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I concede that the evening is bright,
  That the dawn does not exist,
That leaves were meant to be brown to be beautiful,
  That the sky will always stay blue.

The hurricane that came to be music,
  Windy days that fanned flames.
Can you catch my sighs and I'll keep your whispers,
  So nostalgic is your croon.
I taste the skins with whiffs of pepper and plum,
  Where my senses rise leaving me lost amongst the stars,
Giving a glimpse of the eternity of the galaxy,
  Will your lips feel this way?

Like the sights of autumn foliage in portraits,
  I only wonder about your touch,
Muster memories, scenes and scenes,
  Until you're mine not just in dreams.
© Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
I met the greatest poet that ever lived
But he had no one to rhyme with
Live alone
Poem's seemingly timeless
"Our batter suitcases were on the sidewalk, we long ways to go. But no matter, the road is life"- Jack Kerouac
Tengo un obsequio
en el alma de los sueños
se bebe como licor
o se fuma como el tabaco.

Me miro en un charco
de agua enamorado,
mi cabello largo,
saludando al viento
y mis pies con calcetines
aunque no hace frío.

Tengo en las manos
el tiempo relativo
tengo un reloj
que marca mi ubicación
pues cuando muera
el tiempo no es nada
el aquí, y no el ahora.

Sabe a café
amargo regalo
de tiempos extraños
se bebe como el vino
o se fuma como el habano.
Michael John Jan 12
once our auntie mable spake unto me
they, unbeknownest, would hang me and then
she so riddled as to the whys and when
as faith, chaff me not,and i will tell thee
child,tis but a sin,to ask,verily..
for i was only a boy.. nine or ten
or so in truth for i have forgotten
but that which remains in my memory
why..and transfixed by ruby drops of wine
that cascaded from off  her lily white chin
as she drank and ****** in lost residues
as the last **** and the barman calls time
as it seems that such loss has turned to win
in vino there is love and veritas..
(No puedo hablar la lengua.)
I cannot speak my father's native tongue.
(No puedo hablar suficiente...)
At least, not enough of it to get by.
( entiendo, lo siento.)
The body I inhabit feels like foreign territory.
(No lo se.)
My grasp of it ends here.


Dia de san valentin, 2000: mi padre aprendió inglés por amor; voló a través del mar Mediterráneo. Él tiene miedo de los sonidos cuando trata de hablar. Pero él lo intenta. Él habla casi perfectamente -- mientras, estoy teniendo una conversación uno-a-uno con Google. Es vergonzoso.

I recall two or three trips, max. There's a blend of urban and natural that's a haven for the eye -- the buildings themselves are seduced by the sun; divine blends of amber, tawny, white. Classically Romantic. That nighttime humidity fogs up your lungs and makes it feel like a hug. There was a time when we were poised to move back there - and in Dad's case, another, nearly leaving without any desire to take me with him.

My makeshift home is built upon stereotypes: orange trees, olive oil, generous glasses of vino. Pienso qué un otra vida where I'm stood on the beach at dusk, with heavy-lidded eyes and ears attuned to cicadas and rolling waves. This is narcissistic lust for the woman I could've been - she is all smiles, bilingual, peace embodied. Those are the nights when I'm not careful: she leaves my bed by morning.


To mourn the "what ifs" shows a lack of gratitude for what is, and god, what luck! For inglés to be the second most-spoken language, de-facto "centre of the universe"! To migrate most anywhere and get by; for the Western world to be coerced into Anglophonic bliss since tourism makes their ends meet!

On a holiday, I clam up ordering "una batista fresa" and get a taste of how my father feels. José Francisco: his colleagues call him Frank, in the same way I shun my legal surname because a Spanish 'LL' is too hard for others to grasp. I reek of privilege - post-post-Franco, white European, playing with my non-language behind closed doors. There's private delight in a rolled 'r': momentarily, I'm local, not a mere faux-foreigner appropriating my own heritage. Ironic - he tries to be "less immigrant" whilst I've got the fortune of trying to be more.

I was born into a universe of possibilities. A million options feel like fate -- screenwriter, Oxford grad, Spanish barmaid-or-waitress-or-I'll-take-whatever -- each unchased path is a reminder that, somehow, I'm choosing wrong. I've never perceived myself as small (ex-tall child, "ex"-chubby kid with a head outstretching the clouds, first of the eleven-year-olds to grow **** and got gawped at like I'd grown an extra nostril). Outside this hall of mirrors, I am tiny -- too small to have this many dreams -- manifesting as terror-borne paralysis because I want to do more than I'm built for. Solution: aim smaller or grow up.
half-whiny, half-dreaming. i don't normally rely on google translate - i'm trying to self-teach with duolingo (occasionally enlisting grammatical help via dad).
Hoy recostado
Siento fuego a un costado
De me fé mutilada
De mi sed  enfadada.

Disparos sin sentido
Sentimiento encontrado
Y me vuelco a un espejo
Y veo tu rostro, mi cara.

Me siento de trigo
Ahora tabaco
Me lo fumo despacio.

Te quiero...

Te quiero...

Te quiero...

Quisiera oírlo de ti
Quisiera volverte a ver

Pero cada vez el viento sopla
Te alejas de mi rostro de tu cara.
Yo tiempo, tu lamentos
Luz y oscuridad
Contraste a mi vida.
Blanco y *****
Contraste en mi vida.

Bailar vale la pena si es contigo
Cómo el vino añejo
Cómo lugierngas al viento
Pero si viajas sin destino
Mi camino no lo miro.

— The End —