes as she squints from the setting sun
My anticipation grows as she opens the door and slides into the seat
The rev of the engine and the first puff of smoke she blows out of her lips intoxicate me
Ive been watching and ive positioned myself in the exact spot where the stream of smoke will run right into my small nostrils
Euphoria, as i inhale her second hand
The breeze from the open window makes me feel like a bird that ive watched my whole short lived life
Wishing i had wings so i could soar up near the clouds rather than dwelling in the dark engine of this metal machine but this is my fate
Just an arachnid living on the earth below
In my daydreaming i fail to notice the engine stopped and she is getting out
Ive missed my chance!
As she walks away i slink down into the crevice of this faded seat
I place my head in my arms and cry myself to sleep.....

Around midnight i hear shuffling outside and i raise my head...
Here she is! She coming out to the machine.
She opens the door and slides in
She has a visitor
He gets in the other door and sits in the seat i would so often hide
A song that would play on the radio many times before starts repeating in my head...

"Kiss me hard before you go
Summertime sadness
I just wanted you to know
That baby, your the best"

What would my mother say if she knew that i fell for a human
Oh the mockeries i would endure

I dont care
This is my only chance
I begin to crawl up the seat toward her left shoulder...gently i step down and slowly inch my way down to the bare flesh on her arm
As i step onto her skin it
feels like how i would think cashmere would feel and is as warm as a mothers sheeps wool
I stand motionless for what seems an eternity
My peacefull state is interuppted by a voice
It days "Look on your arm, a spider"
I know what comes next
I brace for impact as she flings her hand and i begin to sail into the air
I can hear them laugh and they call me "Peter" as i float out of her life
She cant hear my reply but i manage to get the words out which to her sound like a faint wind
"My name is Charles"......
If you are the least bit interested please go back and read from the beginning of the story and thank you ahead for your time!
Is it depression ?
When you feel like you have no purpose in life,
And everything you do
Basically just to go with the flow,
But it only drives you mad and tired
Because things aint flowing smooth,
They walks on rough patches and thorny roads.

Is it depression ?
When you smile on the outside
But seconds later some sort of gloomy-ness spread all over your mind and soul,
With no reasons nor justification why,
You just feel empty inside.
And alone.

If it is depression,
What should I do?
I heard that it's dangerous
That it eats your soul,
happiness and enthusiasm in life.

What should I do, really?
This is frustrating,
I want to be happy too.
moon 4d
A mind of a wanderer,
a peaceful place.
On earth it screams,
in here, it's sound asleep.
Breathing the air,
of the darkest night.
With all these stars,
shining bright.

A mind of a wanderer,
a surreal surrounding.
On earth it cries,
in here, it's drowning deep.
Into the ocean,
of the ancient history.
With beautiful mermaids,
singing lullaby.

A mind of a wanderer,
a high, high mountain.
On earth it lays low,
In here, it's standing still.
Walks a hundred steps,
on a steep pathway,
it even reaches the peak,
in time for the sunset.

A mind of a wanderer,
it stays here.
In a space,
which no one could trespass.
it is okay to be on your own, you don't have to travel around the world (in this context; having a big group of people knowing you) if you ended up feeling trapped and lonely. Everyone should just sit down and start wandering around their mind (in this context; enjoying warm company by a small group of friend)

Dressed in quarterly different attires,
The earth revolves,
Tilts on its axis,
Heralding beautifil seasons,
With weather phenomena.
Here comes spring,
Showers of rain,
Wet with umbrellas up,
Flowers begin to bloom,
Bees and butterflies pollinate,
Goodbye chilly days,
New life, rebirth,
Birds return,
New songs in the air.
Summer is a canvas of blue skies,
Nature adorned  with emerald foliages,
Ablaze with sunshine,full of fun,
Carefree days, swimming,picnics in the parks,
Icy,cool juices, lollies and ice creams,
Hours spent fishing.
Autumn walks slowly by,
Leaves begin to fall,
Orange, red and yellow,
Season of harvesting,
The final scene,
Winter is white and aged
Naked trees draped in snowflakes,
Ice and snow brings magic,
Quiet time to contemplate,
When nature is in slumber.
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