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ghalya Mar 3
i have been wanting to live a life that’s not supposed to be mine,
i have been wandering aimlessly trying to find myself,
i have been vigorously convincing myself that i am where i need to be,
maybe one day, i will feel like i belong somewhere,
but that day is not today.
zumee Jun 2018
mounds of flesh
bouncing vigorously
off the eyeball
emoting cells
on impact.

Dame Nature

If only you had a spirit form
We could ******* to
Lys Jun 2018
Dipped under the current
smoothed pebbles mud-slide
down the creak's entryway
into the lake.
Depositing into the soil
only to be tussled about by our waves.
We swim vigorously
reaching for stability
breathing deeply,
accepting black dirt
filling our mouth
and claiming our lungs.
Striking against my body
was a warrior in pain.
As if healing only meant
pushing others
far away.
Floating down the stream
of confounding affection,
tree branches, and silt
barricade the movement
of my recollection,
of the pebble to the lake,
how far we've swum without
claiming our state.
Looking the other way,
we allowed it.
Further and further out,
knowing we could only swim so far,
we kept our hearts under t
And our thoughts stranded at bay.
SteamPhunk Feb 2018
You painted catharsis,
On the doors of a house, you've never lived in,
Because anywhere would do,
Nowhere really felt like home,
Do you remember me?
The thud of broken hearts,
Buried deep within our chests,
Human eyes can most accurately see
the most shades of green,
But... I don't know what it was about you,
But... with you,
You felt like a lucid blue,
You'd throw your hands into the air,
Like you were the holy Messiah,
At least... you made me feel holy,
And you'd whisper strange things to me,
And it would make me laugh way too loud,
Because you liked the way I laughed,
Easy. Breathe. Easy. Breathe.
I remember watching the moonlight dancing off the walls,

Beaming white on blue
Speaking softer than any storm,
Lover of darkness,
Queen of the cool breezes,
The seas of neon light expire,
And set me free,
Wind washing clichés,
Rain-soaked hair,
We talk rapidly,
We vigorously trip over each other's sentences,
Like they're paving slabs,
I was freaking out again,
Standing in the shower,
Trying to drown out the thoughts,
That were climbing haphazardly through my aching head,
We wrote our names onto the foggy glass windows.
purple turtle Mar 16
The scars I have sought vigorously
Was I impure?
Untrue of what I did
Or is it ignorance
I longed fear?
And dread it comes off
Nothing but despair
Christi Michaels MoonFlower
Jul 2016/ repost


I came upon
a parade of
Zinnias today...
lined along the
wild and wily.
An infinite variety
of colorful heads
popping up and out,
like eyes of
wary prairie dogs,
on the lookout
for action.

Thought of you...
the flower pods
you gave me,
filled with
seeds aplenty
to plant in the spring.
Knew just where
they would go.
Imagined my
hands in the
welcoming earth,
sowing them at
just the right depth.

They would grow,
reaching with their
long thin frames.
Vigorously tall
and full of
Summers' brightness.
Symmetrical flowers
filled with attitude
towards the sun.

Flourishing in cracks along  
and driveways.
Finding comfort, feeling free
in the most limited
of spaces.

Yet...I did not
plant them.
Aware that I am
not able, just now,
to make such a commitment.
To water and ****.
Ensuring that they
would reach their full potential.
A simple promise of one season.
To nourish a delicate,
perfect Zinnia.
Matthew Roe Oct 2017
With each
Our breath is held
Will he,won't he
Will he, won't he
The suspense is killing me
Door left open still
Pestered by the plebeian chill

In this *** little coffee shop
Surrounded by the unrecognised talent of Brighton:sketch artist staring at me, writer on his laptop, songwriter etching vigorously with his pencil.
All of which aren't closing the door.

The eyes roll.
Labouring my body up, hammering my legs across the floor, turning the factory handle.

All is ask is for some carrot cake,filtrate water,polo jumpers, avocado salads,tiger bread, slimmer trousers, slipper sock , a toyger.
And then images of Kim Jong un pass through my head.
If I ruled you'd all be dead
Firing squad for an open door,
Loud music on the train'll be no more.
Stop the screaming misbehaving brats
The rabble of Spanish students
All this PC stuff on the news, train seats filled with cans of *****

The artist strolls up
Let's down his cup.
Closes the door swiftly
And slips back in his chair

Oh, so there is a god.

I guess Jesus didn't lie.
Inspired by a time I was sitting in a coffee shop in Brighton, where a ton of customers kept on leaving the door open. It is about becoming aware of ones own social class and how it can create a sense of barriers/isolation, be it from upper or lower. Specifically arising from the 2017 snap election, when the Labour Party demonised the middle and upper classes, demonising a minority the same way they mocked Trump for doing.
Never wear a venomous snake as fashion accessory even
w/mouth securely taped or muzzled. And, of course, never
use snakes as enemas or at least be very careful for God's sake.
   In instance of snake bite:
1. Run like hell, like you would if you were on fire.
2. Exercise vigorously to “walk” the poison off.
3. Change into loose clothing & **** white under drawers.
4. Eat plenty of vegetables but no snake meat!
5. Remove enema snake.
6. Insert new enema snake.
7. Get it on with neighbor chicks in heathen snake dance ritual.
8. Befriend discount *******.
Jonathan Moya May 22
The rain creates its own ballet
starting with a lone figure on a bridge
holding an umbrella in the fog
splashing teardrops with his feet,
doing jetes over the larger puddles,
until the wind inverts his shade,
plies turning to pirouettes,
approaches cascading to the portal
and the head of the street,
dancing to a cityscape beyond.

At the last turn they meet cute,
their outward canopies entangling
rib to rib, shadow to shadow,
a plastic bag covering hair and
half her face, soggy groceries
nursed to her chest, an oversized
purse dangling her wrist, pulling
her down, falling, wishing for
something, someone, anything
to stop the descent, the crash.

He catches her in perfect repose,
umbrellas twirling the pavement,
as he slowly lifts her to him just a
breath and heartbeat away,
their hands touching, a thousand
raindrops pulsing on and in them.

Her parasol dances away from her
over the edge into the swirl below,
his caught before flight is vigorously
shaken to form.  He stuffs fallen
apples and pears into the pockets
of his rain jacket.  She discreetly
stashes a box of tampons into
her coat’s hidden lining. The umbrella
is their only shelter as she holds
it over them while he carries her
in his arms to the nearest cover,
a bodega with a green awning.  

At the corner of the drizzling mist
a mother swaddles her boy
in the hems of her rain dress.
Unprotected singles cover
their heads with open hardcovers
or purchases clenched in plastic bags.
Couples step in unison huddled
under their vinyl domes.
It’s all a parade under black and white,
a synchronized rainbow of attitude,
adding  to the grand Romantic ballet
of bending, riding, stretching, gliding,
darting, jumping and turning to and fro.

The finale has the last drop crying
to the pavement, to the street,
washing the asphalt in its clarity,
a lachrymose river flowing down drains,
the mechanical traffic dispersing
the  rest in butterfly waves that
sends the ensemble to the edges,
leaving the coryphees alone, apart,
staring at each other in the evaporation,
waiting forlornly for the first trickle
to return and kiss their skin with joy.
Jean-Paul Blancq Sep 2018
Across the river a humble beauty grows.
The once still stream vigorously flows.
Pink carnation reaches its bloom.
United meadow rebels against fume.
A top familiar soil roots blanketed by earth
Tall brown oak with branches to hearth.
From cold winter winds to warmth of spring lights.
Peace of morning velvet to restless summer nights.
Along its golden shore the tree sits in wait.
It’s seen all from times of marry to tears of hate.
Yet unyielding thankful for everything it owes.
Experiencing it all is what makes the tree grow.

Small bird of blue crossed many miles.
Never alone he had help through his trials.
Mistook his own love for thoughts turned colder.
Truth reveals now it was a heart grown older.
Ambition climbs into an endless sky.
This once broken bird can now finally
Philipp K J Dec 2018
Hurtling around the zooming vacuum
 In a gyrating dance on airy buxom
The earth pants vigorously often
Waking up the sun to make fun
Chasing with frivolous advances,
Eve-teasing with colorful nuances
Soon to blush furiously
and fall spent, seriously
Amiss to quench
The ultimate plunge.

Yet again the gory spin provokes the sun
To rise and resume the hot pursuit
Steering on lustrous wheels gold spun
In a daring mood to rend and chute
Shafts of torrential sparkling grace,
Fall on her youth in a burning kiss.

The stunnigly coy earth  slips to miss
The sun a full appraisal of her mould
of sensuous wildly youthful temper
With his  throbbing love of bold boisterous chemistry in fluid ember.
The turn of every day brings anew
Rising hopes into the light beau
To fix the match and unbrace
The enticing youthful guise
To keep her in a lasting embrace
To give a rest to the mad chase
To enter the satiety shrine and merge
into the deep firy daring love surge
To burn and bust into an eternal rest.

Eve turned amused at the strange strain of the muse
Still refuse to retract, returns to defuse
The mist wafts just in the next moment with it's own request
The rays mound on a new quest
The earth slips from his light grips
and exit in to dark memory falls
and frail trails of the sun's caresses
Consumed in the ensuing dark race
to escape from the mad chase.
And the earth moves on to hide
Shows awhile the beauty so wide
as to entice to throw a new challenge
A dream for the sun's urge to weave  
firebrand light waves the next few days
Ever new love laces spread on rays
To web her with caresses soft
On and on and as she moves on
Ever elliptic dashes in deep
Though it's too abysmal to peep
The enigmatic chase worth indeed
The Sun holds on its brilliant acts in peace
As the youthful earth continues to tease
Lae Mar 3
I found myself in wonderland,

a false fairytale to be exact,

i think i have lost my mind,

but i hope i get back.

I fell in a rabbit hole endlessly,

my head is spinning vigorously,

i think i am going crazy,

so i ran and ran carelessly.

Today i met the hatter,

laughing over some matter,

out of the blue he gave me a reminder,

that this dream was a killer.

Confused from the warning,

i woke up from dreaming,

i held my hands when it started trembling,

for the things i don't remember doing.
Evie Feb 4
digging fingernails in my skin to feel
warmth of blood,passionate and red
the music is loud but my heartbeat is low
ringing sounds in my head, party noises
i'm desperate for a muffled one instead
i travel with a mind lift
lift down in the room the horror dreams prepare you for
at level zero where breathing is a difficult skill
air doesn't exist and minds collapse
i feel the lack, i hear the choking the static, i smell the blood and the illness
clenching my eyes they turn backwards inside my skull
seeing the names of those who destroyed the home i built
always smiling politely they welcome me
as a guest in my own place
''hello there predator
is this basement warm enough for you
are these chains secure enough for you? ''
shaking vigorously no nonono
death is upon me
cursed cursed cursed for eternity
listening to laughter,talking to thoughts imagined
in this basement never to be found
i was feeling horrible today so why not write something equally as horrible lol
[This stream of thought
trying to break through
the dam of unrighteous suffering
is frankly authentic
with its meaty texture
and forthcoming frame.]

(I can realize that there isn't a body in the world
that can take in sunlight
so vigorously as you,
my sweet and undeniable,
without you there is still hope and completeness
but not as much music in my ears,
my dear one.)

{How can I take the goodness of suffering on the cross
without freeing my joy
above every tree of life
there is a Man
named Jesus of Nazareth
Who is with all in all and through all and all all all all all all all

Matterhorn Feb 21
Picture a meadow:
Sheep graze peacefully,
Happily bleating
At one another and
Moving together,
Obliviously, to and fro in a sort of
Natural harmony.

Yet none stray too near
The treeline
At the edge,
For within the dense foliage,
The dark shadow,
Awaits sharp yellow teeth
And a swift end to peace.

A lone sheepdog watches
Over this flock,
Carefully, suspiciously,
Scrutinizing each member,
Searching vigorously, endlessly
For a hint of gray fur
Somewhere in all the wool.
© Ethan M. Pfahning 2019
Andrea Navarro Oct 2018
Of me you take hold, my most vulnerable elements.
Leaving behind your irrevocable trace.
Petrified I am, of falling at the precise moment in which you commence to walk away.
Scars and voids being all that remain, ones I could never begin to fill again.
Terrified I am, of your perfection.
The way you break down walls, walls which I have so vigorously attempted to build.
Awakening countless monsters in me, yet I lie enraptured by the power you hold to cease them.
Around you all my guards are down.

Petrified I am. Terrified I am.

Eva Aloezos May 13
We are caught in eachother’s web

kneeling at the alter of gratification, torn yet willing

the cups are spilling.

unleashing the dangerous thrill of pleasure and abandonment,

yet carrying on home
with a shame so vast it blankets the sky

I cannot leave the web,
no matter how vigorously I try.
Momoir Jan 26
Just one piece,
to contribute to this fabulous, wondrous world

Something to treasure
Something to remember

A piece of music
A picturesque piece of art
Save a life
Give some hope
To capture a smile
To the heart of another

Just to give,
is my only endeavor

Take all you want from me
If it makes you happy
That's good for me
The missing piece
From the puzzle of life
Lies buried an hidden
Down in the core of my soul

Where my heart beats vigorously
And seemingly endlessly, though potentially
Trying to expose to my brains
Stubborn ego

The creativity that lies within
Buried and hidden
In the core of my soul
My good ol' soul
Written by my mother, date unknown
The blood dripped out of the nasty **** across his chest as the beast ripped vigorously through the ribs. The beast could hear the loud pounding of the heart jumping up and down covered in bits of flesh and bone. As its inwardly curved razor sharp teeth drew closer and closer, a screech from across the hall came from a little boy. He had a yellow shirt, torn up covered in blood with half of his arm ripped off showing nothing left except for a small loose broken bone dangling by a couple veins. The boy was screaming words at the beast, and I couldn’t make out what he was saying, the beast pounced off me and started to sprint down the hall. Only a few meters before the boy it jumped onto the wall and leaped past the boy taking his head clean off his shoulders with not a single movement of it legs. Then i saw the tail whip itself about shaking off blood from the boys body. The beast turned around slowly. it had a grin on its horrifying face as if it was enjoying this it then sprinted up to me with an opened mouth then everything went black.
I woke up from the deepest slumber with a shocking scream, as if all hell broke loose inside my mind. But this time it occured at only 1:45 instead of 2:00. It’s occurring earlier than usual, could this be a sign that it will be happening sooner than expected. Or thats a least what i thought as i climbed out of my old tattered sheets. I opened my eyes to the smell of newly cooked eggs, and the sight of my roomba bringing me breakfast as it tries to maneuver its way through the carpet. I think to myself “it’s going to be another great day”, as i go to get the meal from the little robot. I waved towards the glass panel where the doctors are standing writing on a clipboard. I shave off the hair of my beard as the razor blade softly touches the skin on my chin.
As i was getting dressed i was having flashes of the dream, i was starting to get light headed. The doctors were seeing my heartrate rise, my blood was flowing rapidly through my body. My nose started to bleed, with a rush of blood i fell to the floor squirming around like a dying worm. My eyes started to shake in  my head, suddenly i felt almost like there was a sharp point trying to find its way through my head and push out my eye. But it was failing miserably, it was already in my eye trying to find a way out. It sees the light, its going through the my pupil as it punctured a hole in my eye causing it to blow apart. Almost as if someone had taken a small shaving knife slicing across the retina allowing the inside of his body to find a way out through the head.  Blood squeezing out all over the side of my face. With a handful of worms starting to pour out of my eyes onto the floor you can already tell it was another failed experiment.
true nightmare

— The End —