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Jasper Jul 1
It was the first time that I met her
She was shy and quiet, pure and innocent
That day was the most memorable for me
It's like we've known each other for long
Like talked to each other for so long
Laughed at each other for so many reasons
Loved each other so hard
Over and over again, it's like a cycle
Vented frustrations at each other
Even to the point that will end our time being together
Happy times have ended so fast,
Each and every moment did not last,
Right doings became wrong, without having the time to ask.
eve May 23
i just miss the way we used to speak,
sitting on your fire escape,
we vented our little hearts away,
figuring out a way out of the destruction we faced.
the hardships we endured weren’t just,
we were too young to experience those things.
so they’d tell us, but hey, remember when i used to sleepover your place?
despite needing space, you used to tell me anyway that I was your safe place.
it was as if we represented our own homes,
not reflecting it, just avoiding the conflict,
all we knew at the time was feeling like we belonged.
all along, i wanted someone to lean on when the obstacles grew too difficult to face.
when i found you,
i learned just how that felt.
now, we’re growing old,
connection is wearing thin,
but i’m still thinking of you to maintain faith.
you help me through things i can’t make out,
and for that, i’m forever grateful to have you,
to have had that one special connection.
days are passing by,
time is ticking, and it feels longer without you here with me.
you moved away four years ago,
but it feels like i lost track of where that person I’ve known my whole life went.
distance could be the reason for our connection not being the same,
but, the harder i try to remember the reason why,
the more pain it brings.
these tears I cry out are temporary calls for help through times I need you here with me to stay.
hopefully one day, our days will come back to us as they should,
we will reunite and rekindle our once special connection,
making each other feel like nothing has changed.
in the mean time, i can replay the memories we’ve made,
with you by my side reminds me of the feeling of getting through anything.
because you were my safe place, the one I depended on when people pushed me away and I had nowhere else to go.
when i cry at night,
the thought of you next to me bring the tears I cry to water for the trees, and those cries turn to sounds of peace,
you are my safe place.
I am watching.
Watching everything in scriptures happening in the world.
My people?
You got to do better.

Because I am watching.
This what I do daily?

I see racism.
I see vented hate because of my own people skin.
And you wonder why in Genesis I regret creating you.

Told how can you love another?
But hate your brother you see daily.
You not soaking in my message.

I have seen better love between my animal creation.

Just know this?
I am watching.
Watch all your bad habits.

— The End —