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Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
You're just a ****** victim
But you can't convict him
For breaking a heart that was untrue
When you were silent then
He never came back again
And all he ever blamed was you

It seems you're the bleeding heart
That he tore apart
But you found your way to another
And when it's all said and done
You are the only one
Crying over a departed lover
The dose of smoke I consume to lighten my soul, exits the lungs.
Feelings of sadness, regret. I am left unhappy from my decisions.
I am left opened up bleeding out, staining the concrete.
All I have is this negative introspection,
An “Idea”of self hate.
I want your soft sweet love.
I want my best friend back.
The ideas of our future playback endlessly, a constant buzzing ringing in my ears.
I focus on my darkest moment. I am forced to reflect on the pain I’ve caused the both of us.
******* I would give anything to talk. I would give my life to be with you again.

Everything reminds me of you.
You’re in my music, in my writing, in my food, in my stories.
I’m Losing all my emotions to “The Size of The Moon”.
We should forget these setbacks and get back moving again.
Because I know what I am afraid of;
I know that I am absolutely and utterly terrified of this being the end of the road.

That we reached the two paths in that yellow wood.
That I forced us to take separate roads of travel. I finally have learned, One decision makes all the difference.

Both roads are less traveled when we walk the alone.
Madeline Renee Tidwell you’re my everything and I will do anything I need to do to get better and fix this.
They claim themselves quites,
When in truth I am silence,
They are an aim of an unforgiving bullet,
And I am War.
Maybe victims, we all are.
Lady Luna Jan 31
Millions of lives taken by venomous men
consumed with jealousy and hate.
A 100 years passed and people still say
the authenticity of the ******, ****, and destruction
is up for debate

disguising the Ottoman's systemized holocaust
as a side effect of World War One,
But the Hamidian Massacres started
years before by an angry sultan

Who tried to eradicate our nation
only to fail and get over thrown by his own

Only for them to follow suit once they got the throne

And when the whole world was under destruction  
The "reformed" young Turks used it as a blanket
to finish a plan he constructed

And we were disregarded and obstructed  

Planned out modes of annihilation
Tactics to wipe out a nation
got swept under the sands of Der Zor
with the bones of starved children and pregnant mothers
Poured gasoline on our intellectuals and elite
and burned to the ground any chance
of someone warning our soldiers
Fooled our men to help fight for an army,
only to take them to their own burial grounds,

There was nothing but women, children, and elderly left
Stripped ***** and asked to March to their death,
Dare they had stopped to take a breath,
Inhaling a sentence to their own death
A bullet lodged in their chest
but not before they were beaten, *****, and condemned

Littered the sea sides with corpses
who I hope will find rest
In the fact that our people thrived,
strong willed and filled with pride,
The Ottomans tried to wipe out are culture
but instead we spread all over

Now you will find an Armenian in every corner,
Are heavy hearts just make us more adept
to dealing with weight
But still we will not accept this to be the faith
Of our ancestors who were skinned, burned, and *****
Would you?
To all of my ancestors who were viciously dismembered and murdered by the Ottoman Empire. This does not get spoken about enough, but what my people went through has been weighing on me lately. I wrote this last April but let's fight for this in all months, not just April.
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