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Christian Ek Sep 2014
The two felt a chemical attraction.
Serotonin leaked onto his uncovered skin.
He couldn't speak, his tongue dried, dehydrated by her heat.
**** those eyes were like Kryptonite, He had pride in himself for being a statue.
Smooth as a razor blade he came out of that conversation dull.
The wrong impression was given since he had handed her rotten flowers.
Give me a second to recollect my thoughts and bring them back from the stunned blackout, wow, you are such a powerful knockout.
I'm fixing my posture and choosing my words right.
Our symbols are well matched and I'm not talking astrology, I'm talking chemistry.
Two different colors mixed together makes her blush and makes me crush.
Commit ****** then flip an ounce, a nonchalant verse that promotes the internal joust, with
pride earned as the only badge that counts.

Tap the snare drum for a bar, or vibing melody,
our backwards society stereotypes "thugs" as, "what drugs are they selling me?"

Rap is art in raw form,
intended to excite the youth who see death as a norm, the daily street storm.

Women de-humanized for a buck,
men taught to only treat them good if they **** and don't run out of luck.

The concrete jungles can only have just one king upon a throne, as the vicious cyclone continues destroying futures of the youth unless they succeed in the booth.

Youth commit ****** then flip an ounce,
pride earned needs to be denounced.
betterdays Mar 2014
Ethel echidna
had a date wid Pike,
a fiiine!
young hedgehog
who be doin' the backpack

she got n' egg
ya see bout a rave
up in the mountains
in a black cathederic cave
doof doof in the dandenongs

d' message said
up dee track
where the ding dongs
don't dare follow
round d' hollow n'
up the back

Ethel she preened
and she polished
the dreds down her back,
clickety, click, clack.
painted her claws
a fetching shade
of orange neon
all watched on by
Pike the backpack peon

then to the doof
dey departed
at a fast shuffel
leaving behin
barely a ruffle
in the burrowed air
they followed
d'directions to
d' right section
dis dey knew
by d' sound of
d' massive party
goin down

on payin d' dosh n'
getten d' mark
off dey went
inta the fray
***** boy mumbled
"woyhoy gotcha!"
when he saw who
was providin
the goodmuse vibing
up ona stage
Jagger the emu
was a struttin'
with Ringo the dingo
on drums an bongos
while Hendrix
the numbat riffed d' strat
an  Entwhistle
d'frogmouthed owl
grooved on his gibson
wid ***** left stage staring

Ethel got bizzy
check'n out the dancefloor
lookin for bling or moves wid a sting
perhaps a little ******* headbangin

well down
at the southdoor
trouble was brewin'
foul words
was spewin between
d magpie n seagull crews
till the bouncers,
kanga & roo
hustled dem
all outside for a brew

up near the stacks
Pheobe the lizard
was flashin
a matchin
frill n grill ensemble
while Stan, her man
was fillin his bill
at the buffet table
as only a pelican can
at the grub bar
sat the kookaburra trio
Max,Tom, Deccy
havin a speccy
at tha lady
cockatoos n' galahs,
givina chuckle
at the bruhaha
they had created
comin flyin from
near n' far to this
surberb n spectacular
festival of fauna
"tho hot as a sauna
best dis year sofah"

jus inside
d' recovery corner sat
Horn a blue tongue lizard
feelin a bit pukey n' flat
den dere was
Kayla n' Jac
a pair o koalas
who now be zonin
from d eucalyptus
dey been a chewen

outaback time it's awastin
with dis watchin n waitin

Ethel hit the floor
she booggied,
grooved or h-banged
she got a big crowd,
given her ground
to shake
her dreds around
cause dat girl
is dangerous
wid her dredlocks man,
to which Zach
the one eyed wombat
can well attest

Now not bein a dancer
***** got lonely
so looked upa chat
with the rest
of d' backpackin crowd
he swapped recipes
for green brownies wit
Boomer the orangatang,
harvest spots wit
Goth the friutbat,
Hamish de otter,
quiet de globetrotter,
did giv ***** some tips
about surfin rips
furder down de coast.

so dey shimmyed
an dey shammyed,
dey talked
an dey squawked
till d' old sun
came out to play
den dey wandered
and dey wended
back down
d' track to d' town
to sleep d' day away.

as to our Ethel
and *****,
dey crawled
inta their bed,
they cuddled
an dey clicked,
dey kissed
an dey snicked
and dey
blew dey
selfs away
Chelle Quezon Oct 2014
No place for those heavy thunder,
Spreading snowflakes in summer.
I'm all flowers and rainbows
Getting the good vibes then I blow.

Like butterfly with its wings,
Sprinkling the magic of living.
Smiling like there is no tomorrow.
Life from the owner we borrow

Happiness will never be forever,
A time will come and it will be over.
Like the climate it will be seasonal,
Like life it will be cyclical.

Cry all you can on your dooms day,
Don't worry, God sees those and he say,
Come to me my little child
Stop crying I'm protecting you from the wild.

You're the master of your destiny,
So wipe those tears, be happy.
Look positively on your vision.
Erase those hindrance on your direction.
AvengingPoet Dec 2014
i’m vibing this ****
and sometimes that’s okay
because things are alright
even if i never make it
like i intend to

just wanna write some ****
and maybe make a couple dollars off it
but for now
i’ll just vibe this music
with some Acid Rap

got a couple ideas
and i move a little forward day by day
and that’s all i can do
because forcing this out
would be a whole bunch of *******

i’m not into *******
i’m into sincerity
and positivity
**** **** ****
i try my best.
Zach Spud Carter Feb 2014
Well, my feet, they feel like
Saggy sacks of soggy moss;
As if they went for a hike
And suffered some Great Loss.

And the thorny feelers
Penetrate Barefoot Monkees.
Is loathing made of mirrors?
Is every girl a tease?...

Good G-d my stomach hurts! --
Your Divine Justice, blessed.
My vessel is vibing hertz
As it bears The Distress:

But, if I make my feet
Acknowledge more smiles than frowns;
And my Neuroses cease to bleat
While I analyze nouns...

Is there a New Normal?
Grace from benevolent gods?
Or will Hope choke, fade in Stealth
As Blind eyes miss her nods?
I'd like to dedicate this poem to Bad Brain Cells.
Geno Cattouse Oct 2013
Lulaby in D minor. Random cadence.
Radiant. Pill passing as placebo. But deaadly as stricnine.

Spider hiding on the leaf. Baited breath.
taut with mephisto..

Fittest surviving by vibing on feedback.

Floating on experiences expediences. Called intuition ?
Seen it before, another stitch
For the quilt.

Mental flotsam. Jettisoned jetsum.
Protesteth greatly. Knows inately. ... the. Exception or rule.
Cumbaya. My lord. Cumbaya.
Josh Feb 2018
We're all subjects of love
Subjects of fear and longing
living day by day
because -
Smiling at the right people,
vibing the wrong.
Everyone sings their own song
of their own love.

Fear and longing hide
in the inner parts.
I never wanted an ignorant melody
thickly articulated through a cloud of smoke,
tickling a beer glass
confused and stenching
We all learned some manners as children
and knew they were true,
waving our banners of politeness,
mine red, yours blue.
Purple would be a royal colour
if we combined the two.

You're wrong.
I might be right
all heads are "me" when they hit the pillow at night.
Lemon May 2019
Music flowing,
Focusing on our tension,
Thinking of you,
Im in another dimension.
Aaron LaLux Sep 2019
Okay okay alright, I give up, you win, I surrender,
I’m waiving the white flag, I’ve had enough, need to sit down,
I’m folding the cards in my hands, laying them on the table,
wiping the sweat off my forehead then throwing in the towel,
been running so long legs’re about to give out want to give up,
& I don’t know how but I’m totally open to figuring it out,

relinquishing resentments, adopting pups, & releasing doves,
reducing defenses, developing myself for receiving the love,
needing some hugs, making amends, making out, & making up,
ready to give it all up right now, cuddle up & do snuggle stuff,
just to be fully present for you directly, for us, stepping up,
& I know this ADHD makes it difficult to focus,
but babe you know I’m dedicated to making it work out,
yes my mind gets easily divided at times but love will overcome,
I’ll tame my mind it can be undivided when in your presence,
until my death which will likely come when least expected,
like so many other legends that have passed away suddenly,
probably in a plane crash or other similar event wreckage,

RIP Aaliyah, once gone can’t Try Again,
RIP JFK, probably our only real president,
RIP Otis Redding,
show some R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Try A Little Tenderness,
RIP Rocky Marciano,
KO’d after the plane dove on his 46th birthday,
RIP Buddy Holly, RIP Ritchie Valens,
both died on the same plane, so gone, so long La Bamba,

the Brightest Lights always cast the Darkest Shadows,
the brighter the light the darker the hues,
it’s the 4th of July we’re on a lake in Chile,
enjoying the company & enjoying the views,
post solar eclipse glory letting go of any lingering regrets,
though I do wish She were here,
they say heartbreak makes the best art,
but I don’t know if the effects are worth the burn I feel,

only here for a moment, so tell me why you came,
want to love liberated, but still inside my self built cage,
you possess priority in my life, your impression left indentions,
& I’m still trying to learn, how to show non ****** affection,
but it’s difficult when you’ve been abused,
it’s different when you’ve never felt love that was pure,
so I’m still working on it all or nothing, it’s up to you to choose,
if you’re willing to work with me until I’m cured I’m yours,

Okay okay alright, I give up, you win, I surrender,
I’m waiving the white flag, I’ve had enough, need to sit down,
I’m folding the cards in my hands, laying them on the table,
wiping the sweat off my forehead then throwing in the towel,
been running so long legs’re about to give out want to give up,
& I don’t know how but I’m totally open to figuring it out…

∆ LaLux ∆

poem #80 from THHT3: The Hollywood Hills Trilogy 3
available worldwide here:
Lunar Luvnotes Apr 2016
Disheveled I crawl through a tunnel of my past over crumpled sheets and pillows of one man's bed, then the next, then the next and just when I think it will never end, there she lay atop a bed of orange peels and poppies, my Gemini twin, creeping grin, contagious we're vibing. Im glad there isn't a man here in dreamland tonight cuz I'm just really feelin myself.
Of series "i LUV me" cuz I'm worthy inspiration. I am my own anima gemella. I will always worship myself as much as any man or God cuz God made me and God is good, so I am good. I am Divinity ♡♡ posted 10 weeks ago but it's way older than that
Styles Dec 2014
I don't take myself too seriously
but I hope you, take me, seriously
I hope we get to do our thing
dont need a title,
lets just what our luck will bring.
Right now, iIwant to hold you and talk to you
put my arm around your waist, and just walk with you
show you off around the place, be proud of you
then take you to the room, and get loud with you.
create memories and share secrets- doing things that i wrote to you
freaky little things that stay between me and you.
Since you aren't the type to just let anyone get close
that means with both special, i appeciate that the most.
even Ethiopian Queens need Kings too
you already know, that my throne, thinks of you...(lol_
those other guys don't get you the way I do
the words I write, is what I think and what I think, I do.
now your imagination got you seeing things the way i do
I got much more to give, than those other kats do
your body fine, and still love just vibing with you
blow money and just spend time with you
take time- watching how your body move
not being bold, just being honest Bo
take you in the kitchen so I can make love to you
then head to the bath, wash it of, just in time for round number 2
I'm getting off track, this is what thoughts of your body do
as a result, I'm thinking out my plans for you- arousing your every desire, you caused a spark, now i'm igniting your fire- and won't stop until your bodies tires. From the second I watch you standing in line, you've been something to admire.
Venusoul7 May 2014
Vibrant Vivre
Vivaciously Vibing
Vines like Vices, stalking
Slippery as Serpents
Light into Darkness
I'm Yours now to Keep
How will this ******* Bind Me or Blind Me,
or Bond Me to You?
Will it be Mutual, Consenting
Or Master to Slave?
Who is Predator
Who is Prey?
I could
Thread shredding Vine
Into Wine Dripping Bliss
Veins seep leaking
Succulent Juice
What once was mine
Was once Stimulating You
The Other Alternative
I'd rather not Pursue
I like the Heat
Cause this Write is a
Ya get the subtle undertones...
Did the ****** Vine Vipe Ya...
This Viper's a Freak
your girl b Jan 2018
I write I write about my life
You write you write  about your nights
Out and about and partying
While I live in my room vibing
Just alone and at peace thinking of you
You're my man and I put my trust in you
I'll never fear a day again as long as I have you in my head
Carter Ginter Nov 2017
I made a playlist the other week
It bleeds with the sound of us

All those songs you loved
Whether I liked them or not

I listen to them every night
Crying myself to sleep through this pain

Anyone would think I'm crazy
To keep doing this to myself

But the songs echo in my brain
Whether they play out loud or not

And I shouldn't get to live freely
After hurting you so badly

So I'll slowly **** myself with this sadness
And the physical pain of this heartbreak

My chest aches
And my lungs scream

These sobs choke every last breath
And the sounds send me away

Lost in the memories of us:
Driving in your car across the bridge listening to the Killers
Up in your town for Christmas vibing to Grace VanderWaal
Singing different parts to the acapella beauty of Pentatonix
Rocking along to the song we said we'd sing at our wedding

I'm afraid that I can't face life without you
I'm afraid of myself
And I'm afraid for it to snow

Because then the memories won't be just in my head

You'll be everywhere
More than you already are

And I could be dead.
Little Do You Know
A Girl, a Boy, and a Graveyard
Floral and Fading
Bad Things
White Winter Hymnal
Mr. Brightside
I Don't Know My Name
Beautiful Thing
Light the Sky
Gossip Girl
Stranger Blue May 2016
Who are we? Why are we?
Are we heavenly or do we come from the sea?
Dig the questions, as to unearth the answers.
Believe or rely on necromancers.
For we are such tiny dancers,
it is difficult for us to see the cancers.
Jumping place to place like freelancers.
Are we given the the gift of love only to unlove?
I don't know...ask the white dove.
Immaculately touched.
He knows the directions to the one above,
He wants for us so much.

Never mind me ...I'm just vibing here...ha...yeah.
Julian Jul 2015
Times vibing with friends and having a positive conversation
About the equivocation in our nation as the L passes our little nation and our consciousness expands like a rubber band.

Hold your girls hand till you become one with her, remind her
That she resembles mother earth her womb is the home for
The little seeds you plant inside of her.
A wise guy told me "unity is the path"

So I thought we are  brothers & sisters united like petals in a flower.
Our society is all about power to grow money as tall as towers

Our society isnt interested in what grows the flower (unity)
But its interested in growing the green tree (money)

So ripple the energy of the flower to the nation
Spread positive vibes & positive energy
To the circles that surround you
And move in the heartbeat of humanity.

jason galt Dec 2015
A nominal amount of pain
when the lights go on.
You roll lines around in your head
and realize you remember none.
There’s only the dull stink of cigarette smoke
and day old donuts in your mouth.
Your mind seizes and your heart seethes.
What the **** am I doing here?
Nothing more than a back alley bard.
A barbarian without grace
with a penchant for writing inane ramblings
on cocktail napkins.

A bald man bellows in the back of the room.
An emo princess giggles at her date’s joke.
Drinks sloshed, cigars inhaled.
All awaiting the crash and burn,
or the entertainment they came to see.
They want a rock star.
They want a sideshow freak.
They will boo, they will howl,
They may even clap if the timings right.

Damon Malio goes up before me.
That ******* is as smooth as silk
and as suave as the day’s first rays.
Hell, I even want to run up there
and kiss the *******.
He has a rapacious tongue,
stealing every good word in the English language.
Banging away with syllables and gestures,
the room is vibing to his beat.

Knots in my stomach
and an ache in my brain.
A dull thump followed by
the whisper of “Fraud.”
It’s that little boy voice
that used to get tormented in grade school.
The urge hits to wither away.

The only escape route is blocked by bouncers
at the back door.
I’m trapped here with the prison guards.
No semblance of thought,
just a rattle, panic and hate.
I’m a predator in a room full of rodents,
ready to eat me alive.

There are no outs,
only the get up there
and get out the vivid images
alive inside of me.
Right before I go up on stage
I touch the brick wall.
Tangible, tactile, rough and cool.
I laugh under my breath.
That’s the way people describe me.

If you ever wanted to hear a pin drop,
now would be a good time.
Staring back are a room full of strangers,
Murmuring, waiting for the show to begin.
I see a table full of beautiful women,
the tattooed, artsy types
I get weak in the knees for.
An older gentleman looking impatient for me to speak.
Clearly a professor of some sort.

I clear my throat.
Startling myself
at the loudness of it.

“I’m a salty *******.
I could have been a Sabine
if I hadn’t been born in the wrong time,
to the wrong class of people
and a deformity looming larger than life.
That literary je ne sais quoi that working men
and the saviors of syphilis have.
The questionable knowledge that the
seafaring folk were instrumental
in my christening.

I’ll bring God’s ministry to Hades
and two tons of luck to riverboat gamblers
with fortuitous use of four aces.
I’ll bless the maître d’s war against the moguls
and the matadors quest for the upper hand
in the war of the forlorn.

I’m just kidding ladies and gentleman,
that’s all horseshit”

The crowd looks perplexed.
They aren’t quite there yet,
but we’re getting somewhere.

“We’re actually gathered here today to see the holy matrimony
of poetry and pestilence, art and arrogance.
I’ll be your priest, your prophet along the way.
We’ll channel them into
a seven year split and fifteen days of rage.
We’ll curse the gods of conformity and the spirits of suburban sprawl.
Set fire to the system that binds your mind.
The fallacies told to control you.

I never knew the error of my ways until
I touched God on Tuesday.
She was dead ringer for Greta Garbo,
gracious as a host and divine in her dealings with me.
I saw the white hot heat of Stockholm syndrome
and knew I was in the presence of the pantheon.
Felt swelter and fear,
but she kissed my forehead and whispered that it was all a lie.
The power others presume to hold over me.
The judges, the juries, the couponing maidens, the schoolmarms,
the cops and fathers and armies and vicious tax agents.
The Machiavellian telethon charities
and the undressed hookers pretending to be my saving grace.
The drugs, the music, the books, the *******, the fury of 40 years gone too long and not enough wisdom to die too soon.

I wept when she spoke to me.

Guns will **** you but love will **** you quicker she opined.
Obfuscated words from the otherworldly.
She sent me on a mission to find the words of Sinatra,
the Rat Pack’s subliminal subversion of all that power players hold dear.
The fear the unwashed masses will come.
The provincial mindset that they can procreate proletariats
to be the permanent protectors of their gilded ******* towers.
As I seethed she kissed and soothed me.
She whispered her love and asked me to lie with her.
I thought copulating with God was a heresy.
She told me to lay back and everything would be alright.”

I looked in the eyes of a tattooed temptress
and saw ravenousness for more words.
At least I knew I was getting laid tonight.

There was a new footing.
This vulnerability, baring my *** for all to see.
But there were no boos,
just the synergy of poetry conveyed through me.

“As we lay in the afterglow
I rolled over on one side and asked
how do I rid myself of the devils that plague us?
The bleeding, the burdens of humanity enslaving me?
She smiled playfully and ran her fingers through my hair,
telling me there there, don’t worry your pretty little head.
They can take from you. They can beat you.
They can **** you.
And oh my how they will try.
Governments and men with guns.
A society of rats crushing you with social mores,
moving to tell you what to do and how to live.
They will give speeches of how to behave on AM radio.
Buckle your belt, conserve the earth and be a good dad.
Foster those brats and bleat like sheep
to the tune of an Orwellian world.
I shook as she maddened my mind,
but her touch ran over me with ecstasy.

You will go forth my prophet, my prince,
and spread the word of free men with free minds,
not bound by internet ******* parties,
the latest legal trouble for B-listers
and all the trivialities of brainwashing.
The baubles betrothed to those without
imagination or the ***** to seek the truth.”
Resist against part of the mind, you’re unable to achieve in mastering, like it’s been said before. ‘It’s too bad, ignorance isn’t painful.’ The snake, the rat, the cat, the goat, how are you going to see the dogs, if you’re living in the fog? Poetry cannot solely be the image of heartbreaks and new love. Nobody wants your dance or poetry kisses. Who’s your biggest fan? This life is brief and it’s pain runs deep. Drowning in effort, over the duration of you life, starlight turmoil, commit to art and die in glory. Every poem should now be on the theme of remembering, death is always definite, as for the immortality in this world, it’s soul-selling. People smile until others forget their name. Only poetry can read my mind, fewer friends will know that and only my lover can reach my inner-world, it’s my style. Life happens will it’s self-discovery or self-destructing and I’ll ride or die and best feeling I’ve ever had, is when I turn a new leaf, forgetting the world I’ve parted with, until I learn how normal the new are. We’re not vibing. Do not enter art, you’ll be poor of wealth, as for most, that’s what they value, how to measure success, few can achieve what some had already have. As for my lover, I cannot give gifts of these world, so, I only give my own words, forming poetry of high beauty, to which they’ll never articulate the sensations of touching illumination that you have given me, but they’ll do for now, poems unseen in this world. True kunst are in their everyday actions, grandeur happens, when the world turns and notices, and a smile is produced, it won’t last long, some of us like to read, but ignorance is always easy, it will be.
(knowledge variable)
LaNita Nov 2016
There are scars opening
Ones I knew were still there
Though the love kept blossoming
And my immunity was holding up.
Though now these scars are bubbling up,
The blood beneath the skin is acting up.
It's ready to be cleansed.

And I feel high now still, and
Below, on lower limbs I feel
The air touching my skin.
I feel breezes of time
Opening. Portals being defined
And this time, I see.

This time around I can see fine
Clearly aware of the cycles repeat.
The rebirth of lessons missed.
Deep explorations of my depths.
This time I trust me.
Then I had yet to see.

Then the basics had to be
The base was weak.
The little girl me was hurt early.
Early captures of my vulnerability.
Fear implanted then.
Here is where by breakthrough began
At the edge of free.
Lessons to learn in the sand, in the dirt.
In the breakdown of life.
As the death is settled in,
These truths I stand in.
Balance of fear and love.

Habits still to be shut,
Neural paths to be re-spun.
Neutrons path to be felt.
Neutralizing these low vibing memories,
The ones that I alone live through.  
Tearing open these scars,
Clean the blood. Rinse generational
Wounds of appendages and organs
And hearts. Cleanse us.
Bring the healing energy down.
Mend the scars.  Create new
Warrior Marks.
LaNita Feb 2017
surrendering my low vibing energies,
casting them out to sea.
awaiting the cleansing.
it approaches slowly, quicker now.
the rivers meet and bring nutrients from
upstream, they bring new life
from others parts, diversifying.
the snow is melting.

I hear it coming, the visions steady,
these days intended to heal.
what a cyclical thing releasing old ways.
searching behind for whats next.
feeling around in the dark,
unsure of what is to be found.
what rests in the shadows.
who will be with me.

I know you will be there.
you will catch me.
as I allow my knees to give,
my sight goes dark,
my heart breaks open.
the light within blinding and burning anything near.
severing the past.
those moments of before.

theres something to my path,
this journey,
I am to surrender to my self,
the true me.
the one that knows you in everything.
the one that feels the strings of time.
the inner being.
I am to allow this to see.
to direct.
this has been validated.

the stars direct me.
they guide me, provide the inner layers.
construct the inner days time.
and I trust the steps they lay.
I will continually choose my light way,
aware of what the dark has,
I shine through. I pierce the womb,
I come through.
I absorb you,
I surrender.
Paul Cassano Sep 2014
Before I start the magic off, can I turn the tragic off?
That's like telling a verb to turn the action off.
I've sworn to secrecy but now I'm kinda bored,
I will expose the truths and exchange my views for knives and swords,
I've tried these ****** more times than a robber tries a door,
I guess they make these sirens for,
alerting others part of task force,
to stop this *******,
from obtaining a bachelors and crashing cars through his neighbors back porch,
when I get a misters just say bye to the Rav 4,
Get a mack truck, show it to a mountain like a crack *****,
and if a sore ever opened up I'd never cover,
I'd let it fester get infected because I love to suffer.
A sadomasochists I sleep on nails for comfort,
I go to hell for summer just to see if ****** made me supper,
you should know I am my fathers sun - watch the horizon,
I could be setting or be rising any time of the day,
It all depends on perspective, but you can make your mind up.
On speed, vibing to me, I'm going to take my time bruhh.
A man that's twice my age shouldn't have this in his mind,
regardless of whats he's seen,
been exposed to or he's dreamed,
I'm a pessimist prime, with speciality in design,
I can create your worse nightmare and inflict suicide,
now you decide you if you really want to listen more,
I don't recommend it... *****.

Epistemologically I am the source,
for hatred, love, peace and wars,
whatever's done is done unto me,
and nothing more,
so severed four tail bones of a geisha,
left no tip for a waiter,
except go back to college,
and bachelor in communications,
and then commune with Satan,
two vacations, write with a plume that's placed in,
the blood of Judas with juice from his noose on your apron,
hold fast to the statement of ******, and fornication,
and when you run out of patience he will show up with a conveyance,
your soul for some placement on #1 radio stations,
so of course you sign, the dotted line, promoting your skills debasements,
those hours spent in the basement,
you coward how can you face him with powers prescribed from Jason,
who killed your father for payment.

Osama your occupation, terrorizing the minds,
of children to young to think of themselves, help keep them blind,
in the dark, as you preach false thoughts to top the charts,
bet if you stabbed you in the chest, you wouldn't feel a heart.
This is a recording of my off the top freestyle.
Linguistic Play Jul 2015
i don't know where to start
im so far from enlightened
my mind was fright, my energy syphoned
by a energy less than excitement
but my heart is lightened

you were the alarm that woke my subconscious
that was weary from fighting with sub par reality
and took to a nap
your energy like a lightening
it still strikes me
the day broke, shaking my dimensions back to hiding
I wasn't lucid dreaming, this was living
and the heightened sense of reality
something to be rivaled

I wanted to take that night
bottle it up, turn it on to remind me
but it ran to the hearts and souls of everyone around us
this master of positivity energy we manifested
was meant to be shared
I captured a little bit of the positivity to take with me
and share with my reality

now, our energy is daunting
teasing through the waves of internet monotony
exhausting itself to half finished tales of life and reasoning
sleeping only when brought to unity
something about this was meant to be
a love bound by energy
doesn't necessitate a physical bonding
it transverses the planes of reality
coursing through an elated sense of understanding
to reconcile thoughts between the two energies
nothing is left to misunderstanding
when synchronization and harmony and peacefully vibing

I lost my cadence and rhythm
to let go to a flow I don't usually show
because my thoughts are skipping a filter
and finding themselves racing out the gates of my finger tips
change and progress are soon to find us
in a state of mutual harmony
There is still a magic of the rituals, especially when we’re vibing together, stimulating an extreme climate of moods and intense thoughts, that I sweat out blood, consolidating the past to my parent of my future, Lucifer for I’ve meet you before death, through lalent needling threads dusting aura in a silhouette of temptation that backs itself up in forms out reality fulfilling meaning. For the mysteries of mysticism isn’t replaced, just enhances, at least now I have forever to understand, while I’m formed into a symbol of light, where illumination is and I praise in the darkness. The Holy war provides more complex, while it’s veil is simple. People cannot win the world by using the world to fight for their purpose for society in false revolutions. Humanity isn’t worth fearing. I’ve peaked beyond the curtain and saw only horror on both sides of good and evil. It’s frightening to see what people do for their side and personal success. Do not feed into their fear. You have mind, use it, live your life, before they take your life, there is a lot more enlightenment within yourself. As for me siding with Lucifer, for he hates all religion, ideology and culture, uplifting individuality to allow them to master of their own realm.
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Travis Green Aug 2019
What I wouldn’t give to travel
inside your universe, feel your strong
symphony ignite bright moonlight
rhymes in my mansion, sleek veins,
spotlight stamina, incandescent pages
of street magic flowing in the air.
Arms rocking to the upbeat poetry,
reverberating through the boulevard,
his hands an array of melodic sounds
touching the surface of my continent
metaphorical mountains blending
in with your tantalizing thighs,
hypnotizing Saturn beats bursting
inside your soul vibing abs, your artistic
legs a cosmic existence, a solar station
booming on my delicious *******,
thugged out sensations steaming
in high notes across your jungle
jamming chests, your jungle
jazzy **** a skyline of dreams
harmonizing with my heart.
I wanted to journey through your heaven’s
glory, the wavy walls of your hips,
sweet serenity in your strong *** muscles –
so rough and raw, eternal truths gliding
in your deep flexing cheeks, unique chemistry
and physics, sublime addition syncing
with nonfiction, halo history, sunshine
geometry.  Your divine tune a soothing
room of the earth’s greatest attractions
glowing upon your drumbeating highways
of Harlem sensations.  Your intellect
an astrological thought whirling through
my body, angled domains so symmetrical
and linear, your sunlit passion dissolving
inside my love land, influencing my landscape,
brightening the valleys in my jubilant cheeks,
flying majestically over me, giving me
tranquility and transcendence.
Andrew Gelant Aug 2016
We were all so alive when we made it
Now all so dead and frustrated.
Deathbed,  from a life you are hiding
Better of dead than faking and vibing.

Rather like a layer in my spherical soul.
Dooms day hit me hard like Chris jerico.
Skating in the eve let's go,
I love you, no I don't take it slow.
I'm happy, no im not - hello,
What's up with your bacterial soul?
Dissociative much?  Hell no
Bipolar maybe then? Dude woah!

Thinking of a status quo,
I really should stop rhyming for my soul will depart to another world
Maybe with a girl that would send me texts when she wants to without me asking her.
But it's all in our dreams
Just another reason to escape out reality
Think about your prayers before you sleep
Make them colourful and love hard like a dinosaur.
#Confusion #love #melancholia
NeroameeAlucard Jan 2015
Life's a funny thing
you never do know what it'll bring
on one hand you can be happy and vibing with the crew
Or on the other hand you could be on the street meeting certain defeat with no clue in what to do

Like I said, life is a very funny thing
Not by laughs but by the macabre or the odd things it does, like someone thinking they can sing but in reality the person has all the singing ability of a bootleg rappers bling

in my case in my space I developed a crush (again) I mean have you seen her face?
and eyes that can open a dead man's eyes
and I got stung before but something is making try again

but if I try... Will I lose another friend?
Doniaa Oct 2014
You see I been contemplating
About all the bits and pieces of the puzzle and its just frustrating...
I mean i've  been searching for the clues now haven't I?
Close my eyes, clear my mind and just try and try...
All cause I believe no matter how much you fail your chances of success multiples...

Have hope, open your eyes isn't it the truth?
But then I realized real eyes can't be fooled
who im i kidding right?
This is the 21st century we be living by
Fresh scars, fast cars, and wannabes
Underdogs, flashy blogs and countless selfies

Where minds be sinking while vapors rising
Thick clouds of negative energy
And "haters" vibing
With fake smiles on for miles and no appreciation
Makes one wonder about the power of manipulation

I rack my brain but I just can't seem to figure it out
Why the only thing people seem to be doing is play around
Why one thing leads to another and gets so complicated

Say you putting in a 100% and twice over
But why does it feel like the scale is tipping and you're getting lower?
To become more then what we are we must be able to see possibilities

But how can you see when your mind is so blind
How could you see me?...
LaNita Feb 2017
Some inner me...
You see this self value thing
Is absurd for this pisces.
It's based on the ego.
Since I was quite young i knew
All was the same.
My heart felt the same
For most I met.
There are a few who's energy
Instantly sets a tone.
Though, even then I see the gold.

It's because my soul knows
And communicates with me
That only loving me, is lunacy.
I am of a whole.
Love must be unconditionally.
Universally, regardless of what unfolds.
I must love you regardless...

That means no harsh words,
I apologize for those.
They exploded from my core,
That pitch black gut forced out
Low vibing soul.
Though I also felt these things were true...

Coming back around,
This whole thing is true.
We are pieces of one.
To focus on self love is blinding.
Overly valuing my talents
Holds little weight for me.
I know I am one of many.
Of us all.
I have faith each one can do
As anyone else can.
I have faith in all of you,
And me too. We progress.

I do undervalue this piece of WE though,
I have to.
Most cannot see this clearly
And find it a weakness.
Though its my path.
My victories will be for the masses.
For all I can touch with my energy.
I will maintain an infection of
Unconditional love for as long as my
Breath lulls. That sweet beat.

I love me. Just not more than you.
And I am thankful to see clear.
This is where you find my self love.
Dido Aug 2014
"Everything we see or seem is nothing but a dream with in a dream"

What a hoax, a coax
A pathetic poke on what,
a world should be.

What cowardly nonsense
seen from eyes suffering
with jaundice.

You yellow fool,
Gold is not cold
chilled or mellow.

I'm alive and vibing
Suffering and crying.
But my heart beats
my breath does not creep to barely a stir.

I'm coursing and churning, observing and learning.

The only lucid dream
is me
a Curse a Spell, just living in hell.
But I'm living well.
LaNita Mar 2017
I am, and then
my placement at birth.
and then the imprint upon my steps here.
the environment of my first breath,
this latest rebirth. it set, absorbed
all the energy of the sky at that moment.
in those few ticks,
I pierced through the waters into the heavens.
I rise, and the stars took hold.

mercury rests in pisces,
the home of free speech.
here I swim with other bits of me.
dreamy and wandering.
visions of clarity, clearly in my feelings.
exploring through my senses,
she catches the drift downstream,

embracing the sun, whom also lives
in pisces. here a free bird,
flying high among the trees,
and taller still.
inner knowing is to live for others,
needing to know I've done all I could.
needing to know why I breath,
why I see,
hearing the responses through the dream.
the messages come from within.

the aquarian moon, I feel
connects me with the the new school.
the future tense, the push through.
how the next generation sees.
and I can tend to be aloof,
leary of claiming low vibing energies.
feeling capable of overcoming these.
truly seeing in the dark,
with the water bearer sharing the stage
with the balsamic moon,
and the birth as the sun shifts to the
other horizon,
this dark truth,
enlightens my core,
allows peace to come through,
and I fight for it.

I fight for you,
mars in aries has taught me to act
then choose. this aspect of me
I'd rather lose, I used to despise.
I embrace her too now, though she's
a lioness prepared to protect her cubs.
when she's turned on, I run,
the piscean nervous for whats next.
my youthful passion takes precedence
and even I recommend calling off all bets.
the next steps will be a let off of stream.

as the passionate me, the venus
placement also shares the energy of aries.
the intense lover of all things.
the beginner of new things.
the young hearted lover coming alive
in the heat of the new.
she has brought me though many lessons
I needed.
I trust her steps, too. though I tame this beast.
I coax her to a simmer, barely a boil.
though she's only patient.
the fire will explode.

I give thanks to my virgo rising,
she will always come and clean it up.
never afraid of a little dirt.
a little analytical processing of stuff.
she will help my healers heart
grow up.
she holds me accountable.
checking my choices, making me a bit nervous.
I calm her now some, though
she can take over in an instant.
scanning for more info.

I am scanning for more,
wondering who made me.
how these bits and pieces came together
to create my steps.
to mold my challenges,
to shape my lessons.
there is an answer.
I believe its on the other side of the stars.
I'll never stop searching.
Kewayne Wadley Aug 2018
Late night
The lights turned low.
Nowhere to go.
Moments spent with you,
Laughing, tripping.
Sunk in satisfaction.
Another moment spent with you nowhere to go.
A night in ,
Arms lax, legs spread.
The chronicles of knowing where to find you.
Kicked back, vibing.
Random conversations followed by sensual voice.
About life. Something more than what compliments the eye.
Past relationships brought out the blue.
What makes you smile, the things you hope to accomplish.
The feeling is dope.
The temptation of again near.
Not much to say,
Head laid in your lap.
Remote on the floor.
Eventually one of us has to move.
More than friends caught on a late night.
How we feel no longer played off.
Somewhere we can meet that's more private.
Caught between commercials.
Put to sleep, the couch single witness.
The creaks put to rest.
Our motion slows.
Shadows come to rest.
Remote still on the floor,
The night no longer young.
The lights low with you in my arms.
We all are cars bound to many appendages
Grasping with our minds for beginnings and ends of testaments
Always searching for new things and waiting for old to be over
Wheels repeating the motions but passing by four leaf clovers

It's over and then it's new when a period repeats itself
As my sneakers are on my feet and my flip-flops are on the shelf
When I'm driving to the beach, I don't take what I really need
My car is eagerly speeding and waiting for steel to bleed

The emotions of us are empty when sensations are rushing through us
But while the car is started, not driving is something useless
But driving can't be the key when complacence is what the ancients
Prescribe for me to survive, but then am I really alive?

The engine sputters when journeys become impatient
When I'm vibing and also thriving, my shyness is somehow vacant
A wait list, a shaking matrix of info, but my lymph nodes
Are bored so am I just freezing or will these lists give me meaning?

Defined by numbers and letters is permanent, therefore better
Than fluids inside my tubing moving and assigning titles
I might pull off this whole trip but my travels would be wetter
If my fluids started leaking, so numbers are my revival

My I.D. is nothing like me, my fluids are how I can be.
So driving is what provides me with motion and stimulation
There's nobody who can stop me unless my motives become empty
So what is really plenty? Transit is the vacation
Madelynn Nieves Aug 2018
Overwhelming heat
Stuck to the linoleum floor
Listening to vinyl
Keeping one eye on the door
Not knowing what will happen next
It was clear to me
That you were not like all the rest
Moving in slowly
As to not scare you away
Subtle stares
Magic sent through pages
Writing each other notes
To ensure this isn’t just another hoax
Pouring out our souls
Discussing the future and our goals
We begin to coast
Vibing endlessly
We lose track of time
And before I know it
I begin to rhyme
Singing of you in every line
King Tutankhamun Dec 2017
Since a kid I endured so much pain it was hard to block out the rain
And sustain
this madness coming straight insane from my brain
seems like demons kept me sane
But I was deranged society acts strange
Huh I was just a yougin' sufferin'
Starvin' in need of a hungerin'
Made for harmful ways cuz I had no one to say
What was right or wrong I had to christen the ****
Til the **** my problems
meditatin' to slow songs
Since my adolscent I needed my father presence
But all I got in return was an abstence the distance
Was killin' me tears running down my face rapidly
Wondering why must I face this pain my soul felt misplaced
Born into a curse mama tried to nurse
But my thoughts was dry looking for thirst
Cuz I was boy transitionin' into a man
Alot of homies feel the same  understand
where I'm coming from so come again
Don't be mad at me when society
Is the one that beckons me reckoning me
My new daddy became the MCs
From radios magazines papers and on the TV
They got the same deal as me
No fathers just a prefigured destiny
A free trip to the penitentiary modern day slavery
Babylon ain't never left they still reigning
they I'm crazy I cuz I see pain that once tried to **** me
I know ya feel me vibing I'm space agin'
To this Dilla Dangelo beat got me fillin' replenish and complete
Obsolete the weak and that spirits that speak
I punish em send em up ***** Creek

— The End —