Braxan Jan 2017
(Before you continue reading I ask that you read all of it and thats all I ask)

Lost in between what seems to be a reoccurance when Im starring off in my day dreams;
Ultimately I'm seen as a building,
What I'm holding within the interior runs on crimsonite;
Been doubted, categorized as the villain.
Iron alloy coils a frame holding me in place.
If knowledge was height would you be able to ride the hectic reality ride we call by the chimes and whistles of the whispering wind hollering maliciously over the corner of our dreams and keeps that tend care a second before destruction.
(*Before you continue reading I ask that you read **all of it** and thats all I ask*)
Ty 4d
Two years ago, I saw a sentence disguised as opportunity.
At the time I was blinded, and had penchant to try something new to me.
At first it was a breath of fresh air, no cryptic message of despair.
Just stocking and blocking product, then you could just dip outta there.
But as time passed, I asked if this task is to be desired.
This dissatisfaction is gaining traction, a new distraction is required.
Superman doesnt fight the same villain every time.
So it's insane to slave in one occupation 'til you die
But if I'm stranded down that path, I might as well stash a handy pistol.
Would you rather pass away in your own hands or let a corporation get you?
I'm a stock boy in real life but I wanted to convey being disgruntled doing the same job everyday.
Pyrrha 1d
Is it better to have a father who judges you from the moment your eyes open to the moment they shut
Or not to have a father at all?

Is it better to have a husband who makes you out to be a villain to your children
Or to just get a divorce?

To me these questions are a thin line between anger, frustration, saddness, and a bright beautiful life
The answers are obvious
If only they were to everyone else

He walks in the door and carries a storm
For no reason other than he can
Every detail is wrong
Your every joy is his to rebuke
Every second he has something negative to say

Everything about you begins to feel wrong somewhere along the way
Until you no longer love what used to make you smile
Until you can no longer see yourself as you
Rather you see a complete mess of imperfection and expectations you can't meet

It's tiring to hear the fighting
Its sickening to hear the verbal abuse aimed at the children
Its sad when your children long to hear the words 'divorce'
It's repulsive to hear the derogatory words he says to the woman the ring on his finger claims he loves
And theres nothing you can do
Its just as haunting when its aimed toward you

They can't see you are trying your best
When you try harder its still not enough
They are too busy deciding where to place the blame
When you need motivation or inspiration the most
They let you down
They bring you down
You sink when you should float
And its heavy

You know what it is, but when does it end?
I have a very spiteful relationship with my stepfather, I've never thought of writing a poem about it until today.
You take a piece of me
and i’m just looking for
some peace of mind.
Just give me a moment
to find out exactly who I am,
    to you.
trust is a knife handed handle first,
blade facing inward,
so please don’t hate me when
I say I need some distance.
Love spun a tale,
and like all good stories
it was too good to be true;
hello, plot twist.
this is me keeping to myself;
I know how a villain is born
and I know how love dies.

— The End —